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  1. Congrats to LSU on the championship. Both teams played it hard and it was a close, low scoring game. Clutch TD in the 4th.
  2. That's a big game for Connecticut! What an exciting ECF game. Both teams should be proud.
  3. Let's go Preds! Ya'll can take down the LA beast!
  4. Looking forward to seeing is Choybuk can do anything out there as a new redshirt WR!
  5. As a new Duck on the block, I'm hype AF for this sim! GO DUCKS!
  6. Yeah, but I benefit from having 2 players by having the best player on our team and also the worst!
  7. Name: Travis Choybuk Birthplace: Fayetteville, NC Position: WR Jersey #: 77 Height: 70 inches Weight: 190 lbs Travis Choybuk does not have a very storied career throughout high school. He was not the best of the bunch, but one thing people knew was that he would put the work in. Travis grew up loving basketball, loving the greats like LeBron James and lots of stories that his dad told him of Michael Jordan. While he was on the basketball team for awhile, Travis Choybuk got well known for his speed, and after practicing football in PE class, he made the transition to the football team. Choybuk went to Westover High School, playing for the Westover Wolverines football team where he was a good threat on the right side as a wide receiver. Travis Choybuk did not blow anyone away with his receiving numbers, but what people would praise him for was his work ethic. Travis would always be in the gym, running on the treadmill, doing strength training, and even doing sprints on the track outside at school. He just wanted to run, and he definitely got his opportunity all the time on the Wolverines. He made the transition very well from basketball to football, and he found a love for football he never knew he had. ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ Freshman As a Freshman in high school, he wound up with 7 TDs and 400 receiving yards on the season for Westover, which was pretty good for somebody starting out. Westover did not go far that season, but Choybuk made strides in his football repertoire. All he wanted to do was run and catch balls. Westover disappointed that season, so they went nowhere in the playoffs. Sophomore As a sophomore, Travis Choybuk improved his game, where he upgraded from 7 TDs as a freshman to 10 as a soph. He would up his receiving yards to 520, and his Wolverines team would go to the semi-finals. They would ultimately get blown away in the semis 32-7, with Choybuk having the lone TD. Junior As a junior, Choybuk basically duplicated his sophomore stint, having 11 TDs and 530 receiving yards. Kind of sad to not improve that great, but his Westover Wolverines team was not a great one that season, not even winning a single playoff game and definitely not living up to the semi-finals performance they had previously. Final Year In his final high school season, he improved hugely. He went up to 21 TDs and had over 1000 yards to his name, which was up there among the tops in his league. But, his team and coaches sort of credit the squad as a whole, and Choybuk does not take much credit himself either. It was well known that the Westover strategies were much improved that season and their QB was one of the best. Nonetheless, they lost in the semi-finals again, but Choybuk looked pretty good in the loss. Now we come to Travis Choybuk and his current eligibility to sign as a redshirt in the NCAA. He was not sure what he wanted to do for the future and if he would go to the NCAA, but he has made it clear that he wants to try now.
  8. I guess this will be the first sim I see to gauge which team is which. Back with my old 2 players, I never had to do the NCAA. Let's go, college!
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