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  1. Oshiomogho Readies for Year 2 As we know, the rookie season for the former Fighting Irish, now Memphis Mambas, safety has come and gone. Now, as we advance further into the offseason, it becomes time to start looking ahead to the next one. With a year of experience under his belt, Lamarcus Oshiomogho is no longer one of the new guys on the block. He’s had his chance to acclimate to the higher level of play, a chance to mesh with his new(er) teammates, and he gets to welcome a whole new group of teammates to the club. Memphis has a rough going last year, despite winning two of their last three to make it back to an even 7-7. Still, adding in a new star receiver with the fourth overall pick and a linebacker in the second round, they hope to make some big strides for their new season. Of course, so does Oshiomogho, and after recording just two interceptions his rookie season, the one-time NCAA ballhawk has been seen putting quite a big of work in trying to improve his hands and his ability to jump routes to get in position to make the pick. Will it pay off? Well, I suppose we’ll see soon enough.
  2. Back-to-back seasons of one of my players winning this....maybe I should make a filler or something now, any AD's interested?
  3. Aww yeah, those sweet sweet extra point points.
  4. Pfft, Greg the Leg isn't even in this game.
  5. Oshiomogho Rookie Season in the Books After leading the NCAA in interceptions his junior year, (former) Notre Dame safety Lamarcus Oshiomogho was certainly one of the prospects to look out for in the Season 13 EFL draft. Or at least some might have thought. It seems some GMs were concerned by the early declaration, and as a result Oshiomogho would last until the second half of the second round of the draft before hearing his name be called. Still, winding up in a position to make an impact from day one, a good chance for a guy with a chip on his shoulder to come in looking for a chance to prove himself, no? It seemed that way in a beginning, as the interception-machine from a year ago kicked his EFL career off with a bang, recording one of four Memphis interceptions off of L.A. quarterback John Smith in the preseason. Once the regular season kicked off, however, it would take a bit longer for Oshiomogho to make himself known. The first “real” interception wouldn’t occur until week 9, albeit one he took 27 yards for a touchdown, recording just one other interception on the year in week fourteen. All in all, certainly a learning experience for the young safety, as he looks to improve for the years to come.
  6. 56.0 average on 4 punts? Aw yeah.
  7. Doubled my interception count, noice.
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