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  1. I wonder if San Antonio needs a RB? Hmmmm
  2. QB completes 70% of his alotted passes, RBs rush for 120 each. We win
  3. Today is the day. If Tanner doesn't come on, I'm fine with a lynch .Vote Tanner @Tanner0512
  4. @Tanner0512 In general, I'm not a fan of lynching inactive so soon. But inactives killed the town last game I played. So please contribute.
  5. @TacticalHammer and after all my work to help you win your division.
  6. Well, you were partly correct LSU does have the best RB (and RB duo) in the league, but Luminosity or however his name is spelled plays for Texas
  7. @Town can we all actually play the game this time?
  8. Ranking EFL GMs Asahel is preparing to enter the EFL. As a user, I have been focused primarily on the NCAA as an AD and player. I had better start paying a little more attention to the EFL. I will start by ranking the EFL GMs on whatever criteria I feel like. As a big disclaimer, I really want Asahel to be drafted 1OA... And, of course, have nothing against any of these users, or teams. So take this all with a grain of salt. #8. OnMyWings I don't know much about him besides that he occasionally plays mafia. He is the manager of the lone Texas team, so that's a positive. Otherwise, he's an unknown and that pushes him down the list. #7. JetsQB101 Another GM I haven't had much interaction with, JetsQB101 is ranked over OMW only because his players success. Isaac Martin and Martin Isaac were apparently greats at the NCAA level. He coaches the Mambas in this league, and I coach the Pythons in another league. So there is that. #6. Alecbama If I recall correctly, Alecbama was the AD of the recent Alebama dynasty. Besides that, the LA Reign have been strong. Somehow he still manages to be ranked 6th. That's how you know this ranking is quite meaningless. #5. Symmetrik I've seen this user around from the moment I started SIM leagues. He probably approved my PBE player. Other than that, I haven't had to much interaction with him. Well., besides the fact that we're both in a ton of leagues. #4. Wheaties He's the NCAA simmer, as well as a GM? That's impressive. Also, as NCAA simmer, i don't want to be on his bad side. LSU needs wins... Other than that, I don't know to much about him either, but that alone elevates him up the list. #3. MMFlex This guy brought mafia to the EFL. He also was one of the only GMs to inquire about Arceneaux. So there's been a little more interaction with him than these other guys. #2. AdamS I've played werewolf with Adam. And they have been discord games. So we've interacted quite a lot. The interactions were not always friendly, there may have been plenty of suspicion between us. Aside from that, we were SBA ADs together, and our NSFL players were drafted in the same draft. As an actual GM, it remains to be seen what he can do. But remember, that doesn't actually matter here. #1. LattimoreIsland Sure, the Kraken struggle just a bit... I feel it's a meme to mock LattimoreIsland's GMing. I don't know enough to know what he's doing in his job as a GM. But, he basically recruited himself to LSU for me. Now LSU is the favorite to win their division. Besides that, Latt has been great in the locker room and whatnot. That is why he gets the number 1 spot in this very official ranking. Thank you for reading this 500 word spew. I need every TPE I can get I guess.
  9. Tough loss for us. Fromtable with the expected freshman struggles
  10. 160+ yards and 2 TDs is a career game for most RBs... So Asahel and Schwaibold did it the same game
  11. Way to bounce back from that overtime loss
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