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  1. jmoney

    EFL S15 Week 7

    That was a schlapping
  2. ooh actually in time for a live sim
  3. jmoney

    EFL S15 Week 6

    Saracen only averaging 9 yards per catch....
  4. Why is Texas always so strong?
  5. Been a minute since I've been able to post, but good to see the Wolfpack still strong
  6. my bad gents, out of town for work.
  7. jmoney

    S15 Predictions

    Just gonna be that kind of a year in the NCAA.
  8. jmoney

    S15 Predictions

    EFL Predictions Champion: Seattle East Finalist: (New York, Miami, Memphis, Wisconsin): Memphis West Finalist: (Los Angeles, Seattle, San Antonio, New Orleans): Seattle MVP: Martin Isaac Offensive Player of the Year: Martin Isaac Defensive Player of the Year: A’Brick Wall GMotY: MMFlex QBotY: Martin Isaac RBotY: David Moriarty FBotY: Thormund Jakobson WRotY: Patrick Kelley TEotY: Suspicious Dave LBoftY: A’Brick Wall CBotY: Chocolate Thunder SotY: Hyphen Boxcar-Jones KoftY: Amina Gunner Returner of the Year: Sabathia Offensive Rookie of the Year: Asahel Defensive Rookie of the Year: Noah Jacobs NCAA Predictions Champion: Texas East Finalist: (LSU, MIA, MICH, ALA) Miami West Finalist: (USC, ORE, ND, TEX) Texas Heisman Trophy - MVP Vince Carswell Chuck Bednarik Award - Defensive Player OTY Hiroki Renomitsu Tim Tebow Award - Offensive Player OTY Vince Carswell Lance Swift IV Award - Top Freshman Ito Bush Davey O'Brien Award -QB Vince Carswell Doak Walker Award - RB Jimmy Numbers Biletnikoff Award - WR Harry King Jr John Mackey Award - TE Wayne Howerynough Dick Butkus Award - LB Amina Gunner Jim Thorpe Award - DB Hiroki Renomitsu Groza Guy Award - K/P Cody Smith Dante Pettis Award-K/P Returner: Harry King Jr Wuerffel Trophy - Community Service Tactical Coach of the Year Award - AD AW13
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