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  1. Harry King Jr still on Cloud Nine Following Championship Win: Harry King Jr, a native of Miami, Florida, is still celebrating Notre Dame's fantastic win in the Championship Game last month. The largely un-scouted wide receiver had an up and down freshman season for the Fighting Irish: only managing to record two touchdowns for the entire season. It just so happened that the second of those TDs was the game winner in the title game, a simple two yard reception which lead Notre Dame to the promised land. "I still get goosebumps thinking about it," King Jr said after a recent training session. "To go from a guy who hardly got any scholarship offers, to be able to do that on the biggest stage of college football, I'll never forget it. It's a testament to the faith the guys have in me, from the coaching staff to the guys out on the field. I had a down season by my own standards but the team still had faith in me to deliver when the time was right. After all, the only thing I did was run my route. Shawn got me the ball right in my sweet spot -- I basically fell over into the endzone. But I'll be damned if it wasn't the best fall anybody could ever ask for."
  2. The disrespect to Chiek Bamba is immeasurable
  3. Great strat coach to bank all my touchdowns for the final game
  4. Looking good Irish! Keep the lead
  5. King Jr out there running around like a headless chicken, carry him boys
  6. Clutch by New York, what a result
  7. Are we officially playoff bound now?
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