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  1. THat's a huge game from Carswell. Congrats to the Longhorns!
  2. Another TD and a win to cap off the season for me. Fun season for the Ducks for my first one, but ultimately did not achieve what we set out to. Good luck to the teams heading to the playoffs.
  3. Another Ducks win and a TD by me. Happy!
  4. Gotta love that Ducks result. A giant blowout. No TD for me, but no complaints here.
  5. Thanks for the recognition. It's been fun on the Ducks, that's for sure. Too bad we haven't been winning, but it's been a nice ride in my introductory NCAA season.
  6. I'll keeping taking the personal yards I guess, but would rather trade that for wins!
  7. Dang. Sucks to lose again for sure, but I guess the good thing is I'm piling yards? I don't know. I'd still rather win.
  8. Damn. Sucks to get over 100 reception yards with no TDs....and a bad overall game for the Ducks.
  9. Big offense from the Ducks! Couple of huge TDs from Causwell. Lots of yardage from everyone else. GG!
  10. Ducks gotta get a big W here! But it's going to be a tough battle against the Trojans. GO DUCKS!
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