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  2. Bobby Melvin ______________________________________ So first I got to head to practice. From there I start my simple and basic drills that I work on that attribute to my on-field skill. I usually start with the simple stuff. So first I’m going to work on my catching and route running, which has always been more of the struggle for me. Even if I don’t have the strongest catching game I’m hopefully still going to be a brute force for Major Key, a man who I’ve respected in my 1 1/2 year(s) in the NCAA. Then I work on my passing and run blocking game. For my whole life as a football player I’ve been known as an elite blocker. Even when my other attributes fail me, I still have that amazing blocking, and while I haven’t been on my game quiet nearly as much as I was last year finishing with the most pancakes as a non-offensive linemen, I still have a chance. Just gonna leave it off and talk about how I feel I did as Tight End. Well this might not be many players/ADs opinion, but I have this feeling like I can still help my team go to that National Championship, and I had a big role in our participation in the getting to the Championship as a whole. I hope to help my Running backs like I did last year. Hopefully I can get more receiving Touchdowns this year. I feel like I had a solid running game, and I can hopefully even become the best TE in college football today, do I have a long way to come yes, but can I do it also yes. That’s all I wanted to run through with everybody. Hopefully if you live in Alabama you can come and see the games. For now until next time :).
  3. The Two Cousin's Brands will take place here.
  4. QB: Matt LeSeige 3$ RB: Jimmy Numbers 3$ RB: Asahel (6$) WR: Calle Colt 5$ WR: Donovan Sayers 5$ Flex: Bobby Melvin $3 K: Cody Smith $1 D/ST: Alabama $2
  5. Name: Bobby Melvin Team: Alabama Roll Tide Workout Name: 6 + 1 TPE Cost of Workout: 2.5 million + .5 million Cash you Have: 3 million Cash Left: 0 Name: Melvin Kelvin Team: Alabama Roll Tide Workout Name: 10 + 2 Cost of Workout: 4 million + 1 million Cash you Have: 5 million Cash Left: 0
  6. Round 1 1.1: New Orleans Kraken: Jax Byrd 1.2: Wisconsin Brigade: J.J Hendrix 1.3: San Antonio Wolfpack: Boaty McBoatFace 1.4: Memphis Mambas: Mr. Cornholio 1.5: Seattle Predators: Lester McCorn 1.6: New York Herd: Casey Archer 1.7: Miami Neptune: Duke Starscream 1.8: Memphis Mambas (From LA): TJ Hendrix Round 2 2.9: New Orleans Kraken: Ekong Okafor 2.10: Wisconsin Brigade: Diana Gunner 2.11: San Antonio Wolfpack: Jax Byrd 2.12: Wisconsin Brigade (From MEM): Quinton Reaves 2.13: New Orleans Kraken (From SEA): Khobe Karter 2.14: New Orleans Kraken (From MIA): Jackson Gser 2.15: Los Angeles Reign: Luke Cafferty 2.16: New York Herd: Matt Saracen 
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  10. Bobby Melvin went to a local Orlando (Oklahoma) school and he was a star TE there, but he has a story to it. Bobby Melvin originally used football just to pass time ,but he realized that he would need hard work and dedication if he wanted to play football. He originally played Linebacker because he didn’t think he was big enough to be a blocking TE. After about 8 weeks into the 'season' he switched his position to TE and realized he was a natural. As a linebacker he wasn’t to good with only 5 tackles, 1 sack, and a deflection in 8 games. As TE on the other hand he stood out. Height and weight and he finished the season with about 500 receiving yards, 8 caught touchdowns, and LNG of 38 yards. He stayed on pace for his sophomore year in which he led the state in TE receiving yards due to low-caliber TEs in which he finished with 875 receiving yards, 10 caught TDs, and he had a LNG of 42. He was slightly improved but he still remained a top-prospect at his position. He played about 12 games only due to a sprained ankle which finished his season. He had a successful Junior season in which he won a state title and he was dubbed the greatest TE Oklahoma had ever produced. He was Tight End of the Year and finished with a prolific 1000+ yards finish to the season with a LNG of 54 yards and 17 TDs. He didn’t have many colleges recruiting him due to TEs not being a big deal to fill a spot for. He didn’t think he was gonna end up playing pro but changed his decision after realizing with hard work and good effort. He could consistently play on a good high pace level that electric TEs fill in today's game. His final season during his High School Season was probably his best. He won another state title where he was recognized the best TE and the best player on that team. His quarterback was a star but it was mostly with Bobby. He never failed to impress during the season in which he had his second 1,000+ yards, 19 TDs, and a LNG of 47 yards. He finished his High School tenure as the school's leading receiver in yards and TDs. He decided he wanted to not go pro again. Then during the middle of the NCAA season he changed his mind and received a redshirt scholarship to Alabama. The season after he received a full-benefit scholarship. While Melvin hasn’t lived up to the hype right away he still seems to produce a lot of yards in game. (449 words)
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