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  1. Originally I was going to do my rankings on which schools I was going to go to..but only 2 schools have contacted me and I don't think a ranking of 2 schools would be accepted so I decided to rank the schools by which I would go to if I didn't get a pitch and was just going off of "which one is coolest" so here we go. 1. USC Trojans My favorite color is red so USC was an obvious choice. They have a color scheme I really enjoy and there was a high school in my home town which had trojans as a mascot. This was tough to pick as number 1 because number 2 was really close but ultimately I like their colors more. 2. Michigan Wolverines I absolutely love Michigan's jerseys and helmets in real life, unfortunately their logo is just an M...like come on one of the best colleges in the nation couldn't come up with a better logo than a capital letter? I hate schools that have letters for logos, and that's ultimately what holds it back from the top spot. 3. LSU Tigers I live and have lived in Missouri for my whole life, so naturally I root for Mizzou. LSU gets the number 3 spot for a number of reasons, but since it shares the same name as my favorite NCAA team it won't be able to get at the top 2. However the color scheme is nice and their logo isn't a stupid letter so it earns it's spot here. 4. Alabama Crimson Tide Alabama really goes out of their way in designing their logo, they put a whole circle around a capital letter! despite this Bama has a primary color of red and nice jerseys, plus Crimson Tide is a dope name (considering half of sports teams names is an animal or variation of a human warrior it's original too). 5. Texas Longhorns Texas would be higher if their colors were more interesting..I'm really not a fan of their jerseys or color scheme but they have a cool logo and their name fits the state well. like I said the only thing that holds it back is their color scheme, the orange just feels bland. 6. Oregon Ducks green is a pretty cool color, and Ducks are complete ballers, but their logo is a goddamn capital letter. this is the stuff i'm talking about, colleges don't even try they just go "well I don't wanna pay a designer $20 for a drawing of a duck lets go with the O in Oregon. Like come on real life college people stop being cheapskates. 7. Notre Dame Nothing really stands out with Notre dame, I feel like they could be higher but they just seem bland to me. They also suffer from the capital letter for a logo except they had 2 capital letters. 8. Miami Hurricanes This team could have had such a cool logo, but instead they did the thing I absolutely hate with a passion and went with a freaking capital letter. Though not as infuriating as Oregon's logo they still could have had an awesome logo, but no, a multicolor U is the best thing they could come up with. Amazing work real life people.
  2. im just trying to get that sim attendance
  3. wonder if the kraken can get their first win tonight!
  4. Cornelius Buccelari...What a terrible name. It's not exactly his fault though, His father was drunk when writing down his name and well...Cornelius was the first thing that came to mind. Whereas his first name is laughable, Buccelari wasn't nearly as bad. Despite being drunk at the time his father claimed he was forced to write Cornelius by a cosmic entity so that it could use his son as a pawn to play fake football...Whatever that means. But enough with the life story, let's move on to what matters Football Everyone who grows up in Missouri it is one of the stupidest states that has ever existed. It can be 90 degrees on day and 35 the next, you have a better chance of finding a meth lab in someones home than not finding one, and it literally sounds like the word misery. Despite all of this, it produces some fine athletes. Buccelari excels at rushing the passer, though he may not be extremely agile or smart, he is deadly fast and just as strong. Due to Missouri's erratic weather Buccelari is used to cold and heat, able to play in almost any condition without his performance taking a hit. As mentioned before, Buccelari isn't much of an agile guy. He can run downhill fast as a bull but if the quarterback or running back is able to dance in the pocket or has a killer juke it can hinder his ability to bring down the ball carrier. Another weakness Bucc struggles with is..well his intelligence. a common play in high school used against Bucc was the read option. Since only a few linemen in Missouri could hold him off for long, teams would simply trick him and not bother wasting a blocker to stop him. Off the field As previously mentioned, Bucc isn't the smartest guy in the locker room. In high school he was able to keep his grades high enough to play football by taking easy classes, and was only barely able to keep his grades high enough to qualify for a D1 college. Though he isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, Bucc is a good teammate. He may not be a team captain or anything, but he gets along quite well with his teammates and isn't much of a trash talker to opponents. Coachability Sometimes how good a player is just comes down to how willing they are to listen to their coach. Though he isn't uncoachable, Bucc isn't exactly 'all ears'. Speed and strength has worked all of his life, and because of this he generally believes that's the only thing he needs to work on. Trying to get Bucc to learn how to catch an interception certainly is a lost cause, he's set on rushing the passer. Like I said, he isn't uncoachable. Bucc is able to learn playbooks quite easily, and is fine with taking advice on his rushing strategies, and swim moves. Bucc is great at taking criticism, he loves sitting down with his coaches and learning what he did wrong and what his opponent did to beat him. What can you expect? Buccelari is a highly touted prospect this upcoming NCAA season, he may not be the heart and soul of your team but he can sure as hell get you some sacks. Overall he isn't a very risky prospect, and he's willing to improve and play in a system that wins championships. If you want to pick up this beastly outside line backer you better send your pitches fast, sources are saying he plans on verbally committing by the end of the day. (603 words via wordcounter.io)
  5. Wonder if Michigan can stay undefeated
  6. All brands for my players will go below
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