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  1. Moosecop

    July Lottery

    I won a thing! I still have to earn that TPE tho right? It's not free?
  2. Name: Kurt Martins Team: LSU Workout Name: 2 TPE x2 Cost of Workout: $2m Cash you Have: $2m Cash Left: $0
  3. TE Jordan Sterling announces his intent to transfer
  4. Round 1 1.1: New Orleans Kraken: Jax Byrd 1.2: Wisconsin Brigade: Duke Starscream 1.3: San Antonio Wolfpack: Boaty McBoatface 1.4: Memphis Mambas: TJ Hendrix 1.5: Seattle Predators: Mr. Cornholio 1.6: New York Herd: Casey Archer 1.7: Miami Neptune: Lester Mccorn 1.8: Memphis Mambas (From LA): JJ Hendrix Round 2 2.9: New Orleans Kraken: Diana Gunner 2.10: Wisconsin Brigade: Max Byrd 2.11: San Antonio Wolfpack: Ekong Okafor 2.12: Wisconsin Brigade (From MEM): Quinton Reeves 2.13: New Orleans Kraken (From SEA): Luke Cafferty 2.14: New Orleans Kraken (From MIA): Khobe Karter 2.15: Los Angeles Reign: Jackson Gser 2.16: New York Herd: Matt Saracen
  6. NCAA Week 14 Texas vs Oregon Total Rushing Yards: 239 NCAA Week 14 L. King (LSU) Total Tackles: 9 EFL Week 14 Los Angeles vs Memphis Total Passing Attempts: 60 EFL Week 14 Harlon Connecticut Passing Yards: 269 Week 14 Total Points for All EFL and NCAA Games: 350
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