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  1. bonuses: Steven Stiffland 1mil Zane Montgomery 1mil Goodall West 1mil Teppei Renomitsu 1mil Noah Jacobs 1mil @Tate
  2. https://sba.today/forums/index.php?/topic/44246-idk-who-tubbs-is-but/
  3. Actually didn't know that, that's cool
  4. Actives: Teppei Renomitsu @Renomitsu S18: 4,000,000 (min) S19: min S20: min Ekong Okafor @JaysFan26 S18: 2,500,000 (min) S19: min Inactives: Desmond King S18: 2,000,000 Trustworthy Dan S18: 3,000,000 Suspicious Dave S18: 4,000,000
  5. oh hey josh glad you said hi to me
  6. Nykonax

    EFL S17 Week 14

    guess you could say we reigned on their parade
  7. Nykonax

    EFL S17 Week 14

    mcorn is nuts @Cornholio
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