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  1. Big time win for the Ducks. Turnovers costly for Texas
  2. Brand 11 Struggles, King Jr and Cannon both struggling It has been a tough year for Harry King Jr, WR of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and Tommy Cannon, Linebacker for the Miami Hurricanes, with both of their teams struggling to pick up wins. As the only two players currently signed to Brand 11, it could signify dangers ahead for the agency, however both young men are downplaying their teams respective records. Cannon: It's been a tough year for Miami, but we've undergone some roster turnover recently. My own play has been pretty subpar this season so I can't place the blame on others as well. I need to be better personally, so I will be upping my training regime this off-season, as next season will be my last as a member of Miami and I want to go out with a bang. Miami fans need to stay the course as we look to improve. King Jr: It's been crazy, going from a National Championship to now struggling to pick up any wins. It's all part of the process and it's a good reminder that football is volatile and teams can jump up and down the standings season to season. We're rebuilding now, but I'm confident the Fighting Irish will be back on top next season. Personally speaking, I'll be ready for a giant senior year.
  3. QB: Alex Moran ($5) RB: Tachyon Luminosity ($4) RB: Victor Von Van Mort ($4) WR: Taktischer Vorschlaghammer ($3) WR: Hugh Jassole ($4) Flex (WR/RB/TE): Asahel ($6) K: Cody Smith ($1) D/ST: USC ($1)
  4. Week 1 Neptune @ Predators Herd @ Reign Mambas @ Wolfpack Kraken @ Brigade Week 2 Reign @ Mambas Wolfpack @ Predators Brigade @ Herd Kraken @ Neptune
  5. Brand 11 Announces Tommy Cannon and Harry King Jr both to play their senior seasons. Both Tommy Cannon, linebacker for the Miami Hurricanes, and Harry King Jr, touchdown National Championship hero for the Fighting Irish, have both committed to staying tied to their respective colleges for their full four year term, as both are wishing to finish their studies, as well as potentially head to the EFL together as teammates. Cannon: "We've gotten close in these past two seasons being represented by the same management group. We love how each other plays the game, and the opportunity to stay on as seniors full term, as well as finish our respective degrees, was too good of an opportunity to pass up. This gives us a common goal and the drive needed to really compete for the next two seasons as we look towards potentially getting drafted into the elite ranks of the EFL." King Jr: "It's been a whirlwind two seasons for myself, with the switch from quarterback to WR, learning a new system and settling into a new environment, but the results we achieved in my freshman year, winning the national championship, it just made me hungry for me. I'm excited to get back into it all next year, knowing Tommy will be pushing me to achieve greatness. Our goal is to both go in the first round, better yet would be to the same team. We're just two hungry young players excited about what's to come, both here in college and hopefully in the EFL."
  6. Harry King Jr still on Cloud Nine Following Championship Win: Harry King Jr, a native of Miami, Florida, is still celebrating Notre Dame's fantastic win in the Championship Game last month. The largely un-scouted wide receiver had an up and down freshman season for the Fighting Irish: only managing to record two touchdowns for the entire season. It just so happened that the second of those TDs was the game winner in the title game, a simple two yard reception which lead Notre Dame to the promised land. "I still get goosebumps thinking about it," King Jr said after a recent training session. "To go from a guy who hardly got any scholarship offers, to be able to do that on the biggest stage of college football, I'll never forget it. It's a testament to the faith the guys have in me, from the coaching staff to the guys out on the field. I had a down season by my own standards but the team still had faith in me to deliver when the time was right. After all, the only thing I did was run my route. Shawn got me the ball right in my sweet spot -- I basically fell over into the endzone. But I'll be damned if it wasn't the best fall anybody could ever ask for."
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