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  1. Wow, @TacticalHammer just told me on discord about this, and had to come here to say thanks for voting for Tachyon. Unfortunately i had to leave SBA and EFL so i couldnt update Tachyon, he's still on his Junior year build. I had an interesting Senior year plan for his build, he would have been a monster. Thanks again and i'll stalk the forums every once in a while, hopefully i can have some stability here soon so i can stay in the EFL (and the SBA) long term.
  2. Damn nice! Tachyon with 2 TDs in the 4th quarter, 1 rushing and 1 receiving. Longhorns finally with the first title in many many seasons.
  3. WOW nice! Longhorns! Sorry I've been away for a while i been so busy. If i can win a title this season i'd be happy because next season for me might not be a thing.
  4. Holy shit, i didnt expect us to completely obliterate them. 12.5ypc for me and 22.5ypc for Goodpancake. Damn.
  5. Whooaaaaaa nice.
  6. Name: Tachyon Luminosity Team: Texas Longhorns Workout Name: 2 TPE, 2 TPE Cost of Workout: $2,000,000 Cash you Have: $2,000,000 Cash Left: $0,000,000
  7. Longhorns coming for that NCAA title.
  8. Holy shit i had 4 TDs lol Its just preseason though.
  9. Only 6 votes for Tachyon? I thought i did awesome for a 163 TPE player to have such a strong rushing game. Chod deserved the award though, he was clear cut #1 for best RB.
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