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  1. Don't backtalk your father. Ungrateful little shit.
  2. FFS no you each get two darts.
  3. Smh even I know it's overtime...
  4. hey I'm here somehow
  5. Week of 1/21-1/27 SBA Job Welfare +6 Week of 1/28-2/3 SBA Job Welfare +6 Week of 2/4-2/10 SBA Job Welfare +6 Spring Training +9 PE: 27 Banked: 74 +85 to Speed (80) +10 to Agility(50) +6 to Bank(6) TPE: 131
  6. if I can make a recommendation - with the approve/decline process, add the ability to PM. Being able to deny and PM at the same time is good workflow imo
  7. Me into LSU please You can also remove me from the Reign, I think I've been in there for 8 seasons too long now
  8. This makes complete sense on the level of trash in your post
  9. Ignoring the obvious in my post that I just handled this migration for the SBA just some months ago, I'm also the creator and developer of SBAO and a Software Developer+DBA professionally.
  10. As we just did this a few months ago, if you need my help @CptMatt just let me know.
  11. Damn @Shaka, LA's record hurts me deep
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