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  1. We beat Bama all is right with the world.
  2. SBA +6 https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/37174-alvin-hunter-declares-for-s39-draft/
  3. Week 5 USC Alabama LSU Texas Week 6 USC LSU Michigan Texas Week 7 USC Miami Michigan Alabama
  4. Noooooooo!! We lost ... to BAMA!!!!
  5. Will Austin is not as outspoken or as willing to talk or even be praised by anyone. He Played for Lanier High School and let his play do all the talking. His brother may have been the one to put up the numbers but, on defense he truly shined. A 3 star safety until his senior year people came to the game to see his brother and stay to see him. On the field something inside of Will changed. No QB could throw the ball anywhere with out having to worry about their wide out losing their head or them throwing a pick that seemed to be a great decision. Ending his senior season with 14 picks and 70 tackles people QB were scared to even look his way. He ended his senior season as a 4 star recruit. Also that season the defense was ranked the best in the state and they walked into the championship and shut out the other team that was the best passing offense. This team was know for running up the score on other teams. He caught 2 picks and took one to the house which was the first of his career. Grant May have won the MVP and got all the recognition, but his brothers play increased his rating so much It was easy to see why so many teams wanted him. Will Austin decided he wanted to continue playing football with his twin Grant. They announced at the same time they would be going to play at USC. Will has made it his mission to prove everyone wrong. He wants to show everyone what his drive and his heart has lead to and helped him achieve. His game speaks for its self. Never letting his emotion get out of hand it is a reason why he is a beast in cleats. His ability to Make plays out of know were make him that more valuable and he love to just be out there and play ball. He believes he can change a game on his own. His game is what you would show a young DB to learn from, and this season he will take the NCAA by storm.
  6. So can we call Will Austin a ballhawk.
  7. Will Austin does it again.
  8. Will Austin get a pick in his first game.
  9. Grant Austin High School Review Grant Austin played for Lanier High School and played every position on offense. He is a 4 star quarterback and a touchdown machine running throwing and catching. He and his twin brother will led their school to the state championship where Grant set the record for TDs in Mississippi's state championship with 7. Where he threw 4 ran 2 and caught 1. His versatility allows him to be a threat in more than one way. Versatility like his is rare and he is not a player to label himself because he is a football player in every since of the word. He has been quoted saying "I'd give my life to this game. I would die on a football field because of what this game gave me." Grant will be playing for USC next season and is planning to take the NCAA by storm and you just can't not root for someone like him to succeed. Growing up Grant wasn't the most skilled athlete, but he was a hard worker. His father would always tell him hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. Grant never forgot this basic lesson and lived by it one hundred percent. He father new this and this lesson inspired him. So no matter the challenge he worked hard to get where he is and no one will take that away from him. He leads by action and lets his play do all the talking. He was ecstatic when he broken lanier's record for all purpose yards. Schools called the Austin house hold many time But only 1 want them bot and won the Austin sweepstakes and that was USC. Grant won the OPOY for Mississippi and was a high school all american. He finished his career with over a 7500 passing 4000 rushing yards and 1200 receiving yards. He is a jack of all trades and makes the game of football incredible to watch. His fastest unofficial 40 time is 4.48 so and you can expect his speed to be a factor. He is also no slouch when throwing the football in preseason workouts so lookout for this young and hyper athletic athlete.
  10. Player Name: Grant Austin Workout Name: 6 + 1 TPE Cost of workout: 2,500,000 + 500,000 Cash you have: 3,000,000 Cash you have left: 0 Player Name: Will Austin Workout Name: 6 + 1 TPE Cost of Workout: 2,500,000 + 500,000 Cash you have: 3,000,000 Cash you have left: 0
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