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  1. Huge game for the Wolfpack as they put 51 on the brigade
  2. Week 11 Herd @ Predators Total Tackles: 87 Week 12 Neptune @ Wolfpack total passes deflected: 9 Week 12 Reign @ Brigade total return yards: 354 Week 13 Kraken @ Wofpack total points scored by the kickers in the game: 18 Week 13 Brigade @ Mambas total rush yards in the game: 244
  3. Oregon takes down giants in back to back games last week was Michigan now Miami. ND secondary was pretty good picking up 3 interceptions one of them by nick Vandal
  4. Week 11 Mambas Predators Reign Brigade Week 12 Neptune Predators Mambas Brigade Week 13 Mambas Predators Wolfpack Herd
  5. xsjack


  6. 1.not yet but it depends when I go to the efl 2. For FS it’s my teammate Lamarcus Oshiomogho For WR it’s Dewey Jackson 3 Memphis seems like they could be a dark horse 4. Deanderson Sabathia Jr.
  7. Week 11 Michigan  Notre Dame Texas Miami Week 12 Texas Michigan Notre Dame Oregon Week 13 USC LSU Michigan Notre Dame
  8. 1. Probably Reeves vs Vandal first game it was awesome to see both my players take each other on 2. I would one to two more teams to the league otherwise I don’t think I would change anything 3. I would say I am decently close with some others I more distant to I just to Settle In and get to know my teammates more 4. I would have to say nick Cause I like working hard instead of just using natural talent all the time 5. The Wolfpack seem cool same with the predators I don’t know much about the teams right now 6. Role players who always win I would rather have team success then personal success 7. Chicken wings for sure 8. Lee Chong he is a great linebacker and he could bring a lot the team
  9. xsjack

    Reeves vs Vandal

  10. Week 8 Brigade Mambas  Predators Reign Week 9 Reign Predators Neptune Herd Week 10 Wolfpack Brigade  Herd  Predators 
  11. W8: Sabathia Jr. Total Receiving Yards: 98 W9: Total number of FG and XP combined on the week : 29 W9: Mambas @ Reign Combined Total Passes: 72 W10: Predators @ Neptune Combined Rushing Yards: 225 W10 Total number of points scored league-wide:  225
  12. Vandal is killing it 8 tackles and a win that’s what I call a good game
  13. Week 8 Hurricanes Wolverines Irish Longhorns  Week 9 Trojans Hurricanes Wolverines Irish Week 10 Hurricanes Wolverines Irish Longhorns
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