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  1. Corn with another 100-yard game but wtf was that shit McCorn got his second pick-6 of the year nice but the 21-3 run by Alabama after that pick6 wasn’t cool
  2. An interesting turn of events on the first night unless there are any specific information that singles a person out, I’m pretty content with letting another day play out
  3. Big game for 2nd place in the East
  4. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/38884-sbas-most-athletic players-vol-3/ +6 SBA
  5. time to randomly vote people off 'cause YOLO
  6. Seattle Los angeles memphis new york
  7. Corn on fire this season, loving it miami up and down, not loving it
  8. Already claimed SBA -- here's my VHL https://vhlforum.com/topic/64134-wolf-stansson-jr-declares-for-vhlm/
  9. Let’s hope for another member of the 1-L club today
  10. I just joined the VHL tho? For like the first time.
  11. https://vhlforum.com/topic/64130-s68-d-wolf-stansson-jr-tpe-30/ +5 VHL
  12. Corn continuing his hot hand nice just when I think McCorn's shit this season, he comes back with a game like this
  13. McCorn/Cornholio NCAA Update #11 Miami Hurricanes' Lester McCorn, once a highly heralded cornerback who reached his peak during his sophomore season when he was named the S11 NCAA Defensive Back of the Year as well as the Defensive Player of the Year. Ever since then, he's been relatively quiet... especially during his uncapping senior season when many expected him to retake the crown as the best defensive back in the nation. Through the first half of this season (S13), the Hurricanes' pass defense is the 5th best in the country (to go along with the #1 ranked rushing defense and #3 total defense in terms of yards allowed). What is more alarming is the fact that McCorn has only recorded three interceptions and six pass deflections... a far cry from his ballhawking ways of old. There's been speculations that McCorn has appeared to be under the influence of something during gamedays as his overall body language and demeanor has been troubling for the Miami football coaches. This could have serious implications on his draft stock... more to come on this as details are unveiled. It wasn't too long ago that McCorn appeared to be the better draft prospect compared to Cornholio -- how the tides have turned. As McCorn has gone down, Cornholio's has skyrocketed this season. In 5 out of 7 games this season, Cornholio has topped 100 receiving yards (6 if you're talking 99 yards, and 7 if you're talking 91 yards) and this wide receiver/tight end hybrid is averaging a touchdown per game. If he keeps up at this pace, Cornholio could pose a legitimate threat to more receiving yards (not just career, but single-season records as well). EFL Draft Scouts aren't sure what is behind Cornholio's immediate improvements (better offensive scheme, a quarterback who actually likes Cornholio, or just Cornholio's general improved all-around build), but they are liking what they see right now. With four games coming up on the schedule against teams with .500 or worse records, this could be feast time for Cornholio.
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