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  1. Hell yasss @Bushito , this is why I’m so damn happy you’re a duck next season!! Congratulations and btw you are OP
  2. Amina took a bad pic here, almost looks like she is a man... Congrats to all the other award winners btw
  3. Congratulations to everyone who won awards and all the nominees as well!!
  4. just popping by to say I accept! @AW13
  5. @AW13 thanks for bringing me on
  6. @Alecbama is Diana’s baby boy finally ready for college? Or is it filler time?
  7. Oregon Ducks: S16 Training Camp Welcome back Ducks to S16. We Are Starting off with the solid base that @oilmandan left us with! Lets pull it all together and make this happen!  #QuackAttack All players are eligible to receive 9 TPE. If your archetype matches our team philosophy (listed below) you receive 4 bonus TPE for a total of 13. All spring training TPE is uncapped. Kickers and FBs automatically get 13 TPE. Changed in S15 QB, WR, CB, FS TEAM PHILOSOPHIES (13 TPE FOR MATCHED): QB: Field General @BMillz RB: One Cut @Bushito @Sullvino WR: Deep Threat @DollarAndADream @ScorpXCracker @MMFLEX TE: Possession @Enorama K: Kicker @KGR OLB: Pass Rushing @Matt_O @SnapTackleDrop @jcole194 ILB: 3/4 Tackling SS: Zone Coverage @Higgo4 @Bushito CB: Man Cover @Siddhus @rjfryman @Latti FS: Zone Cover Note: To Claim post a comment that you attended training camp below with the amount of TPE you are claiming 9 or 13 and then use that post to claim in the EFL manager!
  8. I see you are a Baker, why don't you bring those hot buns to Oregon @Latti
  9. I am Queen Twerk, and he is the King. I would say we own this shit lol
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