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  1. Username: Renomitsu QB: Riley Carswell $7 RB: Bush Ito $5 WR: Taktischer Vorschlaghammer $6 WR: Sticky Hands $4 Flex: Bellamy Blake $5 TE: Buff Beav $1 K: Spongebob Squarepants $1 DST: Oregon $1
  2. Teppei Goes #2, Hiroki Goes #3 Draft Day, EFL - "With the first overall pick, the San Antonio Wolfpack select... Amina Gunner, University of Miami!" A collective sigh could be heard from the draft day table containing Hiroki, Teppei, some family, and Oregon teammates -- possibly in preparation for a long day , but more likely out of relief over no longer having the 'first overall' expectations on the table. The Wolfpack wasn't likely to select either of the brothers out of positional need, and just getting that first pick out of the way helped the Renomitsus settle in. The twins didn't wait long, however, as the Wisconsin Brigade rep Nykonax approached the podium after a few straight minutes of applause for the Gunner sister to show off her new jersey. "As the second overall pick, the Wisconsin Brigade select.. Teppei Renomitsu, University of Oregon!" For a split second there was robotic applause from the Renomitsu twins, then a moment of realization followed by celebration -- had he really just been taken second overall? Was that even legal? With no time to spare, Teppei was up on stage accepting his jersey and taking photos, with Hiroki and teammates whooping from their front-row seats -- and it continued when New Orleans took Hiroki. Suddenly, Teppei had big shoes to fill with Taggert's unexpected retirement mid-season, and though he expected to sit and learn the pro game for a season or three; Hiroki would have a starting position almost immediately on New Orleans; and more relevantly, they'd have to move states away from one another. Again. But thankfully, the Renomitsu twins still have a few days before EFL training camps get into full swing -- and they have plenty of logistics and goodbyes to figure out before then.
  3. SBA +6, claim 4 of 4 (note this was not claimed last wk)
  4. uhh pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
  5. Season 15 End-Season TPE @11 Eleven +3 @aCrypticPancake +1 @ADwyer87 +6 @AW13 +1 @BigZouzou +2 @Bushito +1 @Cornholio +3 @DilIsPickle +1 @DollarAndADream +6 @Enorama +3 @evryday +1 @Green +1 @hedgehog337 +2 @Higgo4 +5.5 => 6 @HuddleHussy +4.5 => 5 @Jetsqb101 +2 @KC Philip +1 @KGR +3 @Kogan63 +1.5 => +2 @Latti +1 @LittleRiDog +4 @Matmenzinger +2 @Molholt +1.5 => +2 @MMFLEX +6 @oilmandan +6 @omgitshim +1 @Patdatass +6 @PigSnout +6 @rjfryman +2 @Sharkstrong +5 @Siddhus +3.5 => +4 @SnapTackleDrop +4.5 => +5 @Snussu +5 @Symmetrik +3 @TacticalHammer +5 @Tate +2 @TheNano74 +1 @Turner +6 @Tater_Tot +3 @Uphillmoss +2 AVERAGE/ @Renomitsu: 3.075; always rounds up (+4) If these totals don't match quite what you remember receiving in terms of leaderboard points, feel free to reach out to me if it affects the TPE you'd receive. I don't mind editing this post if it means you get what you've rightfully earned! Thank you guys (and gals) for participating in EFL Trivia this season! It's been a blast.
  6. Season 15 End-Season TPE will be distributed in the next reply! Week 6 TPE Claim For question 1, Curtis Drake allowed the greatest number of sacks in his career. For question 2, Ray Ray Foster ended up retiring during a portion of this week but technically was the TPE leader. As a result, we'll be accepting Ian Kelley as an answer as well! See the claims below! The following got both questions right, and earn +1 TPE & +1 leaderboard point: @SnapTackleDrop @HuddleHussy @DollarAndADream @11 Eleven @Tater_Tot @Jetsqb101 @Higgo4 @Siddhus @PigSnout @KC Philip @TheNano74 @ADwyer87 @oilmandan @Snussu @TacticalHammer @Sharkstrong @MMFLEX @Turner @Patdatass @Tate The following got one question right, and will earn 0.5 leaderboard point: @Kogan63 @Molholt
