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  1. I wouldn't say 1 statistical category should put someone in the conversation for that. I'd still take our Oregon defense last season over
  2. A++ article @Renomitsu. For many people fluffing their way through rankings articles you really took the time to do your research.
  3. I meant your CB more or less when you referenced Holmes since you guys are teammates.
  4. Speaking of beast.... Look at you bro
  5. Oh, I see you've met our sim. Don't sleep with her. She has AIDS.
  6. Will be an even man after today, fuckers.
  7. Don't give me that confused shit @Renomitsu. Who doesn't want dem titty rubs?
  8. Today's the day we get back to even Today's the day we smack our demons Let's take it to these kitty cubs And end the day with titty rubs! @Bushito @Homeskillet @JaysFan26 @majesiu @Patdatass @Sonnet @Kirby @Renomitsu @Smarch @DilIsPickle @duckberg @LattimoreIsland @xsjack @DonCutta190 @deadshot @Esso2264 @HarDRaiL @oilmandan
  9. Trade McPewPewPew. He's trash.
  10. Yup Miami officially eliminated. McPewPewPew's shitty play will probably get him traded.
  11. What freshmen are killing it this year? If they're on your team you probably already know about them. If they're not on your team they could be flying under the radar and shouldn't be slept on. I'll give you my top six right now - most of them on the defensive end. #6 - Will Austin @Cooltruth20 Will Austin, FS for USC, is leading all freshmen in interceptions with five and is tied for 2nd in that category amongst the entire league. He has 48 tackles which is 5th best for freshman and has also recorded a sack. It's likely Austin is playing CB for the Trojans with Pioveson and Christophe uncapping at the safety positions. Austin ranks in the top three in four statistical categories for freshmen. #5 - Diana Gunner @HuddleHussy & Evenging Chong @Snussu You damn crazy if you think I'm going to have separate rankings for kickers. I mean... They're kickers! First up, let's talk about Princess Diana. She's making 80% of her FGs and 90% of her XPs. What's really impressive though is her league-leading longest field goal of 56 yards. She's pretty accurate from deep too, having made both 50+ yard attempts and going 4/5 from 40-49. Now, Chong, on the other hand, is perfect on the season when kicking extra points. His 75% on FGs, though, is near the bottom of the league. #4 - Amina Gunner @HuddleHussy Of the three defensive freshmen on the Hurricane's squad, Gunner has stood out the most. She is 2nd among freshmen in tackles with 58. She's also 2nd in TFL and sacks with two apiece. After Hampton-Hill in the Miami linebacking core, each of them are close in APE so they should be getting their fair crack at tackles and Amina has made the most of it. #3 - Donald Steward @Kdang I had a hard time with Steward at Holmes Jr .at #2 and #3. Stewart is top three among freshman in four statistical categories. He has recorded 54 tackles which is 3rd best, he is tops in TFL with 5 and sacks with 3, and he ranks 2nd in FF/FR with two forced fumbles. #2 - Nik Holmes Jr. @SixersFan594 What Bobsky and McBuckets don't clean up in the middle, Holmes Jr. is cleaning up in the secondary. Nik leads all freshmen with 65 tackles. He is also tied for 1st place in pass deflections. NHJ has two interceptions on the season and has even found his way to the endzone, the only freshmen to do so. Nik leads the freshmen in three statistical categories and is top three in four. #1 - TJ Hendrix - @TJH TJ Hendrix is really the only offensive skill position that is even worth looking at to win freshman of the year. He leads all freshman in total yards which is 712 receiving yards. He is the leader in receiving touchdowns with 7, and that also ranks 3rd in the league. We should see Hendrix surpass the 1,000 yard mark by the end of the season. If he has a couple more solid games he could even see double-digit touchdowns. Honorable Mention: Quinton Reeves @xsjack Jay Jackson III @Bengals1fan Nick Vandal @xsjack Lee Chong @Snussu Hiroki Renomitsu @Renomitsu Danton Howlson @DonCutta190 Keep up the good work S12 freshmen! You're on your way to outstanding careers.
  12. Am I allowed to make moves as GM yet?
  13. Are the boxscores coming too?
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