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  1. Since the last time we checked in, Kyle was given an opporunity to show what he can do on the field. He showed some potential, but it is clear he has a lot of work to do if he wishes to become an impact player in the NCAA, and the EFL in time. He has been working very hard to try and prove himself to his teammates and coaching staff in Miami, as he is very grateful for the opportunity that they have given to him. Mitch Osbourne, has taken full advantage of the time off he has gotten due to not signing with an NCAA team, by spending all of it training for next season. He is putting 100% of his time and effort into training so that he can have a big impact come time for the season to start. He still hasn't decided on where he will be signing, since there is still time for that and he wishes to spend his time and effort training, instead of worrying about where he will play. Both of the brothers have seemed to enjoy what they have been doing for the past few weeks and I am personally excited to see what they can accomplish in the NCAA and SBA during their careers.
  2. VHL +6 (Julian Borwinn One)
  3. Since our first post, Kyle Osbourne has signed Miami. Kyle is excited to start with Miami and become a stellar player for them in the time to come. Mitch on the other hand, has decided to spend the time before next season training on his own to improve his arm and overall game so he can be an impact player for the team he signs with, come time for the season to start. Kyle flew in to Miami last week to speak with @AndrewWarren13, the AD for Miami. He saw that Kyle could be an impact CB in the near future and that he has potential. Mitch also had a meeting with multiple teams and he found it was best that he wait it out for the remainder of the season and join someone when the next season rolls around. We had time to speak with Mitch about what helped him make that decision. "Well, I feel if I step in right now, I wouldn't be able to make much of an impact I would actually be a liability this late into a season. I think if I work hard now, and the off season, when I do join a team I can be the best I possibly can and I would actually be able to provide some sort of value to a team."
  4. no he hurt my feelings by being mediocre in the vhl this season
  5. The Osbourne twins, Mitch and Kyle, are 2/4 of the Osbourne brothers. Mitch, Kyle, Blaze, and Alvin Osbourne are the sons of Steven Osbourne, a recently deceased Canadian billionare who made his fortune through his energy company, Osbourne Inc. All 4 brothers are headed on journeys to 3 different major sports leagues in Mitch and Kyle in the EFL, Alvin in the SBA, and Blaze planning to join the VHL. Since they will be spending the majority of their time over their careers playing and training for their respective sports, they have made their cousin, James Osbourne, the cousin of the brothers the proxy for each of their 25%'s in the company. It will be interesting to see how the careers of these players pan out in their respective leagues. Alvin, Kyle, and Mitch are all currently looking for NCAA teams to showcase their talent over the next few years while Blaze is still quite young, and has a long time before he joins the VHL through the VHLM. The Osbourne brothers have used a small portion their large trust funds to create a sports media agency called The Osbourne Media Group which will work on sharing stories of amazing athletes across the major sports leagues, the EFL, SBA, and the VHL.
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