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  1. Name: Bo Linbaugh Team: Michigan Workout/Equipment Name: 2+2=4 Equipment Gain(If applicable): Cost of Workout: 2,000,000 Cash you Have:2,000,000 Cash Left:0
  2. Asahel running everywhere... And it accomplishes nothing
  3. 8. Kicker... Yeah, I know, a lot of exciting new kickers have entered the league. Kicker of the Year might finally be an active user some time in the future. But, there isn't much excitement involved in actually being a kicker. For one, you don't have a lot of variance in builds. Also the sim can be kind of random on kicker performance. The best will not always win. Lastly, if the kicker costs the team the game, it's almost always very obvious, but if the kicker has a great game, no-one really cares. I doubt I'll ever create as a kicker... Unless a soccer/football league comes into existence. 7. Fullback: A fullback is ama running back with a speed cap. Gross. And there isn't much evidence to prove a good blocking back does anything. You could probably write up an interesting back story, and you definitely have a lot of build possibilities. But, in the end, are you getting any stats? Are you making your team any better? 6. Tight End: Basically a wide receiver who gets less targets... Yay! I'm not sure if anyone has determined if a good blocking TE is an asset? Is a top earner at the TE spot (blocking or otherwise) going to really make an impact? It might be a fun position to try. 5. Linebacker: Mainly you need speed and strength to be good... Which kinda gets old after awhile. But depending on where you are slotted you can rack up sacks, tackles, and even passes defended. I've built 2 linebackers in these leagues, and it can get old (but really most defensive positions can) 4. Safety/Cornerback These two are basically interchangeable. This position seems to need to be good in a lot of areas to be any good. Mostly, watching Maverick Arceneaux III and his less than stellar uncap season cured me of the CB bug. But, if done correctly, they can put up a ton of different stats... And if your CB gets burned, no-one really knows. Also, CBs and Safeties have the benefit of occasionally returning kicks. That adds to the fun. 3. WR: I've never been a WR. But upgrading speed + hands will get old I'm sure. And high hands receivers dropping passing will get old as well. But, being a receiver in this passing atmosphere has got to be fun. 2. RB: Upgrade speed and put up incredible numbers... It's easy, and fun. Running backs almost never have a bad game, (especially in the NCAA) and their good games are incredible. All you have to do is add some to hands, and you'll be able to flex out and add some sweet, sweet receiving yards to your portfolio. 1. QB: Starting at QB -- isn't that the dream? The QB is the most important player on the field, and being a member trusted to be behind a QB in a league like this would be an honor. Sure, there isn't much build variance. But I can't wait to see my eventual recreate dual threat QB tearing up the league.
  4. Asahel playoff bound. Now to see if ~1700 total yards and 12 total TDs beats out whatever Howlson did
  5. Asahel with a lot of receiving yards...
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