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  1. Surprisingly, Unkhippie has yet to proposition the opposition...I'm sure that'll come
  2. Gee, wonder who will get in from the Special Teams nomination
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    EFL S12 WEEK 4

    Edible arrangement...
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    TFC Brands

    TFC Prepping for Season 2 After a spectacular rookie season that saw Terrence Fitzgerald-Cruz lead the entire EFL in receptions, with 100, while finishing 3rd in Receiving Yards, with 1479, and 9th in Receiving TD's, the sophomore is looking to return to the gridiron, stronger and faster than ever. While his rookie season was great, individually, the expansion Mambas, out of Memphis, played to mixed, yet promising, results. After losing their first 4 games, the Mambas went 4-5, in their following 9, before pushing the eventual Season 11 Champions, the Miami Neptune, to the end in the final game of the season, losing by a single FG, 24-21. At the draft, the Mambas added 2 rookies to their secondary, and a rookie line backer, aiming to improve their defence and give them a better shot in their 2nd season in the league. TFC was quoted as saying: "It was a fun season, just the atmosphere of being on an expansion roster, the guys banded together and took a lot of our losses to the final possession. If these new guys coming in can help keep the other teams off the board, I'll be doing my damnedest to put points on the board for us. I ain't gonna make any bold predictions, but I can see us making an even bigger impact this season!"
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