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  1. They won't be the only Longhorns being terrorists...


    Accept. Thanks for you time in Seattle. Good luck in NY.
  3. Congrats to the Mambas and @Jetsqb101. An incredibly dominant season. @ANTISIMPLE Good season. Don't get too used to being in this game tho.
  4. Not just you, pal. My offensive recreate is going to be a TE.
  5. Good luck @ANTISIMPLE & @Jetsqb101! May the best team lose on a kick off return with no time left.
  6. Hey man! We use Draft Day Sports '16. During the regular season there is a sim every day Mon-Fri that alternates between the college and pro leagues. Feel free to hit me up if you have more questions.
  7. I have morphed. Do not refer to me as that sickly PB.
  8. Look at those QB Ratings... Those are incredible!
  9. Sim fucks Texas in the championship game... You know that
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