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  1. Rip LSU not making up their mind on QB....
  2. Rip me. Give it to Wilinsky then.
  3. @omgitshim what's your problem, cheesedick?
  4. For one, I think it's a good idea to get more people involved with things like this, and I agree this is a lower-stakes award. I, however, don't want team or personal bias to come into this with fan voting. I think the GMs do an excellent job with the other awards removing bias, and I'm not sure we'd get that same level of integrity. Also, I think GMs are more in-tune with the league overall than most, not all, but most.
  5. Reginald Sharkstrong @Sharkstrong $1,000,000 bonus for team MVP. @Turner @omgitshim @Symmetrik @whoeverdoesfinances
  6. No dice. Congrats @Wheaties and the Neptune. You always bring it in the playoffs. Your wizardry is unmatched. To my Preds - Congrats on a great season. We were so close. I'm proud of what we've accomplished together this season. Let's run it back!
  7. Are both these championship games going to be won or lost because of some damn kickers???
  8. Low scoring game favors Miami...
  9. I'm here guys! I'm here! We've got points on the board, but those picks are not what we need.
  10. Ranky ranky lemon spanky. Here you will find where MMFLEX would play with in college with his recreate if only considering schools that are not already in the EFL. An expansion wish list so to speak, and with some recent expansion babble... Here is my list.. And, no... I'm not recreating anytime soon. I just need these six free teeps. #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1
  11. Joplo Crittenden S15: Minimum Adam Winesorcery S15: $2,500,000 Edit: Not extending Dovah Kiin since resigning deadline was extended.
  12. It's game day. Feelin' fresh. Feelin' fired up. Feelin' like winners. Let's take what's ours. Oh... And good luck, @Wheaties @AndrewWarren13 @Turner @Sharkstrong @oilmandan @Crittenden @duckberg @Shaka @evryday @DWill @Enorama @StamkosFan
  13. I don't like the idea so go back to your hole.
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