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  1. I'll whip them up tomorrow, No payment necessary since I am 199 capped for the next 3 seasons
  2. Yeah I’d say it’s definitely him
  3. I am interested in doing this and I head to 5 days off starting tomorrow so I have time as well, I’ve done it before but not since I came back. I can start working on a template tonight for a solid background
  4. I think Wheaties was promoted to godfather after his death so..... vote @Wheaties
  5. Visited Wheaties last night - Your target could be a Bodyguard, Godfather, Arsonist, or Crusader.
  6. I am definitely town and have been helping from the start
  7. I posted my will yesterday with everything and last night I went to see Turner who could be a Vigilante, Veteran, Mafioso, Pirate or Ambusher.
  8. We’re getting slaughtered and need to get someone, I’m not getting much out of my role but I’m thinking tactical and rockstar maybe in the bad side
  9. Changing my vote to doncutta not doing anything he’s talking about so it’s no loss if he is town, everyone change votes
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