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  1. 2 missed extra points in the same game? Yeah, that's cool.
  2. Now a pick in the debut that counts would be cool too.
  3. Player Name: Johnny Greg Team: Texas Workout Name: 6 TPE + 1 TPE Cost of Workout: $3,000,000 (2,500,000 + 500,000) Cash you Have: $3,000,000 Cash Left: $0
  4. EFL Predictions Champion: Memphis East Finalist: Memphis West Finalist: Los Angeles MVP: Logan Crawford Offensive Player of the Year: Logan Crawford Defensive Player of the Year: Isaac Martin GMotY: Jetsqb101 QBotY: Logan Crawford RBotY: Reginald Sharkstrong FBotY: A.A. Goat WRotY: DeAnderson Sabathia Jr. TEotY: Stephen Loth LBoftY: BigHuge McLarge CBotY: Isaac Martin SotY: Jack Smith KoftY: Adam Winesorcery Returner of the Year: Mantis Toboggan Offensive Rookie of the Year: Dewey Jackson Defensive Rookie of the Year: Clint Bobsky NCAA Predictions Champion: Texas East Finalist: Michigan West Finalist: Texas Heisman Trophy - MVP: Matt Saracen Chuck Bednarik Award - Defensive Player OTY: Lester McCorn Tim Tebow Award - Offensive Player OTY: Matt Saracen Lance Swift IV Award - Top Freshman: Devin Schwaibold Davey O'Brien Award -QB: Matt Saracen Doak Walker Award - RB: Boaty McBoatFace Biletnikoff Award - WR: Mr. Cornholio John Mackey Award - TE: Hassan Halafula Dick Butkus Award - LB: Thad Castle Jim Thorpe Award - DB: Lester McCorn Groza Guy Award - K/P: Johnny Greg Dante Pettis Award-K/P Returner: Boaty McBoatFace Wuerffel Trophy - Community Service : Sharkstrong Coach of the Year Award - AD: TacticalHammer
  5. I mean, Greg the leg's definitely going #1 when his time comes tbh.
  6. Well that game got a lot less close at the end. Looking forward for the next game.
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