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  1. Options: as inactive, LA exercises John Smith's player option for him. Patrick Kelly @Patdatass has a player option A'Brick Wall @ANTISIMPLE has a player option You have until tomorrow (Sunday) night to use these.
  2. In football, the home field is a big deal. There's only 7 home games per season for each crowd in the EFL, and if you're really lucky you get 2 playoff games. So the fans in the building are always hungry to see their team. The power in the stadium sparks the home team. So how did every playoff game end with that rabid crowd silenced? For Seattle, the went in to Los Angeles and pulled an LA on LA. Seattle ran for 1000 yards total this season, 250 attempts. It's not all that much, but it's a fairly decent amount compared to some other teams, and compared to what LA did last season. Well, they walked into LA for the Western final and ran the ball only twice. And it wasn't even Sharkstrong, who was switched to a wideout for the game. LA came back and ran the ball 17 times - quite successfully though, at 4.9 YPC. Drew McPewPewPew threw for 458 yards, and 5 TDs, with 4 of those going to his new favourite wideout in Sharkstrong. Smith threw for 350 yards and just the 1 TD. There were some other factors, like Sharkstrong's great kick returning day, but it mostly boiled down to Seattle playing LA like LA played everyone else last year. And it worked wonders. For Miami, they needed to somehow figure out how to stop Memphis from scoring almost 40 points per game. Martin Isaac carried the Mambas to 62 touchdowns this season. Miami relied on their defense to step up, and Harlon Connecticut to perform at his best. The Neptune lead the league in passes defended last season, and they came up big in the game against the Mambas too. They defended 7 passes, 3 for FA acquisition Michael Raine. They played coverage, with no sacks, no TFL, and with no more than 5 tackles for any 1 player. And Martin Isaac threw right at it. It helped that the Neptune were ultra disciplined, with the exception of a DPI call to Kabore. With his 58 yard penalty not included, Miami took 7 penalties for just 35 yards - which is less than the 4 for 40 that Memphis had. Harlon was what Miami needed him to be, with 392 yards and 4 TDs, and just 7 incomplete passes. And then they met in the finals. Seattle didn't run a single time. Drew McPewPewPew threw for 404 yards. But Miami won the game. How? Miami got some excellent punting, and David Moriarty was able to control the clock. Miami played a completely uneventful game - the perfect road game - scoring 1 TD and 4 FGs to win 19-17. There was not a single score in the 4th quarter. Diana Gunner put 3 punts inside the 20, in the same game, including forcing Seattle to start from their own 19 on their final drive. So there you have it. By some incredible series of events, the road team came in and won 3 playoff games, the Miami Neptune celebrating their victory in Seattle. It's a rare enough occurrence for it to happen once, maybe it's happened twice before. But not 3 times in a single postseason.
  3. Memphis Mambas @Jetsqb101 WR - Michael Houston Miami Neptune @Wheaties New York Herd @Symmetrik RB - Ray Scar LB - Jorvorskie Crittenden QB - Logan Crawford Wisconsin Brigade @AdamS FB - Vestards Mordzinsh Jr. Los Angeles Reign @Alecbama RB - Charlie Hudson WR - Travis James LB - BigHuge McLarge SS - Ray Ray Foster FS - John-Patrick Levine FS - Ben Faeger LB - Wizard Blanko LB - Paul Unkhippie New Orleans Kraken @LattimoreIsland RB - Tragedy Helmsley RB - Jan Karol Chodkiewicz LB - Lamar Williams CB - Marcus Millwall SS - Jeronimo Crittenden San Antonio Wolfpack @OnMyWings RB - Marlon Grey QB - Gavin Rose SS - Samson Steiner SS - Perrin Night FB - Bobby Collins Seattle Predators @MMFLEX CB - Bo Clerk SS - Bartholomew Blojo **Some players here may be subject to auto-retirement, pending regression processing
  4. @MMFLEX you only have 500k in cap space. In addition bonuses count towards the maximum contract cap, and Sharkstrong is already receiving 7 mil and cannot receive a bonus.
  5. Jax Byrd - $750,000 @KGR Timothy McBuckets - $750,000 @Garappogoat Dee Fence - $750,000 @oilmandan $2,250,000 total
  6. (S10) FB - A.A. Goat $1,500,000 (S12) TE - Johnny Bravo $2,500,000 (S13) K - Rencis Basias $1,500,000 (S14) CB - Cre'Yon LeBlanc $1,000,000 (S13) LB - Cooper Irwin $1,500,000 (S09) CB - Roll Fizzlebeef $1,500,000 (S10) CB - Tonto Kamayaki $1,500,000 (S14) WR- Matthew Stanton $2,000,000 (S09) WR - Hunter Slade $3,250,000
  7. I would have been way safer though, I wouldn't have had to claim and with Psanchez as an evil from the N3 vision, I had decent support there Even DonCutta, who saw me visit Flex, was believing me that Flex was the bad guy
  8. tbf they had that info anyway, and didn't do anything with it
  9. Yeah if Psanchez was lynched, he would have been the evil from the N3 results, I would have been pretty good in my role, and Turner would have still been alive as GF
  10. @jcole194 @Psanchez55 @LattimoreIsland let's save this, this is our last chance
  11. It's not me jesus christ. It's Flex. I role blocked him last night. No mafia kill. He hides that he was roleblocked. It's Flex & hatty. Nyko is neutral chaos, not NK/NE, so he wouldn't show evil. So Flex isn't guaranteed good. Flex is the evil from N5. jhatty is his partner. He's the evil from N3, so is Psanchez as arso. Vote MMFLEX
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