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  1. Would love to join this one but I have to focus on some...other project. Definitely will be in next time
  2. That's exactly what had to have happened if he got the Consig and not GF/Maf
  3. Wow. Thanks @Psanchez55 I won't let your sacrifice be in vein.
  4. You know that going after me hasn't worked for you in the past. Bad move To ruin hopes and dreams
  5. I can definitely understand the caution there. Most leagues typically offer donations, but no subscription model. We're aiming at the audience that wants to be heavily involved in their players, but maybe can't spare the time (or interest) in writing all the normal PTs. We think the price point we've picked out - $5, which covers the TPE for two players for a month - is very low, and I'm sure we will offer discounts for longer plans, have specials, etc. Plus, for those who want more than two players - option is there, too. Plus, I think it's already really interesting to be able to take some of that money and add real stakes. Where else could you get paid for winning MVP in a Player Sim League?
  6. (Posting this with express permission from EFL Admins) Hey everyone, you may (or may not) know me from the SBA. I'm here today to gauge interest in our community for a side project I am working on with Molholt. Now, before I go further - a lot of the elements are wildly different than the typical point task league. That's why I am here to gauge interest - to our knowledge, this hasn't really been done so much (if ever), so we aren't sure what to expect in terms of interest. First things first, this will be a baseball league run by OOTP, using a backend similar to SBAO (or, for those here not in SBA, something that functions similar to EFL Manager). Let me run through some bullet points about this new league. Baseball, which brings with it OOTP, probably the best sim engine on the market Quick sim. Each season will last two weeks, meaning up to 26 could happen in a calendar year. Random player creation. No starting archetype or base attribute list, every player is randomly generated by OOTP (with some requirements). Decide what position you want to play and then see what your starting point is! Do you have some potential for the future, or are you a solid player already? How will it impact your build strategy? No manual player regression or forced retirement. Players can play until they retire in-game. Careers in less than a year. With quick sim and no career length, experience an entire career in less than one calendar year! Player progression and regression are ON in-game. This means you can develop naturally in addition to your own points being applied, and will regress naturally. Injuries and suspensions turned ON. Given the quick sim nature and no limit on career length, missing time for injuries isn't a huge detriment and brings with it much more realism. No point tasks. You do not have to write an article, create a graphic, record a podcast or do anything of the sort to earn points. Subscription model. The league would be setup with a subscription model, meaning that if you're a monthly subscriber you get a lump sum of points each season to apply to your player(s). Given that two seasons would be within a month, each month would be two seasons worth of points. Low Price Point. I'm thinking $5/month gets you one pitcher and one hitter. Once created, they'll be in the system. Any month you subscribe you'll get points for both of them for two seasons. Potential for more players/levels if there is desire. Automation. No requirement for jobs. Updates will be handled by the system I am building specifically for this. Simming done by Molholt. No need for any other jobs. Potential Monetary Prizes. There is potential to reward league MVPs, Cy Youngs, etc., with a monetary reward. If there is a buy in for GMs then there is potential to pay the championship GM each season, etc. Just a thought right now. Low Effort. With no tasks to do, simply show up and enjoy your player's development and career. Chat with other players, decide on free agency, see where you get drafted, etc., all without worrying about writing an article or making a graphic each week. Because this is so wildly different, we are gauging interest before we devote a ton of time to it. I know it's out there compared to the standard leagues such as the SBA, VHL and EFL and even the money leagues like the SHL and PBE. However, with the two of us behind it and our passion for not only sim leagues, but baseball as well, I think this could be a really fun community to be a part of. I also think it could attract a completely different group of people that might find some interest in this that then filter over into our standard sim league community. Start them off with low effort and get them hooked, bring them over here. I think it's important to throw out there that we aren't competing with the SBA, or the PBE even, or really anyone in the sim league community. Our subscription model will also not find its way to the Affilite Trio of the SBA, EFL, or VHL - this is a separate endeavor entirely. Let us know what you think. Would you have interest? What elements are exciting for you? What elements would turn you away or cause concern? Hit me up here or on Discord anytime if you have thoughts, love to hear them! Link to our site, where you can sign up for the SimLB mailing list: https://www.simlb.com/ Link to our Discord: https://discord.gg/t7VJXUg
  7. Don't backtalk your father. Ungrateful little shit.
  8. FFS no you each get two darts.
  9. Smh even I know it's overtime...
  10. hey I'm here somehow
  11. Week of 1/21-1/27 SBA Job Welfare +6 Week of 1/28-2/3 SBA Job Welfare +6 Week of 2/4-2/10 SBA Job Welfare +6 Spring Training +9 PE: 27 Banked: 74 +85 to Speed (80) +10 to Agility(50) +6 to Bank(6) TPE: 131
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