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  1. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/37718-villanova-player-comparisons/
  2. Arceneaux (Maybe Arcaneaux) thrived as a high school athlete because of his sneaky athleticism and unheard of intelligence and anticipation. As a student, his intelligence translated to a top 1% of his class finish. In college, you would expect that to maybe transfer? Maybe? So, why did Coach Turner receive a letter from the Dean of Students warning that Arceneaux would be ineligible for play the remainder of the season if he didn't receive an A on his next History Examination? Arceneaux hasn't just been slacking on the practice field. He's been slacking in the classroom. It wasn't that he couldn't learn the material; he had a knack for absorbing the lectures and easily being able to score high on quizzes and tests. He just didn't do assignments, didn't read the required reading, and didn't show up to class any more than was required to not be removed from the class. To make sure Arceneaux didn't do poorly on this all imports exam, Coach Turner hired a tutor to repeat the lectures Arceneaux would have missed. Of course, it was a tricky proposition. College professors dont always go off the book. The hope was that it would be enough. Most surprisingly, Arceneaux spent some of his free time studying. The desire to make the EFL had grown stronger.
  3. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/37588-outlook-for-the-ncaas-not-elite-8/
  4. Arceneaux one day had the obvious realization... He would never make the EFL at this rate. Not practicing really takes a toll on your body. Arceneaux probably couldn't run a mile right now if he tried. All the best WRs he has to defend on a weekly basis would get 80-90 speed ratings if they were inserted into the latest Madden EFL game. Arceneaux? Not even a 70. Somehow he gets interceptions. Overconfident QBs making mistakes hitting the wide open receiver Arceneaux was on- Probably the reason. Arceneaux would like to make the EFL one day. But he is just too lazy to put in the neccessary work. Honestly, Arceneaux has been chilling so much, he doesn't even know how many seasons of eligibility he has remaining. Arceneaux should probably just give up and forfeit his dream. But he likes football. So he decides to stay at LSU until they kick him out. Maybe he will even try a little harder to improve? But I seriously doubt it. MA3 doesn't understand the grind. The next morning, Arceneaux's teammates were shocked to see him show up to practice. By the end of practice, he felt lucky to still be alive. He felt good tho. A sliver of hope rose up that maybe... Just maybe... He could make it in the EFL
  5. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/37270-villanova-a-look-at-next-seasons-core/
  6. Monday" 9:30 AM Football practice began at 9:45. Maverick Arceneaux the 3rd reluctantly forced himself to get up. If he wae going to become the top Fortnite player in the country, he would need practice. His phone pinged so he picked it up. Probably Coach Turner wondering why he wasn't at practice for the umpteenth time. MA3 was suprised to see that the text message was from his mother. He opened it to find a link to an article from the Carthage Daily. Arceneaux Struggling Star Corner Showing Little Improvements at LSU. Arceneaux had all the talent. After dominating at the high school level with versatility rarely seen, MA3 has yet to make his mark at LSU. Arceneaux was a highly regarded prospect. LSU was to be a stepping stone to the next level. Now, Arceneaux's name cannot be found on any draft rankings. On the LSU campus, Arceneaux is impossible to find. We tried to get an interview. He doesn't hang out at the gym, he's never at the practice facility, never in class. He's never even out partying at the local bars.... Arceneaux stopped reading in disgust. Iverson never worried about practice. Why should superstar Maverick Arceneaux the 3rd?
  7. Name: Maverick Arceneaux III Team: LSU Tigers Workout Name: Purchase TPE 1M +1M Cost of Workout 2M Cash you Have:2M Cash Left:0
  8. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/37091-villanova-vs-notre-dame-preview/
  9. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/36680-asw-draft-feat-eddie-donovan
  10. Welfare+6 Intelligence 35<41 (6)
  11. Welfare +6 100+6 Intelligence 57<60 (5). 1 banked
  12. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/36538-the-best-players-in-the-ncaa-next-season/ +6
  13. Ouch, it's been a rough season for the Tigers. Arceneaux been doing to much slacking.
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