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  1. Meh individual games but can’t complain about the team results too much
  2. Another appearance from our beloved C9K? hope for UofM to get back on the right track today
  3. oh grow up, i don't like this week
  4. Tough games on the road... but no GOTW? I hope thats good news..
  5. Solid win for Canes wtf was that game for Michigan? I’m glad it wasn’t presented
  6. Hoping to continue our winning ways today
  7. Wow both U of M teams just keep on winning despite the odds
  8. Wolverines, let’s get it done today!
  9. Nice win for Mich, ugh for Miami
  10. Should be a solid week for both of my players... I hope. They’ve been relatively quiet this year
  11. Well we just keep on winning...
  12. One yard line and we don’t give the ball to Ricky? Lol Gavin, keep on feeding the ball to Corn, Kabore got nothing on me
  13. O shit I got a bad feeling about today... lets see what happens. Any chance the index will be updated soon?
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