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  1. Lester McCorn - Rookie CB - Wisconsin Brigade Overall: 79 -- 93 Speed, 70 Agility, 70 Hands, 69 Intelligence Stats (through 12 Games): 54 Tackles, 1 INT, 4 PDs, 1 Def. TD In a loaded cornerback class, Lester McCorn of the University of Miami was taken #2 overall and the second cornerback off the board, behind J.J. Hendrix of Texas and ahead of Casey Archer and Jax Byrd. Wisconsin had plans of fast-forwarding their rise up the standings and McCorn was going to play a significant part in this turnaround manning one of the four starting positions in the secondary. "I had a feeling after my conversations with several GMs during my senior year of college, that I was definitely not going to go to New Orleans [who held the #1 pick]. Then I got contacted by the Brigade and I felt like this was going to be where I end up going. Turns out it was where I was going to start out my EFL career at. I grew up in Detroit so the cold weather was a nice change of pace compared to the four years of sun and humid down in Miami." In draft classes, it's normal for people to compare themselves to fellow peers. When those peers are playing different positions, it's kind of hard to compare an apple to an orange and decide which one's better. With the four marquee cornerbacks in the S14 Draft Class - it has been interesting to see and compare how these four players have developed their game and what areas they are focusing on. "Been here putting in work since Day 1 and I think my game has slowly but surely gotten better. I've put in a lot of work on my speed because there are some fast MF'ers out here. I've been meaning to work on other areas of my game, but getting my speed up to an elite level takes a lot of time and work so I haven't been able to multi-task / multi-train as much as I was hoping for. But I'm confident that my speed will be at an optimal level so I can diversify my training. Hopefully start on that right away this upcoming offseason." Despite the intensive training that the young cornerback has gone through - the aforementioned four rookie cornerbacks haven't made as much noise this season in the EFL as they did in the NCAA last season. McCorn had a slow start to the season and his lone highlight was an 26-yard pick-6 interception against quarterback Harlon Connecticut of Miami Neptune back in Week 3. McCorn hasn't had much luck with passes since then. "I try to read the quarterback so that I can try to step in or cut some passes. Again, like I said - it's hard to fool EFL quarterbacks especially when they are so good and all of them are playing at a really high level. There's a reason why only one player in the EFL has more than 4 interceptions. It's tough living out here in the EFL and the best we can do really, is to minimize the damage caused by wide receivers. Cutting down their yards after catch, that's the big thing. Surprisingly enough, I recently found out that I haven't missed one tackle this season. That's a nice bragging point and I also think it says a lot about me - I do my job and when I don't stop the catch itself, I stop the receiver before he can get too far away. That's all I am focused on right now. If everybody else does their job, then the team win games." McCorn and the rest of his Wisconsin Brigade team have a lot of work to do if they're to stand a chance of making the playoffs. They are currently two games behind the Miami Neptune and with two games remaining (@ Memphis, @ Seattle) -- this is going to be an improbable, uphill climb but the Brigade aren't out of it yet. Can they do it? Only one way to find out.
  2. Mr. Cornholio - Rookie WR - Memphis Mambas Overall: 84 -- 90 Speed, 81 Hands, 71 Agility, 63 Strength Stats (through 12 Games): 79 Receptions for 987 Yards (12.5 YPC) & 10 TDs It's been a decent rookie season for Mr. Cornholio, the #4 Overall Pick from the S14 EFL Draft. He's amongst the top-three candidates for the S14 Offensive Rookie of the Year award based on his production through the team's first 11 games of the season. It appears as if Mr. Cornholio will be able to accomplish 1,000 yards as a rookie - an impressive feat. If he is able to bolster his yards production with double-digit touchdowns, it would be very hard to look past Cornholio for the ORotY award. "Man, it's been crazy. Draft Day, I was a little bummed I wasn't #1 Overall. Didn't go first off the board amongst my wide receiver brothers. That added insult to injury. But at the same time, I'm glad everything worked out how they did. We're riding strong, I'm playing great and my production has been awesome." Memphis Mambas have won 9 of their first 12 games and is currently in first place with a two-game lead over Miami Neptune. Memphis' recent win over Miami in Week 12 was huge in terms of home field advantage. With just two games remaining, Memphis will need to win at least one game to secure a share of the regular season conference title and every hands will be expected on deck for the final stretch run. Cornholio is looking forward to the challenge while making the most out of his rookie season. "It'll be a tough one. But I think I really broke out in today's game against Miami. Three touchdowns, that's something that I have never accomplished in my football career. And to finally do it in the pros, in my rookie season - that's a big deal. I think we have what it takes to go the distance in the EFL, but I'm trying my best to stay grounded. Look too far ahead and you end up getting bitten. I try to keep everything in perspective and just do my job like what my coach says." With the playoffs coming up on the horizon and the recent victory over Miami, Memphis seems like the early betting favorite to represent the Eastern Conference for the S14 EFL Championship. They'll have a tough opponent coming out of the Western Conference in either Los Angeles Reign or Seattle Predators. The Mambas split the two-game season series with both teams with the road team winning all four games. "Los Angeles and Seattle both got us early in the season on our home field. We played them both on the road later on and we won. So I'd have to say advantage, Memphis. But we have to get out of the Eastern Conference first. I won a NCAA Title during my freshman season in college, it would be awesome if I could do that again in the EFL. But God forbids that ends up being my lone championship!"
