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  1. TJH

    Bros to Pros?

  2. No one guessed the score! Better luck next week!
  3. Huge win! Also an amazing game by TJ Hendrix. 175 receiving yards!
  4. This is too close for comfort.
  5. Our week 4 game will be the EFL week 10 matchup of Memphis V.S Miami.
  6. Hendrix having a day
  7. No one guessed the score!
  8. TJH

    EFL S13 WEEK 7

    Rough season for the wolfpack.
  9. TJH

    Hook em

  10. Get the stop Texas!
  11. Here we go! Hook em!!
  12. Texas is unstoppable!!
  13. TJH

    EFL S13 WEEK 4

    Another week down.
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