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  1. But I put a heart in mine, signifying my love for them both.
  2. @TacticalHammer and @Sharkstrong are two of my favorites Congrats guys!
  3. The sim did me dirty today. GG Notre Dame!
  4. EFL Predictions Champion: NY East Finalist: NY West Finalist: LA MVP: Reginald Sharkstrong Offensive Player of the Year: Logan Crawford Defensive Player of the Year: Chandominick Sabathia GMotY: LattimoreIsland QBotY: Logan Crawford RBotY: Tugg Bote FBotY: Vestards Mordzinsh Jr WRotY: DeAnderson Sabathia Jr TEotY: Joplo Crittenden LBoftY: Chandominick Sabathia CBotY: Chocolate Thunder SotY: Hyphen Boxcar-Jones KoftY: Adam Winesorcery Returner of the Year: DeAnderson Sabathia Jr Offensive Rookie of the Year: Gavin Rose Defensive Rookie of the Year: Djbril Kabore NCAA Predictions Champion: ND East Finalist: MICH West Finalist: ND Heisman Trophy: Casey Archer Chuck Bednarik Award: Casey Archer Tim Tebow Award: Max Byrd Lance Swift IV Award: Henry Hill Davey O'Brien Award: Max Byrd Doak Walker Award: Boaty McBoatface Biletnikoff Award: Mr. Cornholio John Mackey Award: Hassan Halafula Dick Butkus Award: Jackson Gser Jim Thorpe Award: Casey Archer Groza Guy Award: Johnny Greg Dante Pettis Award: Casey Archer Wuerffel Trophy: omgitshim Coach of the Year Award: psanchez
  5. It is a struggle to write backwards and upside down in paint when you have the dexterity of a 4 year old, guys. This is why I don't make graphics. Normally, each point in trivia this season grants 0.5 TPE - so if you've earned 6 points in trivia for S12, you'll get +3 here. But since we missed a couple of weeks of trivia we're going to grant everyone an extra 2 TPE, shown below. You can grab the amount of uncapped TPE shown below for doing an awesome job this season: @11 Eleven 1+2 = 3 @AdamS 1+2 = 3 @ADwyer87 3+2 = 5 @Alecbama 1+2 = 3 @Bengals1fan 0.5 => 1+2 = 3 @Bushito 1+2 = 3 @DonCutta190 3+2 = 5 @duckberg 0.5 => 1+2 = 3 @Enorama 1.25 => 1+2 = 3 @HarDRaiL 1+2 = 3 @HuddleHussy 2+2 = 4 @Jetsqb101 3+2 = 5 @K1NG LINUS 1.5 => 2+2 = 4 @LattimoreIsland 0.5 => 1+2 = 3 @LittleRiDog 1.5 => 2+2 = 4 @MMFLEX 2.5 => 3+2 = 5 @Nykonax 1+2 = 3 @oilmandan 3+2 = 5 @omgitshim 2.5 => 3+2 = 5 @Patdatass 3+2 = 5 @PigSnout 3+2 = 5 @Psanchez55 0.5 => 1+2 = 3 @Sharkstrong 2.5 => 3+2 = 5 @SingingHades 1+2 = 3 @Snussu 3+2 = 5 @Symmetrik 3+2 = 5 @TacticalHammer 1.5 => 2+2 = 4 @TJH 3+2 = 5 @Turner 1.5 => 2+2 = 4 @Wheaties 1+2 = 3 @xsjack 3+2 = 5 @Renomitsu Average Awarded: 1.97 => 2+2 = 4 Thanks so much for participating in trivia this season, guys! Hopefully the weird transition period is over and it's no longer weird to see Keira Knightley's face for each week's trivia. That's all for the season at hand, but we'll start up again shortly. Questions, Comments, Concerns? If you think I calculated your trivia payout incorrectly, please consider the following: I'm right, you're wrong, SHADDAP. No, wait, that's not right. Shoot me a PM and I'll double-check your score. I'll acknowledge any corrections in a second post later this week.
  6. Trivia. Is. Inevitable. Here are our answers: 1. How many athletic directors have the Fighting Irish had since Season 1? As ADwyer87 points out above, the question is a bit unclear here! The way it's written suggests 'after' season 1, but it was intended to be 'including' season 1. Based on this link, the answer could be 5 or 6 and I'll accept both for this week because I don't want confusion about question wording to deprive people of TPE. Sorry about the confusion! 2. Which college had the greatest number of players taken in Round 1 of the Season 10 EFL draft? The S10 draft had three Alabama first rounders, two Texas first rounders, and one Oregon first rounder. Thanks for participating everyone! The following players got both questions right, and can collect 1 TPE from this post: @ADwyer87 @Alecbama @DonCutta190 @Enorama @HuddleHussy @Jetsqb101 @K1NG LINUS @LittleRiDog @MMFLEX @oilmandan @omgitshim @Patdatass @PigSnout @Psanchez55 @Sharkstrong @Snussu @Symmetrik @TacticalHammer @TJH @xsjack Wh.. what's that!? Trivia is evolving! We'll be giving out seasonal payouts this week in just a few minutes!
  7. Taggert/Toboggan OTP What a performance by those two this game, holy moly.
  8. 21-20 After a last-minute heartbreaker, that's all we have for you tonight on ESPN. Good night College Football!!
  10. 0:39 3rd and 11 ND - 49 Rush by Razor, R. for 4 yds. Tackle by Oshiomogho, L.. Rony: Rose lines up in the shotgun, 18 seconds left -- no time outs. Dee lays unconscious on the floor. Rony: "Pocket holds strong for just a second, but the D-ends are on him immediately -- the middle of the field has cleared out and only Cornholio's around as the dump off. Notre Dame has eight men back but Rose opts for a short pass and an open field..."
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