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  1. Lets go oregon!
  2. Week 1 USC vs. Michigan LSU vs. Notre Dame Miami vs. Oregon Alabama vs. Texas
  3. 1. Total points scored in NCAA games: 182 2. Total points scored in EFL games: 215 3. Total Western Conference rushing Tds from BOTH leagues(efl&ncaa): 11 4. Longest field goal ATTEMPTED in the NCAA: 51 yards 5. Longest field goal MADE in the EFL: 48 yards
  5. "Lets get this bread" - probably some teenager
  6. Name: Kelvin Sartre Team: Oregon Ducks Workout Name: Gain weight (x1) and Purchase TPE (2TPE) Cost of Workout $3,000,000 Cash you Have: $3,000,000 Cash Left: $0 @Turner I was told to @ you for the weight increase for both Buccelari (above this post) and Sartre
  7. Name: Cornelius Buccelari Team: Oregon Ducks Workout Name: Gain Weight (x1) and Purchase TPE (1TPE) and Purchase TPE (6TPE) Cost of Workout: $5,000,000 total Cash you Have: $5,000,000 Cash Left: $0
  8. Still not really involved with whos good in the EFL, hope to see some action this season though!
  9. Can't wait for the real season!
  10. Thanks for the questions! 1. I think we just got into our own heads, the NCAA is always tough and we let our guard down. 2. (Buccelari) I love watching @Shaka Lawal play, I used to see some of the moves he would use to get past linemen and try them in practice. (Sartre) I don't look up to much of anyone besides Chodkiwiecz, he's shown me a lot of pointers and helped immensely. 3. I hope I can, but it will truly come down to who works hardest, I hope I can be that guy for Oregon. I expect we'll split the touches, but I'm fine with whatever coach feels is right. 4. I expect to start, I have a feeling teams are going to be mighty scared of the mighty ducks linebacker corps next season. 5. We both got here past mid season, so we haven't really had time to find the strengths and weaknesses of our team since we haven't hit the field with them yet. But What we can bring is the mindset that the team comes first. 6. Honestly, no. I mainly go off of branding when I first join sim leagues to pick out my favorite teams but I haven't really paid attention yet to the EFL. 7. yeah, until the upperclassmen threw a party in our room while we were at the gym for only an hour...So it's pretty much trashed now. 8. yeah, they like to put tiny stickers like the size of a thumbprint that looks like howard the duck on all our stuff. I have found one on my shoe every time I go to put them on despite removing them each time I find one.
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