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  1. Come get the full Bushito @Enorama
  2. Logan Crawford [S11, QB] @Symmetrik Season 13: $5,500,000 Season 13: $5,500,000 Peyton Nydroj [S9, HB](Mine, I accept) Season 13: $6,000,000 Quin'darius Furdge [S8, HB/TE](Inactive/Bot) Season 13: $2,000,000 Hunter Slade [S9, WR] (Inactive/Bot) Season 13: $4,000,000 Jorvorskie Crittenden [S7, LB](Inactive/Bot) Season 13: $4,500,000 Destin Route [S12,LB](Inactive/Bot) S13: $1,000,000 Hudson Abbott [S10, CB](Mine, I accept) Season 13: $5,000,000 Roll Fizzlebeef [S9, CB](Inactive/Bot) Season 13: $1,500,000 Tonto Kamayaki [S10 CB](Inactive/Bot) Season 13: $1,500,000 Trip Wiggly [S11, FS] (Inactive/Bot) Season 13: $1,500,000
  3. https://vhlforum.com/topic/62121-diss/ +6 VHL @Turner why does job pay transfer from SHL and no other league?
  4. Pick who you think will win and earn some uncapped TPE. 50% will net you 1 Uncapped tpe. 75% will net you 2 Uncapped tpe. 100% will net you 3 Uncapped tpe. Week 14 Brigade @ Predators Kraken @ Reign Wolfpack @ Herd Mambas @ Neptune
  5. Brigade @ Predators total Passing Yards: 595 Herd @ Wolfpack total Rushing Yards: 222 Kraken @ Reign total Receiving Yards: 530 Mambas @ Neptune total Tackles: 80 Total league-wide Sacks: 12
  6. Earn 1 uncapped tpe for being the closest to the actual answer. Brigade @ Predators total Passing Yards: Herd @ Wolfpack total Rushing Yards: Kraken @ Reign total Receiving Yards: Mambas @ Neptune total Tackles: Total league-wide Sacks: 
  7. https://vhlforum.com/topic/61633-fortin/?tab=comments#comment-611834
  8. Any member may claim Welfare for 3 TPE by posting in the week's Welfare thread. This member can only earn 6 TPE that week, UNLESS they currently hold a league job. In this case the member can earn up to 9 TPE weekly. Any member who links to a full point task from one of our affiliates (SHL) may claim Welfare for 6 TPE. This member can also earn 3 TPE from job pay for a maximum of 9 TPE in a week. Any member who links to a full point task from our partners, the Simulation Basketball Association and the Victory Hockey League, may claim welfare for 6 TPE, plus earn up to the maximum in a week. That means they are eligible to earn up to 9 TPE without a job and 12 TPE with a job. Do it.
  9. I find Touchdown offensive, take it out
  10. I have 2 homosexual friends and they aren't offended by that word because they realize it has different meanings for different people. Liberal fucktards blow my mind
  11. Ah another loss
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