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  1. If Dee Fence isnt in the running for best defensive player this year, then someone is being paid off. #VoteDeeFence
  3. Battle of teams that got blown out last week. Let's hang another on the condom people Go Ducks! @JaysFan26 @Sonnet @Kirby @Renomitsu @Esso2264 @DilIsPickle @Homeskillet @duckberg @ccecilletsplay @Smarch @HarDRaiL @DonCutta190 @xsjack @LattimoreIsland 
  4. How did we choke that one away? Oh my Herd. Need to rebound
  5. I totally forgot about this so here's a quickie 1. Safety Going into S13 the secondary was looking like a weak spot and it appears to be again going into S14. With 3 100+ players at cornerback, that position is set, with the option of moving a player over to one of the safety spots without a player. Little Mac was signed as a 50 tpe filler to line up at SS and he never updated past the 50, making it a definite weakness. On the bright side, with reinforcements on the way at the linebacking spot, one of the weaker LBs would be available in case no recruits are found to take over. In reality though, active safeties are a must if Oregon hopes to challenge in the future. Once the offseason does arrive, the main focus will be on shoring up both safety spots to take some of the pressure off a very good linebacking core. 2. WR Quinton Reeves is uncapping, leaving a hole at the number 1 WR spot. Hugh Jassole will take over the majority of the targets along with The Rock Johnson. While both are developing nicely, a third option will be needed going forward for a more spread out offense along with some reinforcements for the future. The receiver position will be a major focus on offense entering the redshirt period and going into the offseason. With no outside players eligible to move into the spot, recruitment will likely the only solution. 3. FB/TE After 6 seasons of solidarity at the positions with Johnny Bravo and then Thormond Jakobsen handling duties manning things, Jakobsen is entering the EFL draft, leaving a large hole in the lineup. Sometimes thought of as an afterthought, its important to keep solid players there to keep the RBs and QB upright. One option that is most likely will be to bring back Wayne Howerynough to cover both spots. He spent half a year with the team last year before being cut. Howerynough will enter the year as a 150 tpe filler and can easily play both positions as needed. With the probability of having 2 QBs and 2 RBs on the roster, it could be that one player will mostly handle both positions with a bit of help from the other RB. 4. QB S13 had Hingle McCringleberry starting as the QB with Johnny Mcchicken waiting in the wings as backup. With McCringleberry only being active on and off, he wouldn't be a long term solution unless he stuck around consistently. McChicken has been a slow developer in year one, although the Ducks do have high hopes he will develop into a solid pivot once they are ready to contend. It is unlikely any new recruits will be brought on unless they are blown out of the water with a prospect. With the club looking to seriously make a push for a title in S15, another year of development is expected, with the current core already on the main roster.
  6. Time to put these kitties to sleep. GO HERD!!
  7. One last gasp for the Tide. Moran looks all over, great protection. He only finds McBoatface in the flat. He'll have to beat 8 guys to score. 0:062nd and 10Texas - 44Pass by Moran, A., complete to McBoatface, B. for 4 yds. Tackle by Gser, J.. That's the ball game. Alabama puts up a great fight, but can't beat out the Longhorns. Two straight close games, but Texas still stands unbeaten. F*@% those guys
  8. 0:131st and 10Texas - 44Pass by Moran, A. to Manning, H. was dropped! Incomplete.
  9. 0:57 3rd and 3Alabama - 43Pass by Moran, A., complete to Sayers, D. for 12 yds. Tackle by Jacobs, N.. Another solid play gives the Tide the ball in Texas territory. Moran in the shotgun, drops back, good protection, scans the wide side, he's got Manning streaking on a post, good separation. The throw...
  10. 1:31 1st and 10Alabama - 36Pass by Moran, A. to Picante, F. was dropped! Incomplete. 1:24 2nd and 10Alabama - 36Pass by Moran, A., complete to Picante, F. for 7 yds. Tackle by Carswell, R.. 1:24 3rd and 3Alabama - 43Alabama Crimson Tide : Timeout Almost to midfield in a minute. Still time for the Tide. The crowd is now the ones that are completely silent. Urging their cousins on
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