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  1. I'm ready to see my player do nothing for another season.
  2. I am mainly an SBA guy and not a big fan of football in real life, but I still wanted to give this league a try. My main problem with the EFL is that you can't have a different build because there is no variety. Everyone knows which attributes you need to increase to be able to play porperly, and it doesn't vary at all. So the more casual players are at a disadvantage from the start, since the max earners are the ones that will be great in this league, because there is just one or two builds per position. I know that in any sim league the max earners will have an advantage anyways but I think that when there is no build variety that's a bigger problem. Now, of course this is mainly because of the sim engine and I have no idea if you can do anything about it but it is definitely an issue in my opinion.
  3. Glad to see I'm doing nothing as usual.
  4. Name: David Marino Workout Name: Free Week Cost of Workout: $3,000,000 Cash You Have: $3,000,000 Cash Left: $0
  5. TheNano74


    Classic AW trade, am I right?
  6. I'm guessing I have to pick the winners: NY(6-8) @ MIA(10-4) MIA LA(9-5) @ SA(9-5) SA MICH(7-7) @ MIA(8-6) MICH USC(8-6) @ ORE(13-1) ORE
  7. 25 - 3 week Sim - 1 TPE (Capped) - 1 TPE (Capped) - 1 TPE (Capped) Welfare - 3 TPE (Capped) Weekly cap: 6/6 TPE this week: 6 Upgrades Hands: 40 >> 46 (6 tpe) TPE spent this week: 6 Total TPE: 116 Total APE: 116 Bank: 0
  8. I'm doing the thing +3
  9. Hi. You suck in all the sim leagues I am.
  10. I don't understand this. You are lucky there is no trash reaction here.
  11. OK we got rekt, but I had an int!
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