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  1. holding my vote. We don't lose much if you are reg town ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. You are assuming that everyone but him is telling the truth. If you do turn out to be mafia/arsonist then we know he's telling the truth, and one of the other TI claims is lying. If you turn out to be regular town means we know there is a framer/Tac is lying. Since you are regular town lynching you gains us a lot of info, at a low cost.
  3. Just means there's at least 2 TI's.
  4. Missed that part, reg town though, weak claim. We're not losing much, and can confirm a potential seer. I see it as a win
  5. well, we'll see if he's lying or not once your lynched. Do you have a claim?
  6. I'll vote with Seer. vote MMFlex
  7. The trap was on pigsnout's house if I recall what he said correctly. It was setting up when pig died. So he kind of had to move it because it was at a dead person's house. Anyways we should get names on everyone who is doused. We have PSanchez and AW13 so far, correct?
  8. Well was anyone else roleblocked last night?
  9. There's a consort in the game, I was roleblocked last night
  10. BG is better imo, because if they attack Medium then someone does die. But TP's need to split between OMW and Alec.
  11. Igniting is a night action, but if he does get shot at night he can still ignite. If we lynch him everyone is safe.
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