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  1. All good to lean on the running game when I worked so hard on a player to help it. Also yay for TD!
  2. Name: Henry Hill Team: Michigan Workout Name: Gain Weight Cost of Workout:$2 million Cash you Have: $5 million Cash Left: $3 million
  3. Name: Jebediah Cromwell Team: Texas Workout Name: Gain Weight Cost of Workout: 2,000,000 Cash you Have: 2,000,000 Cash Left: 0
  4. Champions While Henry Hill has gone off the grid to reflect on Michigan's disappointing season, Jebediah Cromwell and the Texas Longhorns have been living it up with the boys in one of the rowdiest and most rootin' tootin' nights that Austin has had in quite a while. Cromwell commented on the historic championship win: "Not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous in the first half. Bama kept pace with us pretty well and it was real close. Glad that we were able to pull through and capitalize on some good luck." Cromwell finished the most important game of his career as the receiver with the second most yards for Texas with 53 catching yards, and three big pancakes to help Texas surprise the world with their impressive running game. However, the most impressive part of the game happened on the final play, when Cromwell set up a key block for Luminosity to put the game away. Cromwell sprinted over to the sideline to grab a freshly refilled Gatorade Cooler for his ultimate purpose. Surprisingly sneaky for such a big boy, he snuck up on Athletic Director Bote and showered him in a sticky orange waterfall of high quality hydration. Now the smell of Budweiser fills the air of the undisclosed location of the UT championship celebration, and Cromwell and the other Horns enjoy the satisfaction of being the best in the world.
  5. 4 catches, 53 yards, and 3 pancakes for Cromwell! Such a great game for everyone!
  6. No halftime show, pbp is ruined
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