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  1. In the summer before his freshman year, DeAndre moved to Mobile, Alabama with his uncle and trainer Rufus Okafor (A football star until career ending injury) He attended Lillie B. Williamson High School. In his freshman season he threw for 2,643 yards with 20 touchdowns and rushing for 400 yards and 5 touchdowns. By next season he had grown to 6'3 and 185 lbs. For 2 more years he put up similar stats, until his senior year. That season he would complete for 3,405 yards with 23 touchdowns, rushing for 321 yards again or 5 touchdowns. Throughout DeAndre's high school career he was regarded by his coach's as being "A born leader with a conscious to do what's best for the team." Also having "Raw, just raw, natural talent." With combination of Arm Strength, Speed and Height. DeAndre broke Alabaman school records in yards and touchdowns. DeAndre then participated in many camps. Where he absolutely dominated. Throwing at 55 miles an hour and above. Along with his acceleration, speed and arm strength DeAndre Okafor is one if not the best quarterbacks in Alabaman high school history.
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