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  1. I must be bad luck I come back and the first thing I see is Oregon getting their first L
  2. I think everyone would miss a 1,532 yard FG
  3. That 1st win feels real good now lets add another Wednesday!! GO DUCKS!!!
  4. Shit the bed took a 10-0 lead to let 24 unanswered go.
  5. Holy Smokes that was not what I was looking for.
  6. As the confetti was falling down onto the field and McCringleberry was knelled down on the sideline in total disbelief that his freshmen season would end with a S11 championship he needed a moment to reflect on what he had accomplished and what changes were yet to come. It all went by in a what seemed like a blink of an eye all the time he has put in at the gym and on the practice field and culminated into the ultimate prize a National Championship. The long road of being recruited by Michigan, Alabama, USC, and Oregon and having to make the difficult decision if he wanted to move away from his friends and family and join the Ducks on their quest or did he want to stay close to home and be with friends and family and play for his beloved Wolverines. McCringleberry was always very vocal about his goals when he was choosing his team he wanted to break all the wide receiving records at the college he was going to attend. It looked like he was well on his way thru the first 3 games of the season he had 20 catches and nearly 200 yards, but things didn't go as well as he had planned and he had to take a slot role and let the two upper class WR who knew the offense more take control and lead the team to victories. It took him 8 games but he finally found the end zone after weeks and week of trying he stepped up with 6 catches and 91 yards and that prized 1stTD. That is what he thought was his statement came and that he would be making strides to taking over the top WR spot at Oregon he followed that game up with 7 catches for 61 yards and another TD. The next game seen his season high 98 yards in a single game, but then reality set in and the next 4 games he was only able to record 15 catches for less than 200 yards. Heading into the playoffs his head was not in the best spot but he dug down and prepared wanted to make that statement he opened the playoff with 66 yards and a touchdown. The highlight to this young mans early career thought falls back on this game as the confetti is falling and the tears of joy and hard work are flowing he thinks back to that 11 yard TD catch that put the game out of reach and Oregon up 28-17 in the National Championship. Now that the dust has settled the championship celebrated a new challenge is in front of McCringleberry he was asked to move from WR to QB for his Sophomore year. It is going to be a tough road ahead of them and he knows that S12 pry wont end with the confetti falling down for him but he knows with hard work and dedications that he can and WILL get back to that championship game and once again bring home a championship to Oregon.
  7. I am still pretty new to this whole EFL thing but it seems like everyone just voted for their friends or team mate and not for the players that were actually put in the work week in and week out and produced out on the field and not just in he forums. It reminded me of the MLB when they let the fans vote the whole Kansas City Royals team into the all-star game when everyone knew that at least 5 of them should not have been there, but again I am rather green to all of this. On the other hand I want to be totally bias and think that Hingle McCringleberry should have taken home every award he possible could. He did happen to seal the championship game when he snagged the go ahead touchdown from Drew McPewPewPew which lead to the Oregon Ducks taking home their 1stNational Championship. Now everyone has to watch out for him playing QB since he is that versatile.
  8. 13-0 was not the score I was hoping to see.
  9. Hingle McCringleberry 3 Million Scholarship for free week +9 TPE Tyroil Smoochie-Wallace 3 Million Scholarship for free week +9 TPE
  10. +13 McCringleberry +13 Smoochie-Wallace
  11. SMOOCHIE!!!! took him most of the year but he has made arrived.
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