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  1. Each user that wishes to participate will receive 3 tokens in which they can bet with. You May place your bet, any way you wish, on EFL and NCAA playoff teams. If your team you have bet on wins the Championship, you will double your bet. You will then turn your tokens in at the end of the playoffs for TPE. You MUST bet all 3 tokens to be eligible and you MUST post a claim within the claim thread to earn your tpe from your tokens won. Payouts will not be automatic. You, the user, must physically go “cash” in your winning ticket. The game will lock at kickoff of the first playoff game and any invalid bets will be rejected. Playoff teams: EFL - Los Angeles Reign, Seattle Predators, Memphis Mambas, Miami Neptune NCAA - Miami Hurricanes, LSU Tigers, Texas Longhorns, Oregon Ducks 6 tokens: 5 tpe 5-4: 2 tpe 3-2: 1 tpe 1-0: 0 tpe
  2. NCAA East Championship - Combined Points Scored from LSU and Miami: 45 NCAA West Championship - Danton Howlson Rushing Attempts plus Noah Jacobs Tackles: 42 EFL East Championship - Combined Receiving Yards from Kowalski and Sabathia: 210 EFL West Championship - Combined Passing Attempts from Seattle and Los Angeles: 75 NCAA & EFL Conference Championship Round - Total Points Scored: 210
  3. LSU Oregon Memphis Seattle
  4. 7 extra entry opportunities this month...What a time to be alive. #5: You must be within 13 points of the actual answer to win this entry: Total points scored in BOTH leagues entire playoffs(conference championship games & championship game): #6: Name the school the game generates as the EFLs offensive player of the championship game *played at in college: (just looking for any of our schools, if you match it, you win. IE: Duke Starscream wins the OPOTG in the championship, he went to Notre Dame, so pick Notre Dame) *Draft/senior season. If they played at multiple schools, we are just looking for the last school they attended before hitting the draft #7: Will a road team win any of the conference championship games? (Both leagues)
  5. Miami wins this bet. Don’t spend your Extra extra Entry in one place. Everyone who played this week will get an extra entry as well.
  6. So another regular season has come and gone and it feels like it’s been a whirlwind. Blink, and it’s gone. We have had plenty of healthy competition on the leaderboards for our rookies and each has made a name for themselves moving forward in the EFL and have earned the respect of their peers. A handful have become house hold names over night and will help the game continue to grow domestically and internationally. Let’s take a look at the ending numbers. Diana Gunner, Kicker @HuddleHussy Season Stats: 59 extra points, 1<20, 6 20-29, 6 30-39, 6 40-49, 0 50+=84.5 fantasy points Pos. Rank: 2nd/9 As predicted, Gunner was an absolute gem this season for Miami. While to start the season she wasn’t seeing the volume of field goal attempts we would have liked to see, Miami kept churning on offense, evident by her league leading 59 made extra points, and as the season grinded on, her field goal attempts started to tick up and when she was called on, she usually delivered sporting, again a league leading, 95% made percentage. Gunner should be on your fantasy radar for many seasons to come after this brilliant rookie campaign. Johnny Greg, Kicker @brenstl Season Stats: 44 extra points, 0 <20, 5 20-29, 4 30-39, 4 40-49, 1 50+=65 fantasy points Pos. Rank: 5th/9 From a team standpoint(Memphis utilized two kickers this season), Greg was the victim of the second to worst number of attempts as well as the second to worst on number of makes. Where Greg made up for it was with extra points. Greg wasn’t bad by any means, he just didn’t get many opportunities to showcase what he could do and failed to see any kind of consistency. He will be just fine moving forward though, so let’s chalk this up as an anomaly. TJ Hendrix, Wide Receiver @TJH Stats: 40 receptions, 577 yards, 6 Touchdowns=133.7 fantasy points Pos. Rank: 21st/27 Hendrix had a little explosion towards the end of the season to boost his numbers a bit, but ultimately it only led to no net gain, or loss for that matter, on the leaderboard as he climbed two spots, but we also