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  1. Coming soon accidentally posted
  2. Bobby Melvin ______________________________________ So first I got to head to practice. From there I start my simple and basic drills that I work on that attribute to my on-field skill. I usually start with the simple stuff. So first I’m going to work on my catching and route running, which has always been more of the struggle for me. Even if I don’t have the strongest catching game I’m hopefully still going to be a brute force for Major Key, a man who I’ve respected in my 1 1/2 year(s) in the NCAA. Then I work on my passing and run blocking game. For my whole life as a football player I’ve been known as an elite blocker. Even when my other attributes fail me, I still have that amazing blocking, and while I haven’t been on my game quiet nearly as much as I was last year finishing with the most pancakes as a non-offensive linemen, I still have a chance. Just gonna leave it off and talk about how I feel I did as Tight End. Well this might not be many players/ADs opinion, but I have this feeling like I can still help my team go to that National Championship, and I had a big role in our participation in the getting to the Championship as a whole. I hope to help my Running backs like I did last year. Hopefully I can get more receiving Touchdowns this year. I feel like I had a solid running game, and I can hopefully even become the best TE in college football today, do I have a long way to come yes, but can I do it also yes. That’s all I wanted to run through with everybody. Hopefully if you live in Alabama you can come and see the games. For now until next time :).
  3. The Two Cousin's Brands will take place here.
  4. QB: Matt LeSeige 3$ RB: Jimmy Numbers 3$ RB: Asahel (6$) WR: Calle Colt 5$ WR: Donovan Sayers 5$ Flex: Bobby Melvin $3 K: Cody Smith $1 D/ST: Alabama $2
  5. Name: Bobby Melvin Team: Alabama Roll Tide Workout Name: 6 + 1 TPE Cost of Workout: 2.5 million + .5 million Cash you Have: 3 million Cash Left: 0 Name: Melvin Kelvin Team: Alabama Roll Tide Workout Name: 10 + 2 Cost of Workout: 4 million + 1 million Cash you Have: 5 million Cash Left: 0
  6. Round 1 1.1: New Orleans Kraken: Jax Byrd 1.2: Wisconsin Brigade: J.J Hendrix 1.3: San Antonio Wolfpack: Boaty McBoatFace 1.4: Memphis Mambas: Mr. Cornholio 1.5: Seattle Predators: Lester McCorn 1.6: New York Herd: Casey Archer 1.7: Miami Neptune: Duke Starscream 1.8: Memphis Mambas (From LA): TJ Hendrix Round 2 2.9: New Orleans Kraken: Ekong Okafor 2.10: Wisconsin Brigade: Diana Gunner 2.11: San Antonio Wolfpack: Jax Byrd 2.12: Wisconsin Brigade (From MEM): Quinton Reaves 2.13: New Orleans Kraken (From SEA): Khobe Karter 2.14: New Orleans Kraken (From MIA): Jackson Gser 2.15: Los Angeles Reign: Luke Cafferty 2.16: New York Herd: Matt Saracen 
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