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  1. OFFENSE QB Logan Crawford S16 $7,000,000 RB Asahel S16 $2,000,000 WR Dan Wilinsky S16 $6,000,000 WR Hunter Slade S16 $2,500,000 TE Johnny Bravo S16 $2,500,000 FB AA Goat S16 $1,500,000 $21,500,000 DEFENSE LB Chandominick Sabathia S16 $5,250,000 S17 minimum S18 minimum LB Wizard Blanko S16 $4,500,000 LB Roman Sanguszko S16 $2,000,000 S17 minimum S18 minimum LB Vincent Van Boom S16 $1,000,000 CB Casey Archer S16 $4,500,000 S17 minimum S18 minimum CB JJ Hendrix S16 $2,500,000 CB Tonto Kamayaki S16 $1,500,000 FS Dee Fence S16 $5,500,000 $26,750,000 $48,250,000
  2. K Rensis Bacsis from New York is also a free agent
  3. oilmandan


    The Seattle Predators trade WR Dan Wilinsky CB JJ Hendrix To the New York Herd in exchange for WR Timothy McBuckets S17 1st Round Selection @MMFLEX
  4. Outstanding read. Definitely had a lot of good thought in this ranking. Glad things should work out for Teppei at QB
  5. oilmandan


    Was only a matter of time till Jacobs got run out of town
  6. Good game to both teams. Congrats to the Mambas. Happy for all the old Bandit fans too.
  7. There was about 50 turnovers by now in the NCAA game
  8. I'll cheer for Memphis today, they'll never reach another finals after New York retakes control of the East
  9. New York getting after it. Signing the middle of their defense to take another run at the EFL Resignings Casey Archer @Symmetrik S16 4.5m (min) Limited NTC S17 1m (min) Limited NTC S18 1m (min) Limited NTC Chandominick Sabathia @omgitshim S16 5.25m (min) S17 1m (min) S18 1m (min) Roman Sanguszko @majesiu S16 2m (min) NTC S17 1m (min) NTC S18 1m (min) NTC Inactives AA Goat S16 1.5million (min) Hunter Slade S16 2.25m (min) Johnny Bravo S16 2.5m (min) Wizard Blanko S16 4.5m (min) Vincent Van Boom S16 1m (min) Tonto Kamayaki S16 1.5m (min)
  10. 0:09TEX - 30Bands, L. kicks off. 0:09Colt, C. takes it down the left side. 0:09Colt, C. is finally brought down. A 33 yard return. Game over. Texas Wins the National Championship. I still hate you Congrats to @TacticalHammer who I'm sure is having a grand ole time in his meeting and missed this. Another fine season for @AW13 but came up short. Still did a fine job in a big hurry. To Texas and Miami and all the other NCAA seasons. Thank you and well done on another incredible season. Go celebrate you southern hicks
  11. Lionel Bands trots out for the attempt, he did miss from similar range earlier today and seems pretty shook about the costly miss. He lines up, snap is meh, Laces Out Dan!, hold is good. The kick is up, theres a big old mitt rising from the line
  12. 0:37 3rd and 12MIA - 25Pass by Osbourne, M., to Gesicki, B.. INTERCEPTION by Zouzouambe, A. at the MIA - 31 yard line and returned for 2 yards. Osbourne looks off Colt and tosses one to Gesicki's outstretched hands. He can't get the handle on it and Zouzoumabe takes it and falls down with time running out on the clock
  13. 1:27 1st and 20MIA - 17Hurricanes Penalty on OG 8, B.: Illegal block below the waist. 1:00 1st and 20MIA - 17Rush by Bush, I. for 8 yds. Tackle by Zouzouambe, A.. 1:00 2nd and 12MIA - 25Miami Hurricanes : Timeout 0:42 2nd and 12MIA - 25Rush by Bush, I. for a short gain. Tackle by Bototti, M.. 0:42 3rd and 12MIA - 25Miami Hurricanes : Timeout Not sure as to what Miami's strategy is, running and calling timeouts. BUT...… BIG PLAY COMING UP!!!!!
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