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  1. So Wheaties hasn't even claimed. Let's wrap it up
  2. As of now, we're up 4-1 on the GF. Even if we get this lynch wrong, it's 3-1. Rock can RB the gf, and I can heal someone, but even if we both miss and the GF gets a kill tonight it's 2-1. Then tomorrow we win. But I'm pretty positive that Turner, Rock, Bush and myself are all confirmed, so this should be game
  3. @Wheaties care to defend yourself?
  4. Turner, were you RBd last night? If so, Wheaties is evil and it's GG
  5. If Turner was RBd, that confirms that Rockstar isn't evil. Turner knows he was attacked and healed, which confirms that I'm not evil. So, in that case, Turner, Rock and I are all confirmed good, leaving Wheaties and Bush as the only options, and I believe Bush is town based on him nailing Flex as the PB with his invest results. Vote wheaties please
  6. GODFATHER - MAFIOSO - HUDDLEHUSSY RANDOM MAFIA - TLO (FORGER) RANDOM MAFIA - JHATTY (CONSIG) NEUTRAL KILLING - DONCUTTA (SK) RANDOM NEUTRAL - MMFLEX (PLAGUEBEARER) RANDOM NEUTRAL - NYKO (JESTER) JAILOR - TACTICALHAMMER TOWN INVESTIGATIVE - LEFLOP (SPY) TOWN INVESTIGATIVE - SYMMETRIK (LO) TOWN PROTECTIVE - RJFRYMAN (BG) TOWN SUPPORT - LATT (MEDIUM) TOWN KILLING - RANDOM TOWN - UPHILLMOSS (SHERIFF) RANDOM TOWN - RANDOM TOWN - RANDOM TOWN - There is only 1 non-town role left, so Turner and I can't be evil working together. The dead are wrong. I healed Turner. He can't be evil, as he was attacked by the only evil left in the game. Plus, he's our only Town Killing claim. A vote on Turner is a terrible idea
  7. I healed Turner last night. He was attacked. That explains why there was no kills. Don't vote Turner, he isn't evil @Rockstar
  8. Vote MMFlex. Rockstar, block Wheaties tonight if Flex ends up pestilence. Turner shoot Bush. One of those two are GF, I'm about 95% confident
  9. Not successfully. Missed every other night
  10. I'm the doc. Claimed it earlier today. I healed you n1
  11. Ok we need everyone to come forward with info now. Me keeping my role hidden no longer helps anything. I am the doctor. I healed Turner night 1, it was not a hpynotist. Don's will confirms that he attacked Turner. Anybody who doesn't claim a role now I'm considering super sus
  12. Personally I really feel like Flex is PB, but it's too late to change the vote. Hope Don is a bad
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