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  1. JESUS. Is this Stanton's first receiving TD? Plenty more to come, steal of the draft will fall into place.
  2. Two sacks, 7 points allowed, I'll take this
  3. Stanton, +13! Or up to it, since I think this will cap me
  4. Name: Warren Snow Workout Name: TPE Packages (6 and 1) Cost of Workout: $2.5m and $500k Cash You Have: $3m Cash Left: $0
  5. Something happened, this past week in the NCAA. Something crazy, something shocking, something that almost threw the whole dynamic of the league into question. This near earth-shattering event happened during a game against the LSU Tigers and the Oregon Ducks. Up until this point, the Ducks have looked nearly unstoppable. With a 7-1 record to their name, they looked as if they would roll over the creampuff Tigers, who boasted a reversed record of 1-7. The best team in the NCAA, far and away, was about to clash with the undisputed worst team in the league. Almost no heads turned to watch this game unfold; they brushed it aside, assuming it would be nothing more than a textbook stomp. But that isn't what happened. In fact, in the 4th quarter, the Ducks found themselves trailing 24-17. The LSU offence and defense were pulling through, and forcing the nearly undefeated Ducks to respect their players and tactics. It took a shocking 4th quarter comeback and a clutch overtime field goal for Oregon to prevail, as originally predicted. However, the difficulty of the win stands as a testament to how far this LSU team has come. Matthew Stanton, once again, put up 109 yards in the game, leading LSU receivers in the stat. Stanton has yet to play a game this season where he ends up with fewer than 100 receiving yards, a streak that may just be flirting with all-time NCAA records. Stanton's unstoppable tirade, combined with some help from a new receiving core, is helping to propel LSU to a much more respectable pedestal than they've been on all season.
  6. If Stanton doesn't log 100 yards, I'll agree
  7. Holy shit, by players on the best and worst team in the NCAA are in the middle of a tight battle What the fuck is going on
  8. Though LSU has only taken one game this season, the young Tigers are continuing to show their potential. Despite being last place in the league, they host arguably the best wide receiver in the NCAA right now- a red hot Matthew Stanton. Quarterback Jake Luck @Kirby hasn't been shy about where he wants the ball on the LSU offence, and it shows- Stanton currently leads the league in both catches and reception yards. He also currently leads the league with the catch completed for the highest gain, which currently sits at 67 yards. No matter how you look at it, Stanton has been an explosive threat on an offence that, in other positions, is still struggling to find its footing. The most explosive aspect of Stanton's game so far is likely his speed. Linebackers and corners alike are struggling to keep up with his tempo, which is considerably high for a player that prides himself on being a possession receiver. In high school, Stanton was more known for having the best hands on the field, and converting shorter chances in order to keep a steady offence going. Now that he's hit the NCAA, though, an entirely new dimension of his game has surfaced in the quickness of his feet. His natural speed combined with the consistency of his catches have combined to create a player that's making haves in Louisiana as it stands, and will likely move on to become a marquee talent for an LSU team that could be on the rise in a season or two.
  9. Three weeks, three wins. The Oregon Ducks have finished off their third game this season with a strong shutout vs LSU. For Warren Snow, this marks another week of noticeable improvement for ILB Warren Snow, who records his first tackle for loss in the 48-0 win. In his debut for the Oregon Ducks, Snow noticeably lacked on the stat sheet as he recorded only one tackle. Since then, he's recorded 12 over two games, defended two passes, and brought one runner down behind the line of scrimmage. It's noting extraordinary, nothing spectacular, but Warren snow is slowly coming into his own on this powerhouse Oregon defense. "It's been a big change of pace from high school, y'know, especially after sitting out a year before playing. Guys are faster, stronger. O-lines are more aware of what they're doing and who they need to cover." Snow commented when asked about the shift from high school to college football. "You know what though, I think I've done a good job at meshing with this defense, and we've got three wins under our belt so its hard to lose confidence." Now that he's had time to adjust to the new pace of the game, Snow is sure to only improve from here on out. He's got a long way to go in his training, and by the time he really powers up, the Oregon Ducks could be primed for a big championship push.
  11. With some newer, fresher talent around him in LSU, Matthew Stanton is starting to find success as a Tiger. The sophomore receiver has now accumulated over 100 receiving yards in his last two field appearances, and is showing an increasing level of trust between him and starting quarterback Jake Luck @Kirby. The young receiver still has yet to find the end zone a single time, but with his umber of receptions and yards over his last few games, his TDs will come in due time. "I'm not worried, no. Not at all." Stanton said in a sit-down interview we had recently. "My job is to move the chains, to keep the offense on the field. I want to be the guy that Luck goes to when we need to convert a 3rd down, or when we need to get up the field. The team as a whole hasn't really been able to find the end zone, but you know what, it's just something that's going to come as we get better. I actually got a call from my parents after this season's season opener, and they couldn't be happier with how I played. It's enough to get me on TV I guess, and the commentators gave me a nod or two before the game ended, and I'm more than comfortable with that. It's just...like I said, the points will come. I can't lose focus, I can't get frustrated."
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