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  1. Michigan Training Camp Claim 13 if you match these attributes, 9 if not Bold means that the focus was changed this year QB- Field General RB- Scat Back WR- Redzone TE- Vertical Threat ILB - Rushing OLB - Coverage CB - Man Cover FS - Man Cover SS - Zone Cover K - Doesn't matter because we don't have one @Acydburn@aCrypticPancake@Abaddon@J.G.10@K1NG LINUS@SixersFan594@OscarDaSwagDude@Fizzy@Acydburn
  2. Michigan Wolverines Signing Day Please quote this and accept! Full scholarship plus “special bonuses” (3/4) So - QB Game Day @Acydburn Jr - LB Henry Hill @K1NG LINUS Jr - CB Nik Holem @SixersFan594 Jr - RB Victor Von Vanmort @Abaddon Full scholarship (3/7) So - TE Alex Adler @aCrypticPancake So - FS Old Man John @Fizzy So - SS Acyd Burn @Acydburn So - LB Aaron Adler @aCrypticPancake Fr - WR Jeff Downey @Jeff Partial Scholarship (3/7) So - CB Oliver Jebaseelan (inactive) @OscarDaSwagDude So - WR Oscar Jebaseelan (inactive) @OscarDaSwagDude Sr - WR Jed Smith (inactive?) @J.G.10
  3. https://vhlforum.com/topic/65571-s67-draft-podcast-from-the-reapers-crypt/?do=findComment&comment=640251 +6
  4. I would like to apply for the Michigan job. I have experience as an agm in the VHL. I am very dedicated, and am online for large portions of the day.
  5. https://vhlforum.com/topic/65151-new-reapers-trainer/ +6
  6. Uphillmoss

    El Fuego

  7. I would like to retire Kyle Sabertooth and Mike Sabertooth, as I didn't do anything with them.
  8. https://vhlforum.com/topic/61451-cup-review-and-draft-overview/
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