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  1. We lose in the batlle of the 4-9s.
  2. Thanks man. All props to @KGR!
  3. Another Wolfpack victory!
  4. Rough one but 5 pancakes for Big Saracen!
  5. Let's get another Wolfpack!!
  6. Saracen with a 2 TD game!!
  7. Texas comeback bid gotta start now
  8. Saracen not playing to his potential yet
  9. We win!! First EFL win for my guys ever.
  10. Wisconsin, San Antonio
  11. EFL Week 6 Seatle vs Los Angeles Total Rushing Yards: 167 NCAA Week 6 Jimmy Numbers Total All Purpose Yards (Rushing, Receiving, and Returning): 210 EFL Week 7 Dewey Jackson Receiving Yards: 96  NCAA Week 7 USC vs Oregon Total Combined Offensive Yards: 617 Week 8 Total Sacks for All EFL and NCAA Games: 26
  12. Week 6 Alabama v LSU Miami v Michigan Texas v Notre Dame USC v Oregon Week 7 Texas v USC Notre Dame v Miami LSU v Michigan Alabama v Oregon Week 8 USC v Alabama LSU v Miami Michigan v Notre Dame Oregon v Texas 
  13. Week 6 Predators @ Reign Wolfpack @ Kraken Neptune @ Herd Mambas @ Brigade Week 7 Neptune @ Wolfpack Predators @ Kraken Mambas @ Herd Reign @ Brigade Week 8 Mambas @ Predators Reign @ Wolfpack Kraken @ Herd Brigade @ Neptune
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