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  1. SBA Media Spot +6 Sim Participation 1, 2 +2 Earned TPE: 8 Banked: 0 Total TPE: 91 54 >>> 58 -8
  2. DB25

    S10 NCAA WEEK 2

    Hoping for a Bama win this week!
  3. First EFL sim of any kind for me. Looking forward to this! Roll Tide!
  4. Spring Training +9 Summer Workout +7 SBA Media Spot +6 Strength 46 >>> 50 -4 Hands 50 >>> 55 -10 Speed 50 >>> 54 -8 Earned TPE: 22 Banked: 0 Total TPE: 83
  5. 35-50: 1 Point 51-60: 2 Points 61-70: 3 Points 71-80: 5 Points 81-85: 8 Points 86-90: 12 Points 91-95: 18 Points 96-99: 24 Points Player Information Name: D.W. DeWombat Position: RB Archetype: Scat Back Height: 6'0" Weight: 201 Number: 25 High School & Hometown: Eastern Kentucky Recruited By: technically emidas post on SBA Creation TPE: 30 Banked: 0 Speed 35 >>> 45 -10 Hands 35 >>> 45 -10 Agility 35 >>> 40 - 5 Intelligence 35 >>> 40 -5 Player Attributes Strength: 35 (MAX: 80) Agility: 35 (MAX: 90) Arm: 35 Intelligence: 35 Accuracy: 35 Tackling: 35 Speed: 35 Hands: 35 Run Blocking: 35 Pass Blocking: 35 Kick Distance: 35 Kick Accuracy: 35 Endurance: 100 ...CARRYING OVER TPE THAT WAS ON CREATION THREAD FOR LAST FEW WEEKS... SBA recruitment +5 Article +6 Earned TPE: 11 Banked: 0 Total TPE: 41 Speed 45 >>> 50 -5 Hands 45 >>> 46 -1 Strength 35 >>> 40 -5 Next Week SBA Media Spot +6 Agility 40 >>> 46 -6 Earned TPE: 6 Banked: 0 Total TPE: 47 Week After That SBA Media Spot +6 High School Career Review +8 Agility 46 >>> 50 -4 Hands 46 >>> 50 -4 Strength 40 >>> 46 -6 Earned TPE: 14 Banked: 0 Total TPE: 61
  6. Player Name: D.W. DeWombat Team: Alabama Workout Name: 6 TPE + 1 TPE Cost of Workout: $3,000,000 Cash you Have: $3,000,000 Cash Left: $0
  7. Name: D.W. DeWombat Position: RB Height: 6'0" Weight: 201 Number: 25 Freshman Year DeWombat blew onto the scene as a freshman. Making an impact early on in the season with a 4 TD game. He ran in one TD and caught three. On the wings of stud Quarterback Gonna Getjured it looked like the makings of a dynasty. Unfortunately, the next week, Getjured would have both of his arms broken in a freak go-kart accident that left him unable to play football ever again. DeWombat would take over as a rusher, averaging nearly 30 carries a game for the rest of the season, he led his team to a high school state championship and a new football stadium was built with a swimming pool, mini jumbotron, and a petting zoo all incorporated into the budget. Sophomore Year Riding high on a season no one expected, DeWombat would improve statistically, but his team failed to win a championship again. He injured his ankle in the 3rd quarter of the championship game and would spend much of the offseason recovering from the injury. Junior Year With a surgically repaired ankle, DeWombat started the season off slow and then managed to break his own personal rushing yard records each of the last three regular season games. He was churning up yards and leaving defenders looking weak. D.W. looked to be in the best run of his young career and was pushed his team to yet another state title game, but they came up short. The fans, at this point known as the “Wombat’s Wall”, began to wonder if D.W. would ever be able to return them to the promised land. Senior Year In a year marked by many as the revenge season, DeWombat set state records for rushing yards, attempts, TDs, and YPC. He was a man possessed. Spending more time in the gym, more time doing agility drills, more time lifting weights, he cleaned his diet up and leaned out from 226lbs to just over 200lbs. DeWombat was able to run quicker and began getting some preliminary attention from the local colleges but he had his mind set on finding a home with one of the NCAA’s perennial powerhouses. In the state title game, he was able to finish his career with a W and brought home the trophy. DeWombat etched his name into the Kentucky state history books and he is now eager to make his mark on the NCAA.
  8. The young running back from the mountains of eastern Kentucky is ready to take his football journey to the next step. Touted as one of the best players to come out of the traditionally basketball focused region, he has overcome a lot to create buzz for himself. He hopes to prove that he is a force to be reckoned with and is excited to begin the recruitment process for his NCAA career. “Da Wombat” signs lined up the streets as he brought home his second state championship to his hometown. He showed himself to be a two-way threat as both a strong runner and an adept receiving back in high school and believes he can contribute to a NCAA team in much the same way. “I’m ready to take the league by storm. I have been working toward this my whole life and now that it is time to finally start the process I’m just really excited. I haven’t slept in days just from the excitement.” D.W. is a player that brings a level of toughness to his play. He loves those knock out back and forth games. He spent a large portion of his career hanging out with the defensive players because he felt that they brought more “edge” to the game. Similar to the friendly rivalry of D.B. DeBratt and Prince Tayshawn, D.W. DeWombat has a frequent friend and foe in ( @KG21 ) D’Quez Farquadd. For the last four years. Football in the bluegrass state has been dominated by these two players. Farquaad is a defensive back that any coach would love to have and any WR would hate to be up against. He blankets receivers but found a worthy counterpart in DeWombat. The two have split the state championships since their freshman season. The first year DeWombat was able to sneak a 2-point conversion in for his kicker-less team and earn a 32-31 win against his rival. Then the next two seasons, Farquaad stepped up in a big way. Despite multiple 150+ rushing yard games from D.W., Farquaad brought home the state title with 4 INTs across both state championship games (three of which were pick 6s). Their senior season, D.W. made the play that defined his highlight reel taking a massive hit from Farquaad on a 3rd and goal screen, losing his helmet in the process, and managing to stay on his feet long enough to stumble into the end zone and seal the deal as time expired. When asked about the incredible run of state title games they’ve had D.W. w-: quick to mention that it was a joy to play against each other. “He hits so damn hard. Like a freight train. I love it. There’s been games I’ve barely even gotten my jersey dirty before. Then you play against D’Quez and you wake up the next day barely able to leave the bed. That’s the kind of player I wanna go against. I’ve always been more of a speed back, than power, but you can bet that whenever I know a game against him is coming up I’ve got some extra strength training built into my workouts. Hell, after the state title game my sophomore season, I had two bruised ribs and a broken nose from hits from him. I think he had like 15 tackles that game. He was everywhere. It seemed like he was almost places he shouldn’t have been. And that’s his magic. He is almost always thinking steps ahead of his match up.”
  9. SBA recruitment +5 Article +6 Earned TPE: 11 Banked: 0 Total TPE: 41 Speed 45 >>> 50 -5 Hands 45 >>> 46 -1 Strength 35 >>> 40 -5 Next Week SBA Media Spot +6 Agility 40 >>> 46 -6 Earned TPE: 6 Banked: 0 Total TPE: 47 Week After That SBA Media Spot +6 High School Career Review +8 Agility 46 >>> 50 -4 Hands 46 >>> 50 -4 Strength 40 >>> 46 -6 Earned TPE: 14 Banked: 0 Total TPE: 61
  10. DB25

    Welcome DB25

    We gonna bring the rest of the guys over if we can! lol. Haha nah. I've wanted to join this for awhile and with the promotion it seemed like the best time. He and I are best friends and I finally convinced @KG21
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