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  1. Accept. Glad to be back
  2. Solid game by Tim and Mike but unfortunately only Tim could come out with the W
  3. Damn my two alma maters seem to have fallen a bit back. Hoping they can go back to dominating soon.
  4. 2 wins for the McBuckets bros so I can’t be mad. Just wish could have got a td but I’ll take a win with no tds over 3 tds and a loss.
  5. Hoping for a better game for Tim McBuckets and for Mike to keep it up
  6. Go Preds and go Kraken
  7. Mike McBuckets with the game of his career and we lost. RIP
  8. Garappogoat

    EFL S15 Week 7

    Solid wins and games for both McBuckets brothers
  9. Name: Mike McBuckets Team: New Orleans Keaken Workout Name: 20 tpe Cost of Workout: 7,000,00 Cash you Have: 9,500,000 Cash Left: 2,500,000 Name: Tim McBuckets Team: New York Herd Workout Name: 20 tpe Cost of Workout: 7,000,000 Cash you Have: 12,500,000 Cash Left: 5,500,000
  10. SBA +6 https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/41077-brooklyn-success-personified/
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