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  1. Congrats to both @MMFLEX AND @oilmandan I am sure you will both be amazing!
  2. Oh hey Big O, I see you there. You actin' like, you walk on air. It's kinda sad, that you don't know Guess your more clueless, than John Snow Know you can't see, how good we are But we'll take you out, next time we spar Cuz you got lucky, but we got game So until next time, I'll be the same Sorry I was late to the party but I think this might have helped, better late than never?
  3. Week 11 Herd @ Predators Total Tackles: 96 Week 12 Neptune @ Wolfpack total passes deflected: 4 Week 12 Reign @ Brigade total return yards: 405 Week 13 Kraken @ Wofpack total points scored by the kickers in the game: 20  Week 13 Brigade @ Mambas total rush yards in the game: 169
  4. Damn both my teams having a rough go today ... (Michigan and Miami)
  5. More EFL POP Action! Last week my sister found some amazing Herd EFL POP Figures, went digging around my local stores and was able to find this new beauty. Apparently this Limited edition Brian Strong from the Miami Neptunes is just flying off the shelves. I'm not surprised these little guys are selling quickly, when a guy has that much game his merchandise is sure to sell! Take a look for yourselves: @Wheaties -Diana Gunner, Wolverines Kicker Extraordinaire
  6. Week 11 Michigan Notre Dame Texas Miami Week 12 Texas Alabama Notre Dame Oregon Week 13 USC LSU Michigan Texas
  7. This is getting excited tied game!
  8. When the announcer calls you out on your shit but its ok because you finally made some noise ... lol
  9. Is this a normal thing I feel like I haven't seen this before...
  10. "Dear Trojans, why you no return my kicks? Is it something i did?" Diana
  11. Same joke every time lol these are the equivalent to EFL DAD jokes...
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