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  1. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/36973-announcement-tpe-opportuntity-affiliate-pt/&do=findComment&comment=643057 +2
  2. Let's get this bread
  3. +6 https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/36990-good-thing-about-every-team-part-1/
  4. Damn, I thought for a moment I won the thing
  5. EFL Predictions Champion: Miami East Finalist: Miami West Finalist: San Antonio MVP: Logan Crawford Offensive Player of the Year: Logan Crawford Defensive Player of the Year: Brandon Blade GMotY: Bushito QBotY: Logan Crawford RBotY: Peyton Nydroj FBotY: Marcus Voltron WRotY: Patrick Kelley TEotY: Joplo Crittenden LBoftY: BigHuge McLarge CBotY: Brandon Blade SotY: Matt Hunter KoftY: Casey Longwell Returner of the Year: Brandon Blade Offensive Rookie of the Year: Drew McPewPew Defensive Rookie of the Year: Dee Fence NCAA Predictions Champion: Michigan East Finalist: Michigan West Finalist: USC Heisman Trophy - MVP: Ricky Razor Chuck Bednarik Award - Defensive Player OTY: Clint Bobsky Tim Tebow Award - Offensive Player OTY: Ricky Razor Lance Swift IV Award - Top Freshman: Evegning Chong Davey O'Brien Award -QB: Anderson Mueller Doak Walker Award - RB: Ricky Razor Biletnikoff Award - WR: Mr. Cornholio John Mackey Award - TE: Hassan Hafalula Dick Butkus Award - LB: Mike McBuckets Jim Thorpe Award - DB: Lester McCorn Groza Guy Award - K/P: Robbie Grammatica Dante Pettis Award-K/P Returner: Ricky Razor Wuerffel Trophy - Community Service : Symmetrik Coach of the Year Award - AD: Sova
  6. Polish Companions - Part 6 - Busy final NCAA Offseason The time has come to shine for two polish players finally. With most of the team leaving for the SBA it leaves both Jan Karol Chodkiewicz as the main offensive threat and Roman Sanguszko as the defensive avatar and captain responsible for coordinating efforts. While they put up a ton of their free time towards a community past few years this offseason was all about hard work, also in preparation to boost their S13 Draft Stock as they hope to have lengthy and successful careers starting from the first season and onwards. They both went to the nearby mountains to build up endurance for a season where the more is going to be expected of them and you can't do that without solid preparations, in between of long marches they coordinated sprint sessions to improve their running ability. Another focus was on studying the game during short brief moments when they weren't hard working physically. They didn't abandon any of the skills like agility and tackling needed for their positions. All in all, they improved immensely and ready to shine brightly in the final NCAA season, and lead Oregon Ducks to the repeat, or at the very least give them a fighting chance.
  7. majesiu

    Welfare 3/17-3/23

    +6 sba https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/36866-underrated-prospects-in-their-last-ncaa-season/
  8. +13 Jan Karol Chodkiewicz +13 Roman Sanguszko
  9. You are right. I've been watching NBA since forever and still learned more NCAA team names (and about them) through half a year being here and in SBA. I don't care about the real NCAA at all.
  10. Roman Sanguszko College Spotlight Roman Sanguszko's journey took him now to the Oregon region, after being recruited with his colleague Jan Karol straight out of the high school to one of the most renowned college programs, that promised success, great atmosphere and the perfect platform for future EFL career. And oh well, they promised and they delivered. Success was there throughout all years with combined wins well over 30 through 3 seasons and playoff action every year. The atmosphere of the community that immediately beloved polish companions through their actions was fantastic too. He was never attracted by the countryside and instead loved spending time downtown, often visiting nearby Seattle. In his rookie year Roman was used best to his ability, with strength not really developed but good tackling basics and outstanding for his position speed. He was put mostly as a coverage linebacker and lead the nation with 121 tackles, tough just one for Loss. The tackling potential was evident by two forced fumbles and fumble recovered. He added two interceptions and passes deflected on top of that to finish the great rookie season that solidified him as a surefire point of Ducks defense for several seasons in the row. In his first playoff game against Texas Longhorn, he was a beast with 12 tackles and haven't disappointed in the Championship game with 7, including 1 TFL, even though team ultimately has fallen short. While he was similarly involved in charity as Jan Karol, he started going back to his roots and organizing fight nights, promoting wrestling and boxing in an organized setting. Each week he promoted fights, that were topped off with a quarterly big gala for the title of Mighty Duck. He even tried throwing his gloves into the ring, but it was evident that he is no longer everyday boxer and that decision to pursue a career in football as a linebacker was the right one. The money raised through these events was donated to the local community initiatives like several stipends for underprivileged kids, anty loitering action, stop hate campaign. It's those activities that convinced him to stay for as long as possible down in the NCAA and not pursue pro career any sooner than it was necessary.
