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  1. I'm hoping we get our 10th win today.
  2. W8: Sabathia Jr. Total Receiving Yards: 106 W9: Total number of FG and XP combined on the week : 36 W9: Mambas @ Reign Combined Total Passes: 65 W10: Predators @ Neptune Combined Rushing Yards: 227 W10 Total number of points scored league-wide: 263
  3. Week 8 Brigade @ Wolfpack Mambas @ Krakken Predators @ Herd Reign @ Neptune Week 9 Mambas @ Reign Predators @ Wolfpack Neptune @ Krakken Herd @ Brigade Week 10 Wolfpack @ Mambas Brigade @ Krakken Reign @ Herd Predators @ Neptune
  4. Help guys. A person known by the name of Mike McBuckets has been reported missing by the police. He was last seen in the 1st quarter of the Michigan vs USC game. If found, return him to the Michigan Wolverines immediately. Thank you.
  5. Week 8 Ducks at Hurricanes Trojans at Wolverines Tide at Irish Tigers at Longhorns Week 9 Trojans at Tigers Tide at Hurricanes Longhorns at Wolverines Irish at Ducks Week 10 Hurricanes at Trojans Ducks at Wolverines Tigers at Irish Tide at Longhorns
  6. The Crimson Tide call a Hail Mary on the last play of the game. The center snaps the ball and Payton beats his cornerback and is streaking down the field. Moran sees him and is about to throw the ball and watch out watch out watch out 0:023rd and 6ALA - 32Moran, A. SACKED by Bot DE 9 - DE for -6 yds. Moran gets sacked on the final play of the game and the Oregon Ducks get another win.
  7. 0:112nd and 5ALA - 33Rush by Moran, A. for -1 yds. Tackle by DE 15, B.. 0:113rd and 6ALA - 32Alabama Crimson Tide : Timeout This is not looking good for the Tide as they go backwards and basically have 1 play left in them.
  8. 0:431st and 10ALA - 28Pass by Moran, A., complete to McBoatface, B. for 5 yds. Tackle by Snow, W.. 0:432nd and 5ALA - 33Alabama Crimson Tide : Timeout The Tide get a 5 yard pass but they will need more than that if they want to win this game
  9. 1:323rd and 10ORE - 29Pass by McCringleberry, H., complete to Chodkiewicz, J. for 8 yds. Tackle by Crittenden, J.. 0:524th and 2ALA - 37Punt by Canmore, J. of 35 yards. No return. The Tide get the stop but now face the daunting task of getting into field goal range with less than a minute left. Can they do it?
  10. 4:371st and 10ORE - 7Rush by Chodkiewicz, J. for 4 yds. Tackle by Dan, T.. 4:102nd and 6ORE - 11Pass by McCringleberry, H., complete to Johnson, T. for 7 yds. Tackle by Farquaad, D.. 3:411st and 10ORE - 18Rush by Chodkiewicz, J. for 4 yds. Tackle by Matthews, M.. 3:002nd and 6ORE - 22Rush by Chodkiewicz, J. for 7 yds. Tackle by Matthews, M.. 2:261st and 10ORE - 29Rush by Chodkiewicz, J. for 0 yds. Tackle by Dan, T.. 1:572nd and 10ORE - 29Rush by McCringleberry, H. for 0 yds. Tackle by DE 26, B. The Ducks run 2 and a half minutes of clock but now face a 3rd and 10. Can they Tide get the stop to have a chance to win this game or will the Ducks end it here?
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