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  1. The sophomore WR for the New Orleans Kraken just concluded his first contract season as his contract was up after the Season 14 season. Given the fact that the Kraken had a less than fortunate season, what will the receiver do? He ended this season with 92 catches, 1,250 yards and only 7 Touchdowns. His catches put him 1st in the amount of catches, but he wants more touchdowns and yards. So, what's next? Go back to the Kraken? Will he go back to the Kraken where he started his career with? He did say that he was going to be very loyal to them, but how loyal have they been with him? Surely, you should win more than 2 games every season. There is rebuilding, but then there is doing this every season. What does this team look like moving forward? There is no doubt that he has enjoyed his time on the Kraken. He has loved his teammates, but he definitely wants to win. He is a top Receiver in the league, so why should he not be treated as such. The Kraken and Jackson had talks earlier in the season to get a contract done, Jackson thought it was done, but then the General Manager did not end up putting it on paper. He did not send the contract, so I am not sure what to think about that. Did he have second thoughts? Did he really not want Jackson? I mean, if not, that's okay, he is just not sure. So, this is on the table, does he go back to the Kraken? Sign a 1 year deal somewhere else? Does Dewey Jackson just go one year at a time somewhere else and try to see what is the best option for him every year. There is no doubt that he wants a lot of targets, but he also would love to win a Championship. He won one in the NCAA, he wants to win at this level. Would a team gamble on Jackson with a one year deal? What team would be out there to sign Jackson or would they want a longer term deal with this guy? It's definitely intriguing to make a decision every season, but some teams may hate that. Chase the money? Does he go for the team that offers him the most money with the amount of receptions? He's always wanted to have a lot of money and be able to spend that on whatever he wants. Is money really important? Not really, but this would absolutely be intriguing. I can only imagine what a guy like Dewey Jackson could get on the open market. I have to assume that teams would want a guy like him? Could he go to a team that wins and offers a lot of money? That would seriously be intriguing, man, these are the tough decisions. It's safe to say that Dewey Jackson has time to think about his decision. I wonder if this will trigger something with the Kraken General Manager. I wonder what will happen from here, what will Dewey Jackson do? Would anyone even want him? Well, this will be fun, tune into the league to find out.
  2. Dewey Jackson is in his second season with the New Orleans Kraken. As the #1 Receiver, you expect him to have great games every week, but that is not really what is up. He has had really good games, but not every week, so let's take a look at Dewey's best games in his sophomore season, so you can see what kind of game that he is able to produce. Week 12 at home vs Reign 8 Catches, 131 Yards, 1 Touchdown Week 13 at Wolfpack 7 Catches, 103 Yards, 2 Touchdowns Week 1 at Brigade 10 Catches, 139 Yards Week 4 at Predators 6 Catches, 110 Yards, 1 Touchdown Week 5 at home vs Brigarde 6 Catches, 115 Yards Week 11 at Mambas 6 Catches, 90 Yards, 1 Touchdown Week 14 at Reign 6 Catches, 85 Yards, 1 Touchdown Week 6 at home vs Wolfpack 6 Catches, 81 Yards, 1 Touchdown Week 3 at home vs Herd 7 Catches, 92 Yards Week 2 at Neptune 10 Catches, 98 Yards Top 3 Game Recaps: These are the top 10 games of the season for Dewey Jackson. The top game of the season came in Week 12 against the Reign. It was a great offensive day for both teams as the Reign put up 52 points on the Kraken led by John Smith's 6 Touchdown and 121 QB Rating. ASS had a good game as well as he put together 4 touchdowns, 1 of which went to Dewy Jackson. He had a great game, putting together 8 catches for the 131 yards. He did not take home the Offensive Player of the Game as John Smith had his 6 Touchdown Game. Either way, it was a great game for the young receiver. In Week 13, coming off the hot performance against the Reign, Jackson and ASS put together another really solid game as he caught a 23 yard and 8 yard touchdown pass on way to 5 more catches for 103 yards total. The Wolfpack would end up winning at the end of the day, but it was only a 2 point game in the 4th quarter. ASS and Jackson gave this team a chance to win, but it just was not enough at the end of the day. The Kraken were looking to come into the season strong coming off a less than great season last season. ASS and Jackson looked to be on the same page as he Jackson had 10 receptions for 139 yards which led all receivers in the entire game. In fact, if you put together the other top receivers for the Kraken, they would not even equal the game that Jackson put together. They were only down 7 points, but at the end of the day, it was a TD by Suspicious Dave that would lead to the victory for the Brigade. The Kraken tried, but it was just another loss.
  3. Atta boy Snek boyos!
  5. Jackson may be near 100, so the ole' famous sit down may happen.
  6. Let's look at the Kraken as they go onto the field...
  7. 4 catches, 26 yards.. oh no
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