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  1. In a draft jam packed with quality defensive players, Tommy Cannon looks to be chief among them all with his ability to complete defensive possessions with his aptitude for tackles. It is something that he has always felt most comfortable doing, stemming from his youth playing Rugby and tackling anything that moved. He has a passion and a love for big hits that gets the crowd excited and going, using that energy to feed his own performance out on the field. "That's something I enjoyed the most about playing at Miami -- the fans were absolutely incredible and I fed off that energy every single time I made a big hit. The atmosphere in the EFL is at the next level, which is why I'm beyond excited to hopefully get drafted by a team with an unbelievable fan base." Cannon has been noticeably quicker in his senior year, paying more attention to a leaner diet to achieve better speed off the mark to attempt to make bigger and better hits each and every time he steps out onto the field. And the results have spoken for themselves: every season in the NCAA, Cannon improved out of sight, something he hopes is highlighted in the draft process. "In my interviews I've highlighted my ability and drive to get better. I'm dedicated to improving, and I'm hoping GMs can see that if they take a chance on me, they are going to get a guy that will do everything he can to be the best defensive player in the EFL one day." Cannon has been penciled in as a potential first round pick, with some have him going as high as 5 and as low as 10. The young Australian hasn't been paying attention to mock drafts, however, as he believes it doesn't matter where he goes. "Anybody that drafts me is going to get the hardest working player in the draft. That is something that can't be disputed. It doesn't matter if you are the number one pick or the number fifty. If you have the chance to pull on a jersey of an EFL team, you have the chance to be the best player of your draft class. That is what I'm choosing to focus on moving forward."
  2. Tommy Cannon, out of Brisbane, Australia, surprised many when he deviated from the path of high school Rugby player in Australia, setting his sights on becoming an American Football player. Cannon, who was known for bone-crunching hits in Rugby, was in high demand from recruiters, and ended up becoming a member of the Miami Hurricanes as a linebacker. Cannon made 40 tackles in his first season with the Hurricanes, as Miami finished the season with a 10-4 record. The team was welcoming to Cannon, who still had a lot to learn about the intricacies of this brand new sport. "The guys in Miami were incredible during my first season. I gave away more penalties than I dare admit, but my teammates were there to tell me what I was doing wrong without scolding or getting after me. I appreciate that approach, as I was angry enough at myself for letting my teammates down. We had a great defensive group who I really learned a lot from." Miami would struggle in Cannon's Sophomore season, with a lot of talented members of the previous squad declaring for the EFL Draft. The Canes would go on to a 5-9 record, with Cannon showing great improvement in his own game. He made 76 tackles, including 5 for loss, and 5 sacks to go along with it. There were minor improvements for Miami in Cannon's third season, as the young core they had developed began to improve. A modest 7-7 record would follow a sub .500 season previously, and Miami seemed to be on the rise. Cannon continued his own development, with an additional 10 tackles on his previous campaign. Miami's biggest and best season was saved for Tommy's last. The Canes made it all the way to the National Championship game, falling just short in a game for the ages. Cannon lead the Hurricanes in tackles that game with 8, and overall for the Hurricanes with 107 (good for third in the nation). "I learned a lot during my four years with Miami, and I'm forever grateful they took a chance on an unknown kid from Australia who didn't know a single thing about football. I'm just sorry we fell short at the last hurdle during my final season."
  3. Harry King Jr, a wide receiver out of the University of Notre Dame, has high hopes of becoming a first round selection in the Season 16 EFL Draft. A National Champion in his first season with the Fighting Irish, King Jr has been the elder statesmen for a football program that has experienced unparalleled lows in the past two seasons, winning only two games in two seasons. "It was tough at times, but I loved my time at Notre Dame. We had a great group of guys and we all played our hearts out each and every night. Our record wasn't an indication of our hard work and dedication to our fans and our school. I'm just sorry we couldn't have been more competitive over my last two seasons." King Jr has spent the off-season after not making the playoffs training hard, particularly placing an emphasis on his hands. Harry dropped a number of passes during the season, after working on his athleticism for most of the season. "It's been a great training regime I've developed with my trainer so far. Working on more specific things like my ability to complete passes has been an emphasis we've had since my third year playing for Notre Dame. I'm excited for the combine to showcase just what I'm able to do." After a 0-14 season for Notre Dame, King Jr had some reservations about whether or not he'd be a well known commodity in the EFL Draft, something he addressed in a pre-combine presser. "I'm assuming not many people saw me play for Notre Dame. We had a rough season, and I get that. But I'm here to show up and prove everybody wrong. I feel like I'm the best receiver in this draft, and I'm excited to prove it to you all. It doesn't matter where I go in the draft, I'm just here to be the best player I can be. Some players might be taken before me because of my college showing for a rebuilding program, and I'll just use that for added motivation like I usually do. I'm just excited for draft night and to join my new team -- and start the next chapter in my life."
