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  1. I'm all for promoting activity, but I'm very against coffee tampering
  2. We were on the same train of thought. I was thinking we had Hpyno and Mafioso left, so either lynch would've been fine. Loss isn't on you
  3. @Psanchez55 We need you to vote Lattimore up
  4. @jhatty8 probably best if you shoot Lattimore tonight
  5. @MMFLEX Need you to vote Sym
  6. After taking a deeper look at things, I think Symmetrik is the lynch today. Vote @Symmetrik @MMFLEX @jhatty8 @Psanchez55 I beg you guys to please vote with me
  7. Also, per my n5 vision Symmetrik is confirmed evil. Does anyone have a list of all the dead/living?
  8. Also, MMFlex is confirmed good per my N4 vision. We only have one unknown town role at the moment, so if you're town we need to know asap. Please role claim now!
  9. I'd like to see a claim from @LattimoreIsland since he showed up in my vision last night
  10. N1 - Nykonax, psanchez, wheaties. At least 1 evil. N2 – A Vision revealed that Tanner0512 or Jhatty8 is good N3 - A vision revealed that jhatty8, psanchez55, or Symmetrik is evil! N4 – A vision revealed that MMFlex or Nykonax is good! N5 – A Vision revealed that MMFlex, Reality96, or Symmetrik is evil! N6 – A Vision revelaed that Jhatty8 or LattimoreIsland is good! TI: Myself TI: Spy (TacticalHammer) TP: BG (Reality96) TK: TS: Trans (Tanner) RT: Sher (TLO) RT: Lookout (DonCutta) RT: RT:
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