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  1. Name: Trent Samuel Team: LSU Tigers Workout Name: 6 TPE + 1 TPE Cost of Workout: $3,000,000 Cash you Have: $3,000,000 Cash Left: $0
  2. Name: Trent Samuel Team: LSU Tigers Workout Name: 6 TPE + 1 TPE Cost of Workout: $3,000,000 Cash you Have: $3,000,000 Cash Left: $0
  3. Trent Samuel played four dominant seasons for Chaminade College Preparatory School in St. Louis, Missouri. He demonstrated admirable perseverance in doing so, given that the school won three games in total over that span. In his last three years, Samuel was the only non-freshman player on the entire varsity roster. They actually had to get relatively old looking middle school students to play some positions, including right guard, nickel corner, and quarterback. As a result of this staggering lack of talent, Chaminade was forced to leave the standard high school league they would have otherwise filtered into, and instead played in a recreational football league that had recently moved from touch to contact football. Somehow, Chaminade still found themselves at a significant talent disadvantage, leading to their frankly horrific team record. However, his teammates inability to cover, tackle, or generally play the sport of football allowed Samuel to demonstrate all of his talents every single game. He finished his thirty-game season with 1,287 tackles, 315 sacks, and 819 tackles for loss. He displayed a knack for playing high-level, instinctual football, and showed off plus closing speed and tackling ability. Or at least, that's what scouts were able to best guess at while watching him and trying as hard as they possibly could to block out every other player on the field. As if to underscore both Samuel's legitimate talent for the game and the utter lack of said talent in everyone around him, in Chaminade's three wins in his career, Samuel averaged 64 tackles and 19 sacks per game and scored off of fumbles he forced himself a total of 22 times. Again, to be clear, this is not at all indicative of what can be expected of him in his collegiate career. He'll likely be just normal amounts of good, and not an alien. Reasonable readers may ask, if the team was so, so bad, why in the world would Samuel stay and not transfer to a legitimate football school so that he could be a more respected prospect. When presented with that question, Samuel had this to say: "Oh my god, that was an option? Really? Jesus Christ. Wow." He then paused for a few seconds. "I mean, listen I'm a loyal guy and all I want to do is play football and I love the guys on the team and that's why I didn't do that." Words: 399
  4. Name: Trent Samuel Balance: 5M Buying: 10 + 2 TPE packages Price: 5M Bal. Left: 0
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