  4. Harry King Jr made the transition from QB to WR in his senior year in high school, and was lucky enough to receive a scholarship to ND. He took this scholarship knowing he would have a minor role in his first season, with the potential to move up the depth chart with hard work and determination. In his first season with the Fighting Irish, King Jr had 395 recieving yards, solid numbers but not exceptional for the freshman wide receiver. It was a great experience for the young man to be involved with a winning program -- and he would be rewarded for his hard work during the season. King Jr received a one yard pass for a touchdown in the National Championship game, securing the title for the Fighting Irish. His success in the NCAA with Notre Dame would peak in his freshman season however. Notre Dame would go on to win 9 games the next season, good for only third in the West behind Texas and Oregon. King Jr improved with a larger role, improving from 395 receiving yards as a freshman to 677 as a Sophomore. Harry's professionalism would be on display in his final two seasons with Notre Dame, however. The Fighting Irish only managed to win 2 games out of 28 over the past two seasons, something that King Jr struggled to comprehend and accept, after experiencing such success early on in his career. One of the perks of being involved with a struggling program in Notre Dame for Harry was his ability to play a larger role in the offense. His receiving yards skyrocketed in his junior year, managing to climb to 4th in the nation with 1,022 receiving yards during Notre Dame's 2-12 season. Building upon that, King Jr would improve even more as a senior, with 1,356 receiving yards as a senior, with a rookie quarterback and with a team that didn't win a single game. Harry King Jr's career in the NCAA had its early peaks and later disappointments, but for a young man who was a quarterback just 6 years ago, it showcased his professionalism and drive to be the best player he could.
  5. Tommy Cannon and Harry King Jr are projected to be potential first round selections in the Season 16 EFL Draft. The members of Brand 11 (Tommy Cannon and Harry King Jr) had nearly polar opposite seasons this year as seniors in the NCAA. King's Notre Dame had a horrendous season, not being able to win a single game. While Harry himself had a pretty solid season, ranking second in total receiving yards and fourth in touchdowns, the young Fighting Irish squad failed to fire against seasoned squads, and their record reflected that. Conversely, Tommy Cannon and the Miami Hurricanes exceeded expectations, defeating teams believed to be 'superior' on their way to an electrifying National Championship game. Cannon ranked fourth in total tackles -- not bad for a young kid from Australia who only converted to the sport a handful of years ago. Even though Miami lost in the National Championship game, the roster showed heart, determination and teamwork to achieve an exceptional season. We sat down with both young men and their experiences with the draft process so far, including teams that have reached out to them so far, and their thoughts about the rosters of the aforementioned teams. Tommy Cannon: It's been an interesting process. The disappointment from losing such an exciting National Championship game has transitioned to excitement for the draft. Knowing I can go through it having played my heart out in the last game possible in my college career has given me a lot of added confidence. I know I don't have the stats or appeal of some of the consensus top picks, but I believe I have the determination and skill set to have one hell of a career. TC (continued): Right now, I've been contacted by a few different squads, but definitely have been most interested by the Seattle Predators. They reached out really early in the process, so it makes me know they have done their due diligence and they have really seen some potential in me to grow. As I've only ever lived in Miami since moving from Australia, the idea of going to the West Coast and experiencing a different culture really intrigues me. I think I'd be a great fit on the Predators. --- Harry King JR: This was the toughest season for me, watching people I'm going to go up against in the draft sprint past me in the rankings while Notre Dame sat at the bottom of the standings. I'm hoping that my season showed my professionalism to prospective GMs -- I never dialled it in and always gave my best for the Fighting Irish. Hopefully that goes a long way in making up the difference of not getting much national exposure. HKJ (continued): Coming from a program that didn't win much in the past two seasons, the team that I'd love to join would be the Mambas. They are just coming off their first EFL Championship, and I'd love to join a winning program and learn from the best. I know I'm a bit rough around the edges, so being able to grow as a professional player without the stress of needing to produce straight away seems like a blessing in disguise. -- Both King Jr and Cannon have had wildly different paths to the EFL Draft -- one reached the heights of the title game, the other not being able to win a single contest. Interest from EFL teams has been sparing at best for the Brand 11 Athletes, but both young men remain steadfast in their belief that all it would take for their individual success is just one team to take a chance on them. We look forward to the draft and seeing the next chapter for these two promising players.
  6. Congrats Mambas! I know a few certain draftees that would love to join the champs.
  7. Dope. Retiring now
  8. Rough times for ND, hopefully they can turn it around
  9. Well ND is a lost cause, maybe Miami can make some noise
  10. Week 12 Brigade @ Mambas Reign @ Predators Krakens @ Wolfpack Herd @ Neptune Week 13 Neptune @ Predators Herd @ Reign Mambas @ Wolfpack Krakens @ Brigade Week 14 Brigade @ Predators Krakens @ Reign Wolfpack @ Herd Mambas @ Neptune
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