  7. Agreed. They were arguably the top combo this season too, or at least in the conversation with Renomitsu/Choybuk!
  8. S14’s Best (Non-Filler) Players Not Entering the S15 Draft - Offense QB Vince Carswell, Texas Longhorns @LittleRiDog Fresh off of an NCAA championship? Check. More TDs than the draft-bound Oregon QB Teppei Renomitsu? Check. Top two in overall yards? Check. While there are similarly-talented players in the NCAA staying down for next season, Vince Carswell has shown time and again that he’s the man in Texas, and stats-wise he’s got the numbers to prove it: 3,875 yards, a 56.3% completion rate, 513 attempts (~150 more than the next-highest non-graduate), and by far the second-highest raw number of completions. He’s the league’s prototypical field general-style quarterback, and while you can attribute part of his success to his receivers, there’s no doubt he’s got what it takes to carry an offense to victory. RB Jimmy Numbers, USC Trojans @124715 Our first of a few Trojans on this list, Jimmy Numbers has a very strong argument for RBotY this season, and he hasn’t even declared for the draft. He has higher per-carry averages than Michigan’s von Vanmort, Alabama’s Picante, and Miami’s Bush, and was the workhorse back on his team (391 attempts vs. Anh’s 118). Though he doesn’t have the red zone numbers to easily be called the best (12 rushing TDs, #4 in the league), he complements a passing attack that is still very much under development. USC quarterback Matt LeSiege is still something of a project with flashes of brilliance, and USC kept him at a relatively-average 359 attempts this past season; as a result, the Trojans needed a player that could muscle through defenders and stack the box to make things a little easier. Numbers is just barely short of having the rushing yards title this season (1,883 vs. von Vanmort’s 1,898) but has done so on sixty fewer carries (391 attempts vs. 458). He’s shown he can take volume and get things done on the ground on a regular basis. Give me Numbers. WR Taktischer Vorschlaghammer, Texas Longhorns @TacticalHammer Oh, Tac. I’ve sung your praises throughout the season (thanks for the fantasy points, by the way), and there’s little doubt that he’s the featured receiver in Texas, especially after his championship performance. This sophomore was one of just three receivers to break 1,300 yards this season – the other two being Notre Dame’s Harry King Jr. and our next featured player – and did so on just 84 receptions. He’s shown a nose for the red zone with 9 TDs, and carries all of this volume while splitting yards with talented teammates Lorrence Longfingers @jhatty8 and Mat Tocco @Matmenzinger - who could argue for a spot on this list themselves. We could make an argument about spreading the field with three talented receivers, but at the end of the day he’s a bona-fide #1 option with top-three yards and a nose for the red zone bested only by one other player in college football, also a wide-out on our list. WR Travis Choybuk, Oregon Ducks @DollarAndADream Choybuk is our only offensive Oregon player to make this list, and for good reason: as a freshman, he led the league in receiving yards and catches this season and was certainly Teppei Renomitu’s safety blanket and long-range threat. Though he still has some growing to do, Choybuk has the eyes and ears of every EFL scout on him, particularly because his agent is known to represent some of the best in professional sports (see: VHL). Though his production may go down next year with Renomitsu moving on, Choybuk has a record-worthy freshman season to look back on and will likely be taken high whether he chooses to leave after his sophomore, junior, or senior seasons. WR Michelle Obama, LSU Tigers @fonziGG What?! How is Michelle Obama playing top dog in a sports league? You heard it here first, kiddos: the former First Lady can put down like nobody’s business. One of two Tigers represented on the offensive end, Obama was the best end-zone receiving threat in the league (10 TDs), was LSU’s leading receiver by over 300 yards, and had top-10 yards per catch while being top-ten in receptions. She is one of five players in S14 to break the thousand-yard mark, and was a big reason why Drop Fromtable was top-three in yards (and #2 in completion rate) this season. TE Kip Silver, Texas Longhorns @Tate While it pains me to see Tate on a team that isn’t my own, he makes one hell of a big receiving threat. The top receiver among tight ends this season, Kip Silver served as the FOURTH option for Texas’s Carswell this season, he managed over 600 yards and a few touchdowns. He’s also a pretty decent blocker – 16 pancakes (#4 among TEs) and zero sacks allowed is more than most can say. TE Jordan Sterling, LSU Tigers @Moosecop The first of two Moosecop players making the Non-Draftee team, Jordan Sterling doesn’t quite measure up to Silver in receiving (46 catches, 377 yards, 2 TDs). Where he shines is blocking, where he managed 27 pancakes without allowing a single sack this season. His archetype coming out of high school best matches a Vertical Threat gestalt, but he has excellent technique in run-blocking and strength to back it up. The fact that he’s a legitimate threat in medium-to-long yardage situations is the cherry on top.
