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  1. How would he even know that? If he was actually attacked we should know, right?
  2. Why does Tater have night immunity? omg would tell us if he was attacked and survived, it's been like that in every game I've played. I might have missed it but I don't see anywhere that he said that?
  3. It's possible that OMW is either executioner, or maybe spy. Tater did claim he went to Sixers house but it's the part where he claims he was the mafia target night one. How could he know that, what does that info do other than sound suspect?
  4. Tater is super sketch, but how would he even know he was going to be attacked by mafia??? Also whether he went to Sixers house or not, Sixers was killed by SK and DonCutta was the mafia hit. Thematically, SK has never had a clean execution kill. Why even say it like that, it would only bring suspicious? Best case scenario we'd get SK which isn't bad, but I don't think it's possible for him to be mafia, though I'm not sure about the spy and it's interaction with SK. Also if OnMyWings saw him at Sixers house, that means that OMW would have been at Sixers house when he died. Tater seems jerstery to me
  5. I needed an Xbox gamer tag that was simple. 1 word, and as few changes as possible (so no using a capital i in place of L, no doubling letters etc). I went through quite a few, and with my friend and brother we used to come up with lists and then narrow each other's down to the best ones. Symmetric was taken, so I changed it to a k. You would believe how many people have a hard time saying it.
  6. I'm also out of town with some questionable internet, so my participation is limited until Monday night. I'll try to get in what I can
  7. Based on the description, I think Eno was killed by SK. Given the severity of being stabbed with glass multiple times, seems like the only explanation. If someone was healed, or survived an attack, I think we would still know right? In the last game we knew Tater was attacked and healed by the Doc. Different moderator, but same principle.
  9. You joined well before this promotion existed besides it's way too late to be claiming it now, it would have gone in under your 199 cap in NCAA, it's like anything else you don't claim at that point
  10. If you are inactive on any site, or you’ve wanted to join the others, and you’re still on the fence, you can go back now and claim 5 TPE. If you are a new player, you will get an extra 5 tpe to start your career with from the second you sign up. This is not 5 TPE for each site, it is 5 TPE ONLY. And it ONLY applies to new creates and inactive players. @Tater_Tot @Cornholio you guys are neither inactive nor new players. The rest of you guys are all freshmen you can get the 5, BUT ONLY 5.
  11. the homefield advantage comebacks are so stupid lmfao
  12. EFL Week 8 Total Passing TDs: 22 EFL Week 9 Logan Crawford Pass Completions: 34 NCAA Week 9 Mr. Cornholio Receiving Yards: 142 NCAA Week 10 Alabama vs. Miami Total Tackles: 42 Week 10 Total Field Goals for All EFL and NCAA Games: 18
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