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  1. You got questions, I got answers.
  2. Bump. Keep upvoting if you can! I hope to have more links out in a few days.
  3. We always start out slow haha. Amazing games from the man with the longest fingers and the man with the stiffest...land?
  4. Let's get this show back on the road! I have a few links to posts that I'll be adding over the next half hour or so. Remember the rules listed above in the thread, just give each post an upvote and only comment if you're answering a question. Let's get it EFLers! Links: r/49ers r/oaklandraiders r/ncaaFBseries
  5. An any-all game would be a ton of fun and might attract more people
  6. So the old player brands I did for Stiffland didn't feel right, so I'll be talking about Longfingers and Stiffland's accomplishments for each week Steven Stiffland: Stiffland has been a great tackler at times this season. Some more consistence would be great, but I'm fine with it for now. He recorded a season-high 12 tackles in his first game against Miami, but has averaged 5 tackles per game since then. Fortunately, the Texas defense has been dominant as a whole. We've allowed an average of 13.4 points per game, with the largest amount allowed being 24. One aspect of his game that I hope to improve is his ability to make plays in the backfield. As of right now, Stiffland has 3 tackles for loss and 2 sacks. This isn't bad, but I hope to make it better. Lorrence Longfingers: In his Sophomore year, Longfingers has been solid. So far this season, he has 18 catches, 283 yards, and a touchdown. His best game of the year is definitely a 119 yard showing against Miami. Although his stats have been good, I'm still a little upset with them. Lorrence is supposed to be a red-zone thread, or at the very least catch more passes downfield. But only 1 touchdown in 5 games and a catch yardage average of 15.7 is not what I expected. Hopefully he can pick it up in those areas, but I can't complain with the yards he's been getting. After all, he's #8 in the NCAA in receiving yards and recorded the second longest reception of the season.
  7. Name: Lorrence Longfingers Team: Texas Longhorns Workout Name: Gain Weight ($2m) + 2 TPE ($1m) Cost of Workout: $3,000,000 Cash you Have: $3,000,000 Cash Left: $0
  8. I joined here from the SBA. +5 please and thanks
  9. Once he reaches Pest, y'all HAVE to lynch him
  10. Yes, shoot the transporter
  11. Well shit. Flex is Plague, Latti is Transporter, and Turner is Jester. Good night everybody!
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