  9. Today, I find myself with a CB and QB on my created-player shortlist, but when I first joined the site, I asked about creating two defensive players instead of an offensive + defensive player. Now that I'm three-plus seasons into my EFL tenure, however, I thought it'd be interesting to float which positions I wanted to create when I first registered the account. I'd throw on some fancy colors and graphics, but I think we'll keep this ranking simple for now. 8. Kicker/Punter Frustratingly, kicker and punter are positions that only get negative attention, at least in the NFL. Like offensive line, K/P often becomes a focus in the news if they aren't perfect -- and admittedly, being perfect at kicking is pretty hard even with excellent attributes. I won't fault anyone who makes the leap and chooses to be a kicker for their EFL careers (love ya @HuddleHussy), but it falls just about as far down on my 'positions I want to play' now as it did six-ish months ago. 7. Quarterback Yeah, I know. I currently have a quarterback. But QB faces precisely the same problems that goalie does in the VHL: it attracts all of the other high TPE earners, there is a maximum of one per team with little ability to play as a backup, and it's usually the center of attention. In the EFL, positional need is virtually zero; but in the NCAA, since QBs can only last a maximum of four seasons (and oftentimes don't make it there), the NCAA turnover greatly outpaces pro need. I switched Teppei out of need and found EFL interest was higher than anticipated -- so I'm keeping him. 6. Wide Receiver Like most offensive positions, speed and catching are foci especially early in builds, before anything else has a chance to develop. At WR, you have a big impact on offense and offenses are diverse enough that you'll always find a spot on a team unless you're a 100-TPE player coming out of college. There are currently 28 WRs over 250 TPE, one of which is a current college player - and with 8 EFL teams, that means you're very likely to break top 3 WRs for any team that's willing to draft you. I just don't find them as interesting to build, even if @TacticalHammer's WR is amazing this year. 5. Halfback The highest of my 'glory' offensive positions, halfback's a nice position because you can be a feature player without being the sole focus on offense via RB by committee; and with many offenses shifting to being pass-heavy schemes, lots of defenses will have faster, smaller players at LB and safety. I still like the idea of a workhorse RB that grinds out chunks of yardage; naturally home-run speed backs will probably be better box score eye candy, but I've never been one for those sorts of things anyways. 4. Fullback & Tight End FB and TE are the highest offensive positions on my list. Why? They're players that complement and and have synergy with other offensive positions, without needing to be headliners. That's why I initially had Teppei as a Tight End (and why his name was TEppei in the first place) -- their versatility in terms of running, passing, and blocking is compelling, even if speed always needs to be a high priority. But when many (though obviously not all) of the better blocking FB/TEs in the game are fillers, I felt pressured to fill the prototypical TE mold and not feel like a burden to future teams - so into speed and catching my TPE went. Pancakes are still a hilarious stat that I'd love to see though. 3. Safety (FS>SS) I'm a Ravens fan, so naturally Safety falls pretty high on my list: Ed Reed's an inspiration to the city of Baltimore, and he's a free-ranging safety who had the wherewithal to freelance on the field while retaining a Hall of Fame level of efficacy. But while the role of cornerback is pretty fixed in a defense independent of scheme, free and strong safety have a role that varies significantly with how your defensive coordinator wants to run things; it was this level of uncertainty that made me shy away from safety. Virtually all of the top corners in the game right now are Man Cover, making training camps easy to line up and consistent, successful builds easy to find. At safety, that isn't quite as clear; there's a healthy mix of man cover, zone cover, and run support. While speed is still obviously a priority for all positions, the role that you have in mind for your player might not match what your AD or GM has in mind for you - and if you're a 12 TPE/wk earner, I'm under the impression that you'll be taken very high in the draft regardless of whether you fit the scheme. 2. Linebacker It's easy to get 'lost in the sauce' as a linebacker, as you're often one of three or four players at your position. But as far as created players are concerned, you're integral in run-stuffing and pass rushing because the defensive line isn't occupied by users. Linebacker is also one of the highest-volume stats positions, although that may change provided the shift in scheme from balanced to pass-heavy attacks. I think they're also one of the more intriguing defenders to build, as like SS/FS, you're able to build for speed and shiftiness or power-style tackling. 1. Cornerback It's true that CB is one of the higher-'prestige' defensive positions, as you're often one-on-one with receivers, have a great shot at forcing interceptions, and your output on a game-to-game basis is highly variable: in my second and third seasons with Oregon, for example, there were games I didn't even show up in the box score. But this position has some historical relevance for me, as when I played in my first sim league (Madden Madness, now defunct) back in 2010, I had a high-earning player that was a mainstay and point of comparison for other corners. As a result, although I tend to shy away from high-priority positions in general, corner holds a special spot in my heart.
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