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  1. @Rockstar why would you role block me
  2. Free Agent list pending, wanted to get the options out there for response before 11:59pm CST Friday night (EoD of championship game day) Player Options QB - Alexander Saint Sebastian @Rockstar WR - Dan Wilinsky @oilmandan (this is basically an auto-use) Team Options RB - Donovan Sayers @ANTISIMPLE
  3. Vote Lat may as well figure it out, not like lat really gave any kind of good defense
  4. Could have hit the SK back, or another potential neutral with defense. Let's not forget though that you were the one who first suggested he was hypnotized. But now that you're questioned as hypno, suddenly it's not possible he was hypnotized? You seemed pretty sure it was before:
  5. he could have hit the godfather N1
  6. I'd believe it, given the targets of the SK. Turner & HH are I think targets Lat would pick, but that would also require Lat to submit actions.
  7. you don't get results if you're roleblocked, that's the point of a roleblock the bodyguard protects someone, and if that person is attacked, the bodyguard dies instead but also kills the attacker. rj was protecting me, huddle attacked me, and they both died. Huddle also happened to be the target of the SK
  8. true, omg didn't tell me any results but i don't know if that means there were no visitors or if the roleblock stopped me. on N1 when there were no visitors to Tac he didn't tell me anything either.
  9. I was attacked so thank you rj. i was also roleblocked, so mafia must have a consort. Or a hypnotist.
  10. Exe target can only be town
  11. That's the point of the Framer, someone who is framed appears as the Framer. If there was a separate set of results it would defeat the purpose.
  12. Nyko is the Framer, done and done.
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