  3. Big win for Memphis, terrible loss for Wisconsin Cornholio's first 3-TD game, nice. That should improve my odds in the ORotY race
  4. McCorn/Cornholio EFL Update #4 It is safe to say that Lester McCorn has been nothing but unspectacular in his rookie year in the EFL. McCorn had to work his way into the Wisconsin Brigade's starting defensive unit at the beginning of the year - but it is safe to say that McCorn has cemented his status as a Top-2 cornerback on the team. Then again, typically rookie cornerbacks face a challenging learning curve as they assimilate from the NCAA QBs to the EFL. The unquestioned #1 cornerback out of the S14 Draft, Casey Archer has only recorded two interceptions and nine pass deflections. Another rookie CB Jax Byrd has 2 and 8 respectively. J.J. Hendrix has only been able to deflect 6 passes. McCorn is the only rookie to record a pick-six, let alone a defensive touchdown. McCorn's tackling numbers are also low (46 thru. 11 games) -- however, McCorn is continuing to put in the work to improve his coverage game. Mr. Cornholio, on the other hand, has had a very productive debut season. Cornholio is currently the rookie leader in receptions (by at least 20) as well as yards (by 60+). What he trails in is touchdowns, as Los Angeles Reign rookie Duke Starscream has hauled in a whopping 14 TD passes (twice as many as Cornholio). The EFL Offensive Rookie of the Year race is coming down to Cornholio and Starscream with Seattle Predators' Boaty McBoatface a distant third in the race. You could make a strong case for either candidates - Cornholio will need to make up some ground in the touchdowns department if he's to better bolster his case for ORotY.
  5. Week 12 Mambas Wolfpack Reign Brigade Week 13 Mambas Reign Wolfpack Neptune Week 14 Brigade Reign Herd Neptune 
  6. gotw - miami vs memphis, yes?
  7. gotta finish out the season strong
  8. Big win for Memphis, way to go team! Holy shit Isaac got intercepted three times on passes intended for Cornholio SMH can’t let that happen tough loss for Wisconsin
  9. EFL Week 9 Boris Bonecrusher Total Tackles: 9 NCAA Week 10 Miami vs USC Total Return Yards: 100 EFL Week 10 Predators Time of Possession: 28:28 NCAA Week 11 Lionel Bands Total Points: 6 Week 11 Total XPs Made for all of EFL and NCAA: 47
  10. A must-win game for Memphis today.
  11. McCorn/Cornholio EFL Update #3 Lester McCorn has only put together 31 tackles to go along with a single pass deflection and an interception (which McCorn returned for a TD). Not exactly awe-inspiring. McCorn has been slowly but surely working his way up the depth chart and seems to have finally surpassed Baker Zuberi on the Wisconsin Brigade secondary depth chart, slotting himself in nicely behind Champagne Harlotte. McCorn has identified certain areas of his game to work on, which should eventually correlate to an improvement in his production on the field. Who said being an successful DB in the EFL was easy? Mr. Cornholio has started to pick up his production lately - namely in the touchdowns department. After only putting together three through the first six games, Cornholio has doubled his TD output in the last two games to bring his rookie TD total up to 6. Cornholio seems to be on pace for a 1,000+ receiving yard season and potentially a double-digit TD season. That's a nice start for Cornholio. If he can keep up this production (or further improve upon this), he could very well be on pace for an outstanding EFL career. It also helps that Cornholio finds himself in a very pass-friendly Memphis offense despite being the #3 WR/TE [compared to fellow rookie WR T.J. Hendrix who has been relatively anonymous down in San Antonio]. I guess the dominos fell the right way for Cornholio - can he climb up the depth chart and overtake veteran Sunshine Titan and/or DeAnderson Sabathia Jr. as the head honcho in the Mambas receiving corps?
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