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  1. Player Photo: Player Information Name: Sidney Crosby Jr. Position: QB Archetype: Pocket Passer Height: 6'6" Weight: 200 Number: 5 High School & Hometown: Harvard Recruited By: Player Attributes Strength: 35 Agility: 35 Arm: 50 Intelligence: 35 Accuracy: 40 (MAX: 90) Tackling: 35 Speed: 40 (MAX: 80) Hands: 40 Run Blocking: 35 Pass Blocking: 35 Kick Distance: 35 Kick Accuracy: 35 Endurance: 100
  2. TheKicker


    Zam Zimmerman and Mitch Matthews retire, I will be recreating.
  3. Looking forward to playing for Alabama!
  4. High School Football is not the most popular sport in Austria nor does it provide the same opportunities as the USA. However Zam Zimmerman played for the Springfield Seadogs, one of the top ranked high schools in Austria. In his first game he made a early statement by successfully kicking 3/3 field goals, including one from 47 yards! Over the next two games Zam helped lead his team to a perfect 3-0 record. In those two games he successfully kicked 4/5 field goals. He was off to a great start and his team was on a roll! However in the fourth game of his rookie season the unthinkable happened, he got injured. The Seadogs were down 12-0 when he attempted a field goal and something went wrong in his kicking foot and caused him extreme pain. This foot injury kept Zam out for the remainder of his rookie season. His team ended up with a record of 10-6. In his second year of high school football he helped lead his team to the championship with 26/29 successful field goals. The team record during the regular season was 13-2-1. In the finals they played the Scorpions, a high school from eastern Austria. The rumour was that there were USA high school football scouts in attendance. The game went to overtime tied at 13-13. In overtime Zam Zimmerman impressed the scouts by kicking a 36 yard field goal to win the game and the championship! “It felt amazing to be the hero in front of all our fans” said Zam. The next year Zam was scouted to play for the North Shore Mustangs in the USA. This was a incredible opportunity for him to show the college scouts his kicking talent. During his final season of high school many college scouts came to watch him play. He had a great season successfully kicking 28/30 field goals! His furthest successful field goal was in his last game of his high school career. Zam Zimmerman kicked a 52 yard field goal in a loosing effort for the Sea dogs. His teams record was 9-7 that year and as you can assume there was no championship that year. word count:372
  5. Cool so do I wait for a draft or get picked up by a NCAA team?
  6. Are you guys currently playing a season or off season? Just wondering what’s next for my player now that he’s created.
  7. Welcome to the EFL TheKicker! Let us know if you need any help getting started.



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      A NCAA team to sign me would be nice 😂 just playing lol thanks man 

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