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  1. Mike McBuckets with the game of his career and we lost. RIP
  2. Solid wins and games for both McBuckets brothers
  3. Name: Mike McBuckets Team: New Orleans Keaken Workout Name: 20 tpe Cost of Workout: 7,000,00 Cash you Have: 9,500,000 Cash Left: 2,500,000 Name: Tim McBuckets Team: New York Herd Workout Name: 20 tpe Cost of Workout: 7,000,000 Cash you Have: 12,500,000 Cash Left: 5,500,000
  4. SBA +6 https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/41077-brooklyn-success-personified/
  5. The McBuckets brothers both played really well but their teams both lost. RIP
  6. Nice game for Tim McBuckets. The only bright spot of this season for me has to be the fact that he somehow managed to be a top 3 receiver in receiving yards.
  7. For some reason, I can’t directly post the pictures to the post on my phone. Here’s the link: https://postimg.cc/gallery/2ok7pccve/
  8. 0:072nd and 10ORE - 27Pass by Renomitsu, T., complete to Howlson, D. for 12 yds. Tackle by Obama, B.. That’s the end of the game. LSU goes to 8-4 on the season after a big win and Oregon drops to 10-2.
  9. 0:111st and 10ORE - 27Pass by Renomitsu, T. to Howerynough, W. was dropped! Incomplete Oregon Ducks apparently waste 33 seconds on an incompletion. If Oregon wants any chance of winning, it’s got to be a Hail Mary.
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