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  1. The hype train surrounding Asahel has slowed. The former #1 overall draft pick, and rookie of the Year runner up had quite the sophomore slump. He seems to have hit a plateau in his skill. Perhaps he isn't training as hard? Going into a contract year, Asahel needs to step up. It is time to prove that he was worthy of the first draft pick; that he is a legitimate superstar in this league. It won't be easy. The EFL relies on elite QBs and receivers. Asahel has trained to be a difference maker in the passing game. But, Asahel will need to almost be a generational talent to actually be used as a running back. That 1700 yard rookie season with over 1000 rushing yards? Yeah, running backs don't get that kind of production. Still, Asahel is one of the league's fastest players, and has good hands. If the GMs of the league can't figure out how to utilize him, maybe they need to find a different profession. Get the ball in his hands, and let him do something with it. Asahel has proven he knows what to do with it. PS. Im sure GMs will figure this out eventually.
  2. Disclaimer: Bias... It's hard to be impartial when looking at award voting, when you are very partial to your own play. This year, Cody Sackett is in the running for the NCAA LBoty award, and I think he's probably the best choice. But, of course I think that. With all that being said, here are the top 7 linebackers this season ranked by me. Obviously, #1 was already decided; perhaps I was able to accurate rank the other 6? #7. Steven Stiffland: 106 Tkls, 2 TFL, 2 FF 2 Sck, 2 INT, 4 PD Stiffland had a good season all around. He will definitely be a solid contributor at the next level. He won't win the LBoty award this season. Why? He didn't excel in any one area. Stiffland got a championship this season. I think he'll be fine. #6. Malik Jang: 109 Tkls, 1 TFL, 3 FF, 2 PD Jang is definitely not one of the most talented LBs in the NCAA. But somehow, he accumulated a massive amount of tackles. Besides that, he is a master at poking the ball away from the ball carrier. Alas, the 4th or 5th place LB season is probably his peak. Ignoring these stats, Jang isn't really someone who should be on an NCAA roster next season. #5. Rayz Funk: 105 Tkls, 9 TFL, 1FF, 2 Sck, 7 PD Funk was probably the most talented linebacker on the field this season. It showed. Wide receivers, and RBs alike learned to fear his presence. He alternated driving RBs back beyond the line of scrimmage, and swatting passing intended for lanky wideouts. He won't be the LBoty this season, but don't be surprised when he earns the award the in the EFL. #4. Honey Bear Lanier: 117 Tkls, 5 TFL, 3 Sck, 1PD Lanier was a bright spot for this woeful Fighting Irish squad. He lead all linebackers in tackles, and contributed in the pass rush as well. Next season, he'll be even better. Let the league beware. #3. Justin Luck: 113 Tkls, 7 TFL, 2FF, 2 Sck, 1 Int, 1 PD These stat lines ranked #3 and #4, the Fighting Irish duo of Luck and Lanier, speak to the incredible depth at LB this season. They were both so good, and only improving; both would be the LBoty almost any other year. But this year, they are ranked #3 and #4. #2. El Fuego: 112 Tkls, 10 TFL, 2 FF, 3 Sck, 3 PD Running backs be advised: When playing the Wolverines avoid running to Fuego's side of the field. He was the best LB in the league when it came to making RBs go backwards. Fuego did it all, and had an exceptional season. But, was it the best LB season in the NCAA? #1. Cody Sackett: 115 Tkls, 8 TFL, 1FF, 6 Sck, 1 Int, 5 PD With 14 total tackles behind the line of scrimmage, Sackett lived in the opposing backfield. He was especially adept at running down QBs. Yet he still was the 3rd best in the league at making tackles past the line of scrimmage. He was no slouch in coverage either. Call me biased, but the all around stats Sackett put up aren't just the stats of the best LBoty candidate, but a DPoty candidate as well.
  3. Need LB help? Easy.... Be patient, draft Sackett in the next draft. Profit.
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    Kinda quick, and uh, very much my unique style
  5. Cameras flash. Cody Sackett walks up to a white table crowned with a single microphone. Behind him, a backdrop decorated with the EFL logo hung on the wall. Sackett sat down, adjusted the microphone, and looked up at the many cameras. "Wow, there are a bunch of y'all reporters out here. Y'all are making me feel important. Anyways let's get to the point. It's been three very good years at LSU. I couldn't be happier with my decision to sign here. Sure, osing the title game this year to Texas stung. If only I had made one more big play. But, I'm am glad we were able to claim 1 championship during my time here. And of course, my time here is not yet complete. I will be returing for my senior year as a Tiger. I am pleased to announce that I intend to declare for the EFL draft following my senior season. Any questions?" "Yes, Mike Blueberg, Baton Rougue News, what are your expections going into the draft?" "Look, I'm the best defensive player in the league. My agent sees no reason I shouldn't be the first defensive player off the board. No-one is going to out run me, out lift me, or out hit me." I think the numbers I'm going to put up at the combine will only push my already high draft stock up." Blueberg spoke up again, "What are you expecting from the Tigers in your final season in the league.?" "Well, I'm going to keep doing my thing, making opposing running backs think twice before they take the handoff. Seriously though, it will be hard to replace Schwai, Quick, and Drop. We have the Obama's and you know they're going to do great things. A whole lot will depend on what the freshman QB Johnson does, and who the coaches find to run the ball every now and then. Our defense will be no joke either way." Cody Sackett jokingly grabbed the microphone and pretended to drop it. Then he set the mic down, stood up, and walked out of the room. "Ciao."
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    Incredible @Nykonax I absolutely love it
  7. I'll put Asahel/Sacket vs anybody. Sacket has to uncap first tho
  8. Also, I got Jcole for the rest of the game. Jailor can carry us to the win.
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