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  1. Week 1 USC vs. Michigan LSU vs. Notre Dame Miami vs. Oregon Alabama vs. Texas
  2. Name: Richaun Hamilton Team: Texas Longhorns Workout Name: Gain Weight + Gain TPE - 2TPE Cost of Workout: 3 Million Cash you Have: 3 Million Cash Left: 0 Million Name: DeShaun Marion Team: USC Trojans Workout Name: Gain TPE - 6TPE + Gain TPE - 1TPE Cost of Workout 3 Million Cash you Have: 3 Million Cash Left: 0
  3. okochastar

    S13 Prompt #1

    I want to see some of my friends grab some awards and see how my two new college programs do with recruiting other new members. Can’t forget about the draft and seeing my boy @Garappogoat don some new colors. Excited to see what the EFL has in store in terms of offseason stuff, no doubt it’s gonna be more cool stuff. Also looking to get into an updating rhythm and learning the forum a bit better. I have some expectations for my whole EFL career but all of them include working for some TPE, and what better opportunity than this right here. I don’t have a solid grasp on the draft but I know couple of the upcoming draftees. Mr Sack Man McBuckets is touted as a top pick and that would be great to see. For college, I have both of my teams set in stone now, and I can only expect good things from my Athletic Directors Sova and TacticalHammer. Texas looks to be in great shape but I don’t know much about the USC guys yet. I saw stevo pop up in the training camp thread and he’s a guy I know and respect so we’re already starting off great with USC.
  4. Accepted. It's Richaun Hamilton, though.
  5. +13 DeShaun Marion, Kicker
  6. Norrbottens Kuriren Kent Vikström Helt nytt “Signing day” ska börja nästa Tisdag. cursived: Richaun Hamilton non-cursived: Kent "Nils" Vikström For the Signing Day, Norrbottens Kuriren is proud to present a English language special, and I’m focusing on the recruitment of a Luleå kid, Richaun Hamilton. Richaun Hamilton was born in Florida, in a Jacksonville suburb by the name of Callahan. What’s this then? Some might remember Richaun as one of the six American kids who made up the Florida team at the track and field combine. Richaun was the starter in the 4x400m relay held almost four years ago now. And now Richaun Hamilton is a college American Football (hereby on referred as just football) prospect, and we consider him one of our own. It is a stretch, I know. Richaun Hamilton was already playing organized football when he was part of the lap relay team four years ago. He was just starting high school then, so playing college football was nowhere near a reality yet. “I was skinny and a lot shorter. I could keep up with every offensive player but they could just catch the ball above me and be done with it. It was awful.” Richaun was skinny for football standards, even with the large guards and paddings on, but for whatever reason, there were quite a bunch of taller football players in his high school. And 15-year old Richaun was not yet able to keep up with them. “I felt weird not being able to play a lot. I love playing y’know, that’s what I wanted to do. But it was up to me to change, if I couldn’t grow any taller I should look for something else. Something that would let me to stand out and get playing time.” So Richaun tried and tried. He painted his helmet, which got him in trouble with the equipment manager. He cut his socks, which got him in trouble with the equipment manager. He tried to change his name, which got him in trouble with the school faculty. None of the traditional means of changing up your game seemed to bite. Richaun ran out of options. “Then it all kind of fell from the skies, y’know. Kent, you ever see something fall from the skies?” “Snow and rain, mostly.” “Yeaaah, just like snow and rain. Purple Adizero 8.0s. Just a cardboard box, two of them bitches, right my size and what not. Had them on for the next few practices and man, can I talk about those days for hours.” So Richaun found new confidence and new explosiveness with a pair of new cleats. It’s not your traditional story, but it’s his story and who are we to doubt him. Richaun broke the track record for under-16 year olds competing here in Luleå, and now it’s his turn to break records in NCAA football. The National Signing Day is slowly approaching and Richaun’s choice has brought upon a lot of intrigue. “I ever told you I like the Sandile evolution line, Nils?” “It’s Kent, and you did not.” “Yeah, so there’s this guy called franticHammer and he showed me a really cool picture of Krookodile. Figures, he’s an Athletic Director for the Texas Longhorns. Cowboy in and out.” “You’re committing to the Texas Longhorns?” “I’m committing to the Texas Longhorns.”
  7. hefty victory. lot of up the field punts forced for the Trojans
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