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  1. Seems weird @Tater_Tot isn't really defending himself. @OnMyWings were you saying you were also roleblocked n1? I'm just talking since it's been half a day since our last comment...
  2. Do you not think Tater was actually at Sixers? Cuz he if was jester he wouldn't have a night action. That would mean OMW is fibbing.
  3. Sixers was killed by the SK tho. Are you saying you saw Tater go to Sixers? Either way we can't have an SK floating around. If OMW is wrong then he's next up to be lynched. Vote Tater_Tot
  4. If we have a TI with any info we need it.
  5. I believe him jack to be the Uber driver. I mean nobody had counter claimed yet and it isn't really a role that needs to be hidden. He wins just by surviving so he doesn't really have a reason to fuck anyone over. He would more or less unintentionally screw town, and that is what we'd have to decide if it's worth it or not.
  6. So if @xsjack didn't use his ability, which he is claiming as the Uber Driver then we could have a few options on how Enorama died: 1) Witch controlled Mafioso. Neither of them would come out and say they are these roles so we won't know if there is really a witch until more people start claiming being controlled. 2) Enorama was killed by either a SK or Assassin. 3) Mafioso was roleblocked. 4) Mafioso attacked someone immune to being killed at night I know some of these have already been covered. Highlighting them again with jack saying he didn't transport anyone. I also want to get out in front of this now. I was role blocked last night. I was debating on revealing this info right now anyway because if the consort RBed me it wouldn't really matter. However, if our escort RBed me I look awfully suspect as Mafioso right now if they in fact got RBed. I think our escort should remain hidden and not claim unless pressed super hard. Takeaways from me being RBed: -If there is an escort or consort there is likely both. I doubt omg would have given us one without the other. -The other mafia role is likely Consigliere with Janitor confirmed. I think consig balances out the mafia more with janitor being such a risky role. -4 Mafia left (Godfather, Mafioso, Consort, maybe Consigliere) - Could have a Turncoat disguised as town number too...
  7. I recently learned this of you otherwise you would have made my list.
  8. Uber Driver - Sometimes people don't want their car at the scene of their actions. This is where you come in. As the Uber Driver, you will transport players to their targets. However, you aren't getting paid enough for this. Once per night, you may select any two players (except for yourself). Any action targeting the first player will now target the second, and vice versa (the Arsonist will not be effected when igniting their targets, but you can still change their douses). You are neither affiliated with the town nor the mafia, you are just looking to get your job done and make it out alive. For every person you transport, you will earn $1. You may spend $3 on any night to wear a bulletproof vest, making you immune to any night killing with the exception of fire and an assassin attack, though your attacker will see you as immune. The Uber Driver is a non-factor in the final outcome and can win with any roles remaining be it neutral, town or mafia. I suppose you wouldn't know who you drove. I think I got confused about what I thought the role was.
  9. Don't know what to say... Shouldn't have lost that game. Haven't looked at the pbp, but I'm going to guess that penalties pushed us out of manageable situations.
  10. Very fitting of who you chose for your gif.
  11. We need a trash can react right this instant! @CptMatt
  12. Who did you drive and to where then?
  13. I'm confused... Is this supposed to be a challenge flag?
  14. I'm diggin the new T Swifty track. I'm sure @Tater_Tot is too.
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