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  1. It doesn't matter now does it lol
  2. I'll take my win and go get ready for the next game
  3. What's the use? You have 6 votes on me. No use in wasting my time trying lol
  4. I mean, I don't know what happened to why they were blocked. I didn't use my action day one and set a trap last night at sixers house. Obviously, it looks weird that he was the one to die. Also, I said I was set to be attacked by the mafia on the first night. Why did you edit my post to take out that part @Nykonax
  5. I was set to be attacked by the mafia on the first night, but got blocked by something. Yes, I did visit Sixers last night, but not to kill him. He posted that thing on the first page that was sketchy, so I wanted to make sure anyone visiting him would die.
  6. That was a horrible night, did anyone observe anything? Do we have any info at all?
  7. We got 7 points, hell yeah.
  8. Taylor Swift has plenty of nicknames (like T-Swizzle, Swifty, Tay Tay and T-Swift, just to name a few). And while the pop-country superstar doesn't seem to mind most of the endearing terms that her fans and friends create for her, one nickname -- which was given by none other than former tourmate Brad Paisley -- did earn the distinction of worst nickname ever for the 22-year-old. "When I was on the Brad Paisley tour, they called me Tater Tot," Swift told Time. In case you were wondering.
  9. I have already listened to it 6-7 times. It's already my Facebook status.
  10. Can you help me add FBB to my computer? REEEEEEEE
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