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  1. The winner of the Playoff MVP fan vote is...
  2. Miami and defensive win these bets extra entries for: @Bushito @Bushito @PigSnout @Motzaburger @Wheaties @11 Eleven @11 Eleven @Molholt @Molholt @Patdatass @FANH00D @FANH00D @Renomitsu @Renomitsu @KGR @Rayzor_7 @HuddleHussy @HuddleHussy @Siddhus @oilmandan @oilmandan @SnapTackleDrop @SnapTackleDrop @Uphillmoss @Uphillmoss @TacticalHammer @TacticalHammer @MMFLEX @MMFLEX @Jeff @Jeff @KC15 @okochastar @Sharkstrong @ScorpXCracker
  3. Season 16 @Jeff-D3 @Turner-D4
  4. Name: Frogman Starbing Team: LSU Tigers Workout/Equipment Name: Double Yearly Predics Equipment Gain(If applicable): Cost of Workout: $2M Cash you Have: $2M Cash Left: -0-
  5. Jokes on all of you, the average would still be 6. Derp
  6. I’ll be nice and Allow the average to stay 6.
  7. Nano is the second Oko. Snussu did it twice
  8. One of those duplicates is you. This is what I get for rushing before work. I will look when I get home. One of the dupes is Nano and the other someone did two entries and didn’t tell me and I didn’t catch it.
  9. You may collect the number next to your name. This already includes the 1 tpe for participation. The average was 6. May Collect the average: @Turner @omgitshim @AW13 @ANTISIMPLE @CptMatt @oilmandan @Latti @OnMyWings @MMFLEX @Jetsqb101 @Nykonax @SnapTackleDrop Total score Username 6 @Jeff 6 @Rayzor_7 8 @Symmetrik 3 @okochastar 4 @Psanchez55 11 @HuddleHussy 5 @Higgo4 6 6 @Abaddon 6 @SwagSloth 6 @brenstl 7 @Renomitsu 7 @KGR 6 @Tate 6 @TheLastOlympian 3 @Siddhus 9 @PigSnout 8 @hedgehog337 9 @Enorama 2 @TheNano74 7 @TacticalHammer 8 @Molholt 7 @Snussu 7 @LittleRiDog 9 @Patdatass 8 @KC15 6 @Sharkstrong 4 @Matmenzinger 176 AVG: 6
  10. This concludes the Season 16 draft! Be sure to congratulate all our new players!
  11. Memphis selects QB Replace Me, a player name that automatically generates when you hit “add player” in the admin section of the manger.
  12. San Antonio drafts Mister Double Doink himself, Cody Parkey.
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