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  1. NCAA East Championship - Miami @ LSU NCAA West Championship - Texas @ Oregon EFL East Championship - Miami @ Memphis EFL West Championship - Seattle @ Los Angeles
  2. NCAA East Championship - Combined Points Scored from LSU and Miami: 52 NCAA West Championship - Danton Howlson Rushing Attempts plus Noah Jacobs Tackles: 39 EFL East Championship - Combined Receiving Yards from Kowalski and Sabathia: 232 EFL West Championship - Combined Passing Attempts from Seattle and Los Angeles: 78 NCAA & EFL Conference Championship Round - Total Points Scored: 169
  3. You know Diana would never do that to her Charlie lol Why is there Children? Did you knock my K up? Is that why she was only 2nd OA as a Kicker? smh
  4. It’s ok Tact. I guess their secret is out now You we’re supposed to keep this on the DL what is @Alecbama going to say? lol EFL just got more interesting lol
  5. What does this even mean? @Sharkstrong help!!
  6. @Wheaties looks like you already found this somehow...lol Glad you like it! it suits you!!
  7. Bonecrusher just taking off !
  8. Ok literally have had it with Amina...she is being remade in some form. She brings such shame to the Gunner family and I am done with waiting for her to show up...
  9. Week 12 Texas v Miami Alabama v Michigan USC v Notre Dame LSU v Oregon Week 13 Oregon v USC LSU v Alabama Michigan v Miami Notre Dame v Texas Week 14 Oregon v Alabama Michigan v LSU Miami v Notre Dame USC v Texas
  10. Total Passing Yards for EFL's Passing Yards Leader at end of Regular Season: 5353 Total Rushing Yards for NCAA's Rushing Yards Leader at end of Regular Season: 2275 EFL Week 13 Kraken vs Wolfpack Total Tackles Between Both Teams: 76 NCAA Week 13 LSU vs Alabama Total Rushing Yards Between Both Teams: 375 Week 14 Total Interception plus Sacks in all of EFL and NCAA: 31
  11. Week 12 Neptune @ Mambas Herd @ Wolfpack Reign @ Kraken Predators @ Brigade Week 13 Brigade @ Mambas Reign @ Predators Kraken @ Wolfpack Herd @ Neptune Week 14 Brigade @ Predators Kraken @ Reign Wolfpack @ Herd Mambas @ Neptune 
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