  11. Jan Karol Chodkiewicz College Spotlight Jan Karol arrived in Oregon after 4 years spent in the Chicago High School after emigrating from Poland and what a different place it was. He was used to the rush of a big city and now finally could breathe again with fresh air, which he certainly missed from his home country, second only to his family and friends. Soon after arriving he started getting acclimated to the campus and knowing the team. He was assigned the room in the same wing as his best colleague Roman Sanguszko and after orientation week, which he spent mostly surveying and touring throughout Oregon, the training has started. As expected rookie running back he was tasked with getting on top of the team strategy and getting to know the rest of the team. Oregon had experienced Quarterback in Harlon Connecticut in the season 9, so while Chodkiewicz was promising pickup it was of little doubt that he is going to get the big role and indeed the Ducks were most Pass focused team of them all. He wasn't too discouraged by that, because that given him plenty of time to grow and he was really comfortable in his role with a great rushing average of 4.7 and is the deadly finisher of 13 Touchdowns. To somewhat keep him engaged he also caught best among Running Backs 65 catches for a total of 401 yards and a touchdown. The playoffs atmosphere was great too, even though Ducks ultimately fell short to one of those behemoth Crimson Tide teams. Furthermore, he started being really engaged in the community, following many worthy deeds he tried and started in the High School. He started being active in local Polish Heritage Foundation and several other Pro Bono initiatives. Polish Game Night became a tradition and they started doing monthly dinner on the stadium with Polish delights for everyone nearby, whether you are a part of the team, fan, citizen of Eugene or just hungry soul in need of warm soup. That continued for his full college career and played a big part why he decided, unlike many other players, to stay for a maximum amount of years and stay down even throughout his Senior year.
  12. Roman Sanguszko High School Career Review Roman, unlike his more known colleague Jan Karol, was never team sports standout in his early years and instead was much physical in nature and loved brawling. In Poland, you have two main avenues and sports to focus on - boxing and wrestling. He participated in both from early years and sparred ton, spending every free moment in the ring and training rigorously. That got him invited to the Sports Mastery (High) School in Spała, where he started his further career participating in boxing and wrestling junior tournaments, both national and international. Unfortunately, he started to feel injuries already, and spend some of the years rehabilitating. Soon after the first year, he started doubting himself knowing how health straining and tough to break out both sports are and that's when he received a call from his friend Chodkiewicz that emigrated a year ago to Chicago, to start his football career out there. He invited to visit him there, during spring break. Immediately after he decided it's the way to go and inquired about the possible transfer. His previous experience with physical sports and towering posture combined with impressive speed gathered him plenty of attention and scouts and high school coaches recommended him to become the linebacker. Other considered positions with his height and athleticism were Defensive End, Power Back and Tight End, but ultimately the growing need of great defenders won him over, it was fit for his playstyle too, being rather reactionary than attacking as the first kind of player. He agreed and during his second high school year started showing up in games, which started bringing bigger and bigger crowds knowing two young and promising players are growing and starting to already bring College Scouts, especially from Pacific North-Western Region. Sanguszko started developing proper defensive instincts in further High School years and stopped relying on sheer athleticism. Learning all the rules, tricks and strategies took some time getting used to for lone wolf until then, but you can bet on him growing on it and feeling the opportunity giving maximum effort. He was on the fence about choosing the college for a long time, between several great offers, but with Jan Karol heading out to Oregon, he knew it was a place for him too.
  13. I usually stay away from fluff pieces but made so many stat, TPE and another serious article in recent times in various leagues that I'd love to rank teams based on something not really tangible instead. Entering soon the final year of NCAA it's a perfect moment for that too. I have a certain taste for franchise colors and locations, so for this article aim, I'll stay away completely from their history, management, players, focusing just on the looks and my associations from other leagues brands. So please don't take it too much to the heart, I'm mostly spitballing and free-flowing unlike most of my serious media I usually pump up. So with this shallow approach, let's get it going: #1 Memphis Bandits I know they are discontinued and all, but I love those adorable badgers, color scheme with light green and gray isn't anything you see every day and I'd love to become a real bandit for that team. #2 New Orleans Kraken Throughout all leagues, I have a strong affinity for Big Easy teams, and while other teams have a purple centric theme (Second Line, Specters) the aquatic Kraken theme and dark green works fantastic together. The shield behind the Kraken in the logo reminds me more of European style, which is a plus for me too. #3 New York Herd The most creative logo with Buffalo football head, and while Buffalo Herd could be even better, even if a bit cliche, Big Apple deserves its very own team too and despite almost all sim leagues having some sort of team where I'm yet to play for one. #4 San Antonio Wolfpack I have really mixed feelings about this one, while I have positive feelings about this color theme and San Antonio from a similar team of Sloths, the Wolfpack is a no go for me. Otherwise a really solid logo and brand potential. #5 Memphis Mambas We are slowly entering the territory where something feels a bit off - I'm a huge fan of original themed logos that were rather consistent with one another and I feel that new Krakens fit the bill, and while Mambas look great, have proven Grizzlies like colors, they just don't fit with the old style. #6 Miami Neptune The City-Brand logo is top notch, but not really League being animal-centric here and getting mythical creature instead. I like red, purple and orange themes the most, so at least there get the points. #7 Seattle Predators Animal but ranked so low? Just doesn't seem like the same quality as rest of OG teams. Purple is there and the name is overly dangerous, I feel like Seattle Pumas/Lamparts/Chasers would work a bit better, alongside maybe lighter than black accent. #8 Wisconsin Brigade Well, I gather it's a new choice and an attempt to move away from the historic theme, but while I loved the comical bandits the serious at all costs brands of Renegades, Outlaws and now Brigade never had much appeal for myself. #9 Los Angeles Reign The brand is fine and I'd rank it much higher (3? 4?) because the logo is slick, color scheme while rather basic works really well too, so why the last? When looking for images in the index I saw this - Head Coach: Otto Von Bismarck - yeah, that's a big no from me to have a mass murderer that persecuted minorities and paved the way for even bigger 20th-century monstrosities, to have him mentioned there, even as a joke, is a terrible idea. That's it for my S11 seasonal rankings!
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