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  1. N5 vision: AW13, Nyko, Wheaties 1 of these 3 is evil. Nyko is confirmed good from my vision a couple nights ago. Wheaties cast a vote, AW didn’t so I’m inclined to think that Wheaties is more likely a townie. Vote @AW13 @Alecbama @Nykonax @Wheaties @Rayzor_7 6 players left, so we need 4 votes.
  2. Vote Siddhus @Alecbama @DonCutta190 @Rayzor_7 @Wheaties @AW13 8 people left means we need 5 votes, we've got 2 need 3 more
  3. @Nykonax you're my only confirmed townie, you got anything to share?
  4. So here's what I believe. Jhatty wasn't the Vampire Hunter, he was the disguiser. The Vampire CANNOT kill the the hunter. So it must have been someone else disguising themselves as the hunter. Which would mean all the mafia are dead. We have Werewolf, Serial Killer, and Vampires to deal with. Given that a vampire killed jhatty, that means there's a max of 2, if they successfully converted last night. If not, it means there's only 1 and they can convert someone tonight. The Werewolf can't attack tonight, it's not a full moon. The Serial Killer can. What I know from my visions, given the deaths, is that Nyko is guaranteed to be good (my N2 vision was him or jhatty is good, and jhatty was bad). One of Alec, DonCutta, or Siddhus is one of our neutrals. They came in my N3 vision as at least one of the 3 being evil. DonCutta again can't receive votes today, so we could vote either Alec or Siddhus if we wanted to test it out. Alec did come up in my vision last night, between him and Rayzor at least 1 is good. So maybe try Siddhus? It's 5 town vs WW, Vampire, SK, or 4 town vs WW, 2x Vamp, SK. My vote would be Siddhus, unless, you know, ANYONE ELSE wants to give some info?
  5. Thank you again Crusader? I was attacked again last night but protected. Alecbama or Rayzor is good With the other deaths I’m not sure if I can narrow down my past vision, I’m at work so can’t really take the time to look
  6. You can also do it as a 220lb Coverage LB
  7. N3 vision: Alec, DonCutta, Siddhus One of the 3 is evil. Had to double check, but Guardian Angel’s target CAN be evil. Only executioner, jester, and other guardian angels can’t be their target. We can’t vote for DonCutta today though, the guardian angel protection prevents it. We also still have Turner from my N1 vision as possibly evil. jhatty was most likely evil in my N2 vision, which would guarantee Nyko as good
  8. Thank you Crusader Something is weird here. Vampire killed the Vampire hunter? VH I didn’t think could be killed by Vamps. Unless jhatty was actually Disguiser, looked at the real VH and disguised himself as them before being killed by a vamp. In which case the mafia actually lost 2 last night, meaning there should actually just be the godfather left. We still have Vampires, SK and Werewolf to deal with, and werewolf can rampage again tonight.
  9. And there wasn’t even a serial killer kill last night
  10. McWolf was definitely a bad guy from my N1 vision, IIRC there’s like, a 38% or something that 2 players are bad (it might be higher, I don’t remember), so there’s still some decent odds that Turner is bad too. My vision last night was that one of jhatty or Nykonax is good
  11. Crusader is a town protective role, kills 1 random person who visits the person they’re guarding
  12. I don’t know what we have left for protective roles. I’m nervous to put any info out there. I guess we need to do something though. I’m the psychic. Turner or McWolf is evil. Which one, I don’t know. Maybe both. My other name was Flex, who is dead & was good. Whatever town protectives we have left, I could use them
  13. Well that’s not good, that damn Crusader is the worst town role in early game. We at least know that our NK is the Serial Killer, and one of the random neutrals was a Vampire. It’s at least good to get the knowledge out there.
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