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  1. Easily Saracen's worst outing yet... Entire team really. Let's get back on track!
  2. Week 11 Kraken @ Predators Wolfpack @ Mambas Reign @ Brigade Neptune @ Herd Week 12 Predators @ Mambas Brigade @ Kraken Herd @ Wolfpack Neptune @ Reign Week 13 Brigade @ Predators Mambas @ Herd Kraken @ Neptune Wolfpack @ Reign
  3. Wow, what a game. Getting my hopes up....
  4. jmoney

    Perfect Texans

    Don't look now but only one perfect team remains in the NCAA! Texas is now 8-0 and despite some close calls, they have yet to be defeated this season. What an achievement for a team that missed the playoffs altogether last season. A big part of the team's success can be attributed to the senior level talent they have at various positions. The team is supported by 7 graduating players on both offense and defense! Let's look a little more closely at some of these EFL hopefuls that have helped push this team to this level. Offense QB - Matt Saracen (311 TPE) - Saracen is having a good, though not spectacular season. He currently holds the lead for QBR this season four points higher than Max Byrd of Michigan. Saracen isn't relied upon to throw the ball as much as Byrd which easily reflects in their side to side numbers. He currently has 14 TDs to 6 INTs. Texas has a fairly balanced attack but should he need to air the ball out more, his accuracy of 61% should prove beneficial. WR - TJ Hendrix (326 TPE) - The leading TPE earner for the Longhorns, Hendrix really started to become a name last season. He's followed that up with some good numbers this year. He's currently 2nd in yards receiving with 822 and has the longest catch of the year at 79 yards. He's also added 257 kick return yards and 68 punt return yards to help Texas' special teams. WR - Khobe Karter (237 TPE) - Though somewhat in Hendrix's shadow, Karter just transferred to Texas and already has a certain connection with Saracen. At times when the offense isn't clicking, he's the target that Saracen has gone to to right the ship. 528 yards and 5 TDs to his name at this moment in time. K - Johnny Greg (274 TPE) - Many of these players so far are just behind a Wolverine player of similar position in TPE earnings, and stats; Greg is much of the same. The 2nd best kicker in this draft behind a girl no less in Diana Gunner, Greg has put together a nice little season that should help him reach the EFL. He's only had to try for 6 FGs so far so his 66% accuracy should be taken with a grain of salt. His XP attempts though are very nice. 32/34 on XP kicks is no easy feat but Greg is automatic with the 1 pointers. Defense LB - Jackson Gser (241 TPE) - Only two eligible LBs in this year's class and of course both play for Texas. Gser is more of an all-around LB able to do multiple things. It reflects in his stats where he has 57 tackles, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery, 1 sack, 1 interception, and 1 pass deflection LB - Ekong Okafor (251 TPE) - Okafor is more of a pass rusher, taking advantage of his size and speed to get to the QB. He currently has 3 sacks on the year to accompany his 59 tackles. His favorite move is to just bull-rush his way into the backfield. Some refinement may be needed there. CB - Luke Cafferty (295 TPE) - Cafferty has a nice variation of speed and athleticism that should see him succeed at the next level next year. He currently has 4 INTs on the year starting off very hot with 3 INTs in 3 games played. He's since tinkered off there, but mostly because opposing QBs don't seem to want to challenge him by attempting to throw to players being covered by Luke. Not being talked about should generally be a good thing for a CB.
  5. I was writing an article on our 8-0 record. Guess I gotta change some things now!
  6. Let's go! Great team win. Saracen actually decided to show up today too
  7. Keep it perfect Longhorns!! Hook Em!
  8. Week 5 Mambas @ Predators Wolfpack @ Herd Kraken @ Brigade Reign @ Neptune Week 6 Predators @ Brigade Herd @ Mambas Neptune @ Kraken Reign @ Wolfpack Week 7 Predators @ Herd Brigade @ Neptune Mambas @ Reign Wolfpack @ Kraken
  10. No interceptions thrown! Lol
  11. Let's stay perfect!!
  12. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/38471-jashaun-atkins-offseason/
  13. 1. My entire Texas experience has been awesome. We've always had a stellar defense and I know if I can deliver my part this season, we'll go far. 2. I wish we could go more in depth and have the ability to make more unique players. That's obviously the sim but I think that might draw more interest. 3. Real close. Texas hands down might have the best locker room in the NCAA. 4. You'd think it'd be the QB, flashy stats and all, but really it's Cafferty. I played CB back in my days too so have a love for that position.
  14. EFL Week 2 Total Sacks in San Antonio vs. Miami Game 5 NCAA Week 3 Total Rushing Yards for Starscream 132 NCAA Week 3 Total Points 217 EFL Week 4 Total Yard from Scrimmage for R. Sharkstrong 125 Week 4 Total Return Touchdowns from NCAA and EFL combined 1
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