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  1. I want to thank everyone involved with USC as I could not have wished for a better team to be the AD of but sadly I will have to move on to other tasks and won't have the time needed to be an AD anymore. I wish you all the best of luck and fight on Trojans!
  2. Sova

    S13 NCAA WEEK 1

    I am also looking forward to that but it will take time
  3. Christophe is always gonna have a special place in my heart I think he has been underrated so far.
  4. Sova

    S13 Player Store

    Name: Blaze Bashford Team: USC Workout Name: Gain Weight Cost of Workout: 2,000,000 Cash you Have: 2,000,000 Cash Left: 0
  5. +13 Bashford, Pass Rushing +9 Caspian, Red zone Threat
  6. Welcome Rookies and Veterans, this is your USC Spring Training Camp! POST HERE TO CLAIM 9 UNCAPPED TPE. YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR 4 MORE UNCAPPED TPE IF YOUR PLAYER ARCHETYPE MATCHES THE TEAM PHILOSOPHY LISTED BELOW (please include your archetype): QB: Gunslinger RB: Scat Back WR: Deep Threat TE: Possession FB: Running [S14] OLB: Pass Rushing ILB: Coverage FS: Man Cover SS: Zone Cover CB: Run Support K/P: Kicker
  7. USC TROJANS S13 SCHOLARSHIPS Quote to accept and if you have any questions feel free to contact me $5,000,000 Full Benefit Scholarships (4/4) TE - Hassan Hafuala @Anthony Ouellet LB - Rayz Funk @Rayzor_7 RB - Jamie Sevens @Deity of Ice RB - Jimmy Numbers @124715 $3,000,000 Full Tuition Scholarships (7/7) QB - Matt LeSiege @Fizzy WR - Mick-E Mowce @SingingHades WR - Caleb Caspian @Sova K - DeShaun Marion @okochastar FS - Will Austin @stevo CB - Jack Sacket @ccecilletsplay CB - Zane Montgomery @PigSnout $2,000,000 Partial Tuition Scholarships (6/7) LB - Blaze Bashford @Sova WR - Alexander Vezenkov @stevo WR - Frank Funk @Rayzor_7 LB - Avery Saint Sebastian @Rockstar FB - Robert Hunter @TotallyNotGus CB - Shaquill Williams III - IA FS- Cosmo Kramer @TotallyNotGus
  8. I mean if someone else would have picked him I would have still played for them without complaining it's just a personal preference.
  9. The man the myth the legend. I doubt Muller would have been taken over either of them, Cold might have been but I would have wanted to play for LA so that might have made him drop.
  10. I want to discuss potential locations of an EFL Franchise, keep in mind I have never even been close to any of those cities so take my opinion with a grain of salt. 3. Houston Houston is a great city with a good market that always draws a lot of attention to itself. Also, the city has given us many great things such as Analytics Basketball, The Beard and Travis Scott and who doesn't love hearing Sicko Mode every time your team takes the field (sarcasm). I might be a bit biased since Texas is just really interesting to me since it is quite different from any region that I have ever been too. I believe a team from Houston would be able to bring a very different flavour to the league and might add some character to the already existing line up. San Antonio is already in the league but at least from my point of view, those two cities are so different from one another that I would not mind seeing them both in the EFL. 2. Las Vegas Nevada Being on a Vegas Sports team must be fantastic or at least I think it would be. If you take a look at the Vegas Golden Knights and how they treat their players I would swap with most of them in an instant, besides that Vegas is also quite a good place to spend your time and I think if you are looking for ways to spend your salary Vegas will never let you down. What makes it better than Houston is that if you move outside of Vegas a bit you can literally live in Paradise which is pretty neat. The downside is that there are rather few "real" sports fans in Vegas but if they would grow up with sports teams closeby I think that would change 1. Washington DC I am a Washington Capitals fan through and through and it is the only reason why I started getting into Basketball and Football so of course, it would be by far my favourite team. Washington DC is not only the home of my favourite sports team but also one of the most beautiful cities in the US and on top of that it is an East Coast city and anyone who knows what's what is part of Beast coast. The branding of teams from Washington has always been fantastic (except the redskins but let's just forget about their existence for a minute), I like the ring of Washington Wizards and the Washington Capitals Logo does not only look fantastic when you have a 6'3 236Lb Russian wearing it. So all in all besides the Redskins I feel like Washington had some of the best team names and logos in American sports and I hope that would carry over to the EFL. Washington also has a great Fanbase that has proven to be one of the nicer ones and all of their teams have had great storylines. All in all, I wish for more major cities to get EFL teams rather than places that like Memphis of Wisconsin, the only thing I know about them is Memphis is the home of some Music genres and Wisconsin is the place where Giannis Antetokounmpo bodies grown man and apparently, they were influential beer brewers.
  11. Today I want to talk about a few interesting things I noticed while following the NCAA National Championships game. Season 12 was an interesting season as a whole. The western conference was very competitive and until the last day, nothing seemed certain. The east was the polar opposite with two teams having 10+ wins while the other two had 3. Now with that in the back of our minds, let us take a closer look at the actual championship game where the Notre Dame Irish face off against the Michigan Wolverines. Michigan quickly got points on the board thanks to a field goal, as a side note Dianna Gunner was an important piece for Michigan that day as she was able to hit all extra point attempts and field goals while also punting well. Coming into this game I was quite certain of Notre Dames capabilities and I thought they would win the game but now Notre Dame seemed to be struggling and took quite some time until they were finally able to show their qualities. Shawn Brady threw some passes that would look good in any highlight tape and capped it off with a casual 24 Yard TD to take the lead from the Wolverines. Shawn Brady is one of the younger QBs in the league but he seems to perform very well in high-pressure situations as he arguably played his best game of football in this National Championship. Michigan was now forced to take back control of the game before it goes to halftime and to do so they decided to rely on their star player Ricky Razor, he was able to be an efficient go to option for the Michigan offense all year and even though he might not have the best stats he was always a vital piece of their game that allowed them to extend drives and get points. Neither Team was willing to give up and so only 1 point separated the two teams going into the halftime. In the second half, the speed of the game drastically decreased and after a Michigan Touchdown it looked like they might be able to run away with the game but a great secondary from ND kept Michigan to this one TD. With time on their side Michigan must have felt confident going into the 4th quarter, leading by 6 points. ND tried to rally and threw everything ad Michigan that they showed dominance driving down the field until a 3 yard pass from Shawn Brady made the score 20:20 now it was all on the shoulders of Dianna Gunner. Dianna made the XP and ND kept their slim lead for the remaining 7 minutes. All in all, it is fair to say that this might have been one of the more exciting Championship games since the score was as close as possible and there were many points at which it could have gone one way or another but as I personally thought ND persisted and was able to win a Championship.
  12. I might be wrong here but more punts should lead to more losses but it does not seem to do so.
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