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  1. He could be Trapper, Bodyguard, Doc and those are just the good guy options
  2. Home field Advantage in DDSPF16 is a powerful drug
  3. It's a battle of winless squads Maverick, if y'all don't manage to win this game, you're fired. That was the ultimatum given to player-coach Maverick Arceneaux III ahead of the teams week 7 game against the USC Trojans. The ultimatum was leaked to the press pre-game. Of course the players heard it. Freshman running back Asahel was determined to get the win. "Coach Maverick, he doesn't deserve to be fired. He's done a good job this season, and the team is improving. The results aren't there just yet, but you wait." Asahel backed up his words with his on field play. His 162 yards and 3 touchdowns constitutes his best game of the season. As a whole, the team rallied behind their coach. Offensively, they fired on all cylinders, scoring time and again on there way to a 52-3 rout. Defensively, there were a bit more struggles than neccessary. Numbers, and the USC rushing attack gashed the LSU front to the tune of 150+ yards on 6.4 ypc. This game highlights a main problem in Death Valley. The offensive has enough fire-power to keep the team in games, while the defense cannot stop the run. Next week, LSU welcomes the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.
  4. Michigan/USC a blowout, Oregon/Miami a blowout LSU/UND hopefully doesn't turn into a blowout.
  5. Cornerbacks in the EFL Draft Will these be the ones to slow down the incredible EFL passing numbers? Notre Dame Fighting Irish: CB Casey Archer: @Symmetrik 379 TPE Representing the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, CB Casey Archer is the top defensive prospect in the draft. He is showing out in his final season with 7 interceptions and 11 PDs. Casey is a well rounded corner back. He does not posses potential speed (83), but he has decent agility (73), and hands (70). A strength of Archer is his impressive IQ (75 rating, perhaps a 115 IQ). Casey Archer is a very talented athlete represented by a well respected agent. He will likely be the first CB and perhaps the first player off the board. Michigan Wolverines: CB Jax Byrd: @KGR: 331 TPE Jax Byrd isn't going to let a receiver burn him. With a speed rating off 85, he's got the burners. Byrd has soft hands that allow him to easily grab pick after pick. His agility and intelligence are lacking when compared to Archer, but they compare well to the rest of the class. Byrd makes good use of his talents. His 6 interceptions and 10 PDs trail only Archer. Byrd's agent may have been involved in some controversy in the past, but that is behind him now. Jax Byrd is deserving of an early pick. Miami Hurricanes: CB Lester McCorn: @Cornholio: 329 TPE The Hurricanes star corner, Lester McCorn is one of the fastest players in the draft. Coming in with a blazing 87 speed, (I mention speed a whole lot. It's the most important attribute in the sim by far) McCorn will be well able to hold his own on the field. This young athlete has good hands, (these CBs aren't very original.) along with decent agility and intelligence. Three interceptions and 6 PDs aren't bad numbers at all. McCorn is represented by a strong agent, and I'd be surprised if he wasnt the 2nd corner off the board. Texas Longhorns: CB Luke Cafferty: @Jmoney: 293 TPE Describing CB builds has gotten very boring at this point. I cannot really think of anything to spice this up a bit. Cafferty plays a role in the undefeated Longhorns defense. He possesses speed, intelligence, agility, and hands just like every other corner on the list. The user behind Cafferty is known from other leagues and has shown to be a consistent updater. Cafferty might not be a superstar, (few corners are in this sim) but any team should be satisfied with what he brings. LSU Tigers: CB Maverick Arceneaux III: @me: 283 TPE Sitting last among active corners in TPE we have my player MA3. He is very fast, and intelligent with alright agility. Arceneaux can't catch... Perhaps that's why he rarely gets any relevant CB stats. Arceneaux has given the possibility of retirement before the draft, which obviously would hurt his stock. If Arceneaux commits to being drafted and playing a full career, I expect GMs to look at the hardworking Arceneaux of today, and to understand he was set back by the Arceneaux of yesterday.
  6. Arceneaux III. Or Asahel.. Why not
  7. LSU needs to add some active linebackers. But again, I believe any defensive position we be sought after.
  8. Gilmer County News Yet another game, and another loss for the struggling LSU Tigers. Quarterback Jake Luck had a decent game, going 17/29 for 191 yards and a touchdown. For Texas, Matt Saracen completed 18/29 passes with 2 TDs and a pick. Asahel continues his string of solid rushing performances. He had yet another 100 yard performance, blasting off for 108 yards on 21 carries and a touchdown. The Longhorns duo of Luminosity and Goodpancake combined for 130 yards and 2 touchdowns on 28 carries. Even in a game in which the offenses largely produced the same numbers, Texas still managed to walk out with the 28-14 win. This result combined with the 0-5 start for LSU forces the question, what should LSU be doing differently? Should the running game be more of a focus with Asahel clearly producing week in and week out? Does there need to be a scheme change on defense? Whatever is being run now isn't working nearly good enough. Five games in, we really don't want to ask this, but, is a coaching change neccessary? When LSU hired their current starting CB to coach, many were skeptical. However he promised results.These are not the results we were promised.
  9. Asahel an absolute beast. 100 yard games like they're nothing. But we're putting the L in LSU week after week
  10. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/38673-big-east-preview/
  11. @MMFLEX come confirm me as village please. Thanks
  12. Hate to say I told ya so, But I'll be dead then so I won't get to
  13. Ghosts can't talk, cause they ded
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