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  1. Now, how do I use photoshop again. My GFX folder is very dusty.
  2. Thanks for the update. Nice to get an idea of how the teams are looking, when you've been away for a while.
  3. I love free agency bullies. You go get what you deserve.
  4. Nice work. So creation is now via this new gizmo?
  5. Pity there's not more activity in here from sig makers. Unless it's all discord based these days.
  6. Some good picks in there.
  7. Good to see you guys fulfilling the sig requests. Keep up the good work.
  8. UZI®

    F*** Text

    I never bothered to try and improve text but I definitely should have. The work you put into the canvas is more important but having to slap a name on it can ruin it LOL. It probably isn't that difficult but I'm all about the pretty bits!
  9. UZI®

    F*** Text

    You know I meant the title right?
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