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  1. Username: oilmandan QB: Siddhu Sarvepally ($7) RB: iti bush ($5) WR: Sticky Hands ($6) WR: High Priestest Richfield ($4) Flex: Bo Limbaugh ($3) TE: Buff Beav ($2) K: Kevin Reegsman ($2) DST: Miami ($1) $30
  2. Offense $23,000,000 Defense $31,000,000 Total $54,000,000 Space $500,000 OFFENSE QB Logan Crawford S17 $6,750,000 (2 team NTC) S18 minimum (2 team NTC) S19 minimum (2 team NTC) RB Charlie Hudson S17 $1,750,000 WR Dan Wilinsky S17 $6,500,000 S18 minimum S19 minimum WR Jeff Downey S17 $1,500,000 S18 minimum WR Wayne Howerynough S17 $1,500,000 TE Johnny Bravo S17 $2,500,000 FB AA Goat S17 $1,500,000 K Bruce Brucie S17 $1,000,000 DEFENSE LB Chandominick Sabathia S17 $4,250,000 S18 minimum LB Wizard Blanko S16 $3,750,000 LB Roman Sanguszko S17 $2,500,000 S18 minimum LB Vincent Van Boom S16 $1,500,000 CB Casey Archer S17 $5,000,000 S18 minimum CB JJ Hendrix S17 $2,500,000 FS Dee Fence S17 $6,000,000 S18 minimum S19 minimum FS Jean Christophe S17 $3,500,000 FS John Patrick Levine S17 $1,250,000
  3. The New York Herd are excited to announce the signing of their star draft choice Jeff Downey to a 2 year rookie contract S17 $1,500,000 S18 minimum @Jeff
  4. Congrats to all the awards and all star selections for the Herd! Hopefully next year we can trade a few of those for a shot in the playoffs
  5. Name: Danny Kepley Team: Miami Workout/Equipment Name: 4 TPE Equipment Gain(If applicable): 4 TPE Cost of Workout: $2,000,000 Cash you Have: $2,000,000 Cash Left: 0
  6. I never thought about how far I'd make it in football as a kid. It was just a game I played for fun. Fast forward to the present and all of a sudden I've finished five seasons in the EFL. I've come a long way from playing in the fields in northern Alberta to the bright lights of New York and I'd never trade anything in the world for it. From my coaches to my teammates to the fans in the stands every week, I've been truly blessed to play this game for this long. And I hope I get to play it for a lot longer. Being drafted by New York was a scary prospect for a kid like me. I thought I'd be swallowed up and spit back out. I must admit the first couple months were pretty overwhelming, so much is thrown at you, that its amazing I survived. But I was very lucky to get the support I needed to survive the first year and win rookie of the year to boot. Year 2 was a lot easier, I was comfortable enough to hit the ground running and we felt like I took a huge step forward in my game. The next season I moved to Seattle to be "The Guy" because it was what I thought I wanted and needed. I did enjoy it a great deal, but New York was calling me back to her. No receiver is can amount to anything without a great quarterback and I've been blessed with two future hall of famers to play with during my time. If I ever get the top receiver award or maybe even a sniff at the hall of fame for myself, I have Logan Crawford @Symmetrik and Drew McPewPewPew @MMFLEX to thank for it. I've been asked a few times how long I'll play for and I'm not really sure, I'd like to win a championship before I do retire. After that it'll be a year by year decision. I know I'll never get tired of playing this game and I hope the fans don't get tired of me trying to put on a show out there.
  7. Team Philosophies: +4 TPE to all players that fit the archetype chosen QB: Pocket Passer RB: Workhorse (18) FB: Blocking WR: Possession (S17) TE: Possession LB: 3/4 Tackling LB: Pass Rushing CB: Man Cover FS: Man Cover SS: Man Cover K: Kicker/Punter Team Coaches: TPE gains per position, TE/FB gain is tripled HC: Daniel Wilinsky SR +12: RB +12: CB +9: WR +9: S +9: LB +6: QB +6: K +6: TE/FB Archer: +16 @Symmetrik Hudson +16 @Alecbama Bravo: +10 @duckberg Crawford: +10 @Symmetrik Fence: +13 @oilmandan Sabathia: +13 @omgitshim Sanguszko: +13 @majesiu van Boom: +13 @Kirby Hendrix +16 @TJH Blanko +9 @chemicalfire Wilinsky +13 @oilmandan Downey +9 @Jeff Christophe +13 @Enorama
  8. I'm surprised New York isn't higher on this list. Although I do like seeing 2 Eastern rivals ahead of us yet
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