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  1. Why would I claim Uber driver if I wasn’t
  2. I didn’t direct the mafioso to the janitor house I didn’t even use my ability
  3. Oregon bounces back from to straight loses to hand USC their 9th lose of the season Reeves picks up a pair of TDs as well and ND lost to Michigan what more can I say
  4. xsjack

    Quinton Reeves

  5. Memphis 24-21 Miami 
  6. Nick Vandal and Quinton Reeves are in i guess
  7. Oregon loses in a close game between the two undefeated teams. ND destroys Alabama
  8. Big win For ND we needed it. Oregon keeps the undefeated streak alive Was not expecting Oregon to perform so good this season but I’ll take it
  9. Oregon looking way better than last season undefeated so far hopefully we keep this up the same can’t be said for Notre dame unfortunately 1-4 what is happening
  10. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1McrQBkxhqiVTJvkHyFX92iBJxr_-KVcb/view?usp=drivesdk
  11. Week 5 Mambas Herd Brigade Reign  Week 6 Brigade Herd Neptune Reign  Week 7 Herd Neptune Reign Kraken
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