had two more wide outs record stats. It’s a forgettable rookie season for TJ, but a nice offseason training program and getting more reps with Rose will certainly help him moving forward. Matthew Stanton, Wide Receiver @Sonnet Stats: 51 receptions, 569 yards, 4 touchdowns=131.9 fantasy points Pos. Rank: 22nd/27 Down the stretch Stanton showed us why he was a prospect everyone was high on coming out of college. Unfortunately it was too little too late to do any real damage in terms of fantasy numbers, but this definitely bodes well for him moving forward into next season and beyond. Duke Starscream, Wide Receiver @Turner Stats: 66 receptions, 1,115 yards, 16 touchdowns=273.5 fantasy points Pos. Rank: 9th/27 Starscream dropped off a little from our first couple articles due to a couple games without a touchdown down the stretch, but even with that, he finishes the season with 16 of them(good for second best in the league) That’s impressive for a rookie, even if he does benefit from playing in a pass heavy offense. Mister Cornholio, Wide Receiver @Cornholio Stats: 89 receptions, 1,164 yards, 12 touchdowns=277.4 fantasy points Pos. Rank: 8th/27 Cornholio’s opportunities absolutely skyrocketed in the closing weeks of the season and he made the best of those opportunities closing the season out with an impressive 89 receptions, which was good enough to be second in the league. He also ticked up His touchdown numbers and as a result, creeped by Starscream on the leaderboard. Boaty McBoatface, Wide Receiver @Enorama Stats: 62 receptions, 929 yards, 6 touchdowns=190.9 fantasy points Pos. Rank: 16th/27 McBoatface was looking to turn in a thousand yard campaign in his rookie season, but the late season trade of Park seemed to push him back on the depth chart as McPewPewPew felt safer with Park as his security blanket versus looking McBoatface’s way. If you have him in fantasy, for his dollar salary, he still turned in great numbers for the value, and moving forward into next season and beyond he will be just fine. Khobe Carter, Wide Receiver @Ty3 Stats: 45 receptions, 647 yards, 2 touchdowns=121.7 fantasy points Pos. Rank: 22nd/27 While Carter did haul in 45 balls and finished just under 650 yards, he failed to do anything memorable in the touchdown department only snagging two. With another offseason under his belt coming up, we will look for Carter to improve on these numbers for his Sophomore campaign. Offensive Rookie of the Year So with that all laid out, who do I think is going to take home the title of our offensive rookie of the year...? While it is hard to not be a complete homer here, it’s also hard to look past Starscream for that honor, but Cornholio and Gunner both make cases for their name to be called. While I ultimately think it comes down to Cornholio and Starscream, Gunner could sneak in some of the second and first team votes to take the award home. With 89 receptions, Cornholio Beats out Starscream’s 66, and at 1,164 yards, Cornholio also beats out Starscream’s 1,115, but with 23 less receptions and only 49 less yards, Starscream’s average is much higher at 16.9 versus 13.1. Starscream also outproduced Cornholio with 16 touchdowns to 12. Cornholio had 14 drops to Duke’s 12, and Cornholio also fumbled, and lost it, whereas Duke did not record a fumble all season. This is an extremely close race and it will be interesting to see how the voters decide this one. I would not be surprised if we A. See a tie on this one, or B. The winner is only decided by a point or two.
  7. I know some, but most...nope. I am a dumb.
  8. I’m sure I’m about to say this wrong, but I’m going across the pond for this: seattle muss nur noch 29 punkte mehr als los angeles im heimatfeld holen!
  9. Oh my, Thunders second pick of the season!
  10. Right now I think we’re still waiting on @TheLastOlympian to officially join the league, but he has responded to our PMs aboutba draft date so I feel he’s still interested in joining, he just hasn’t gotten around to it yet. (Which he did mention he broke his wrist so he’s a little preoccupied atm)
  11. Oh I need to switch still unvote Jhatty Vote Psanchez
  12. I tagged for votes. Not necessarily who lol
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