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  1. Name: Aaron Adler Team: Michigan Wolverines Workout Name: 2.5 mil + 500k mil training (6 TPE+1 TPE) Cost of Workout