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  1. meh, it was our toughest game left and on the road, we're still in the best spot of the top 3 in the east. Wisconsin's last 3 games are all against teams over .500 and 2 are on the road. We've got 2 home games and 2 games against sub .500 teams, Memphis plays against each of the other 3 eastern teams, and are on the road for 2 of them (including against us)
  2. Week 12 Miami Michigan Notre Dame Oregon Week 13 USC Alabama Miami Notre Dame
  3. Week 11 Herd @ Predators Total Tackles: 110 Week 12 Neptune @ Wolfpack total passes deflected: 7 Week 12 Reign @ Brigade total return yards: 324 Week 13 Kraken @ Wofpack total points scored by the kickers in the game: 14 Week 13 Brigade @ Mambas total rush yards in the game: 142
  4. Week 11 Mambas Herd Reign Brigade Week 12 Wolfpack Predators Herd Reign Week 13 Mambas Reign Wolfpack Herd
  5. W8: Sabathia Jr. Total Receiving Yards: 123 W9: Total number of FG and XP combined on the week : 33 W9: Mambas @ Reign Combined Total Passes: 77 W10: Predators @ Neptune Combined Rushing Yards: 275 W10 Total number of points scored league-wide:  235
  6. Week 8 Wolfpack Mambas Herd Reign Week 9 Reign Wolfpack Neptune Herd Week 10 Mambas Brigade Herd Predators
  7. Week 8 Hurricanes Wolverines Irish Longhorns Week 9 Trojans Hurricanes Wolverines Irish Week 10 Hurricanes Wolverines Irish Longhorns
  8. oh shit what a comeback, on the road!
  9. i haven't done anything in this game come onnnnn
  10. I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what teams historically have performed well in the spotlight of the live presentation game. Some who consider it a curse to be the live game. So I took a look through history. I was going to do it all the way up to S11 or maybe even to where we are in S12 currently. But it's a lot of manual work checking each game thread in the forums, then checking the index for the scores. So I'll split this up into 2 different articles, and add S6-S11 over the rest of this week. Keep in mind back in these days, the Wisconsin Brigade were the Memphis Bandits. Since I play to go all the way to current though, in order to not confuse them with the current Memphis Mambas, and Bandits GOTW are listed under Wisconsin. STATS: G W L PTS PTSW PTSL PT/G PT/W PT/L NY 29 23 6 683 591 92 23.6 25.7 15.3 LA 26 9 17 363 176 187 14.0 19.6 11.0 SEA 24 12 12 474 305 169 19.8 25.4 14.1 WIS 21 7 14 387 158 229 18.4 22.6 16.4 MIA 19 8 11 294 189 105 15.5 23.6 9.5 SA 17 9 8 294 184 110 17.3 20.4 13.8 Yeah, that turned out to be what I was not expecting. Now, New York was a dominant team in that time so it makes sense that they would get a bunch more wins than losses (overall over that time frame, they were 54-16, 48-8 from S2-S5). However, typically an upset would be more likely to be shown as the game of the week, that means the bad teams are more likely to have a better winning percentage as GOTW than overall, and vice versa for the top teams to be worse. That was the case, for everyone except New York. New York was 77.1% wins in that time frame, but live they actually went up to 79.3%. For comparison, LA was 55.7% overall - they dropped to 34.6% live. And Seattle dropped from 60% to 50%. From S2-S5 New York lost 8 games - you would think that would mean that those 8 losses are much more intense and big upsets, so quite a few of them would be the live presentation. Only 2 losses in that time frame were shown for New York. The point differential tells a hell of a story too. The biggest point blowout in a live game was 29 points, and it happened twice - both times it was New York beating up on Miami. Overall point differentials for live games: NY +225 SEA +34 SA -17 MIA -68 WIS -78 LA -96 The average margin of victory in a game featuring the Herd was almost 8 points - every other team was below 4. And if we look at just their own average margin of victory, the Herd won by an average of over 12 points. So basically we watched New York the most, most often watched them win, and most often by just blowing someone out. Now, for a bit of season breakdown, S1 - LA x6, MIA x6, NY x6, SEA x4, WIS x4, SA x2 S2 - NY x6, WIS x6, LA x5, SA x4, SEA x4, MIA x3 S3 - LA x6, NY x6, SEA x5, MIA x3, SA x3, WIS x1 (only 12 live games) S4 - SEA x7, WIS x5, LA x4, MIA x4, NY x4, SA x4 S5 - NY x7, LA x5, WIS x5, SA x4, SEA x4, MIA x3 S4 was the most balanced season for live games - the most balanced it could possibly have been was 4 teams with 5 games and 2 teams with 4 games. Not bad. Wisconsin (Memphis at the time) got pretty fucked in S3, only getting ONE live game, though there were 2 weeks with no game presented. I certainly wasn't expecting such lopsided data, but really it makes sense if you think about it. I'm very interested to see how the data changes in seasons 6-11 especially when NY gets worse and with a switch in who decides the GOTW.
  11. you should have had Week 2, Michigan and Texas had a super close game but instead we watched USC blow out LSU
  12. it does AFAIK. There's 4 different options for OT rules.
  13. I believe the record was 20 endless OT really ruins records though
  14. this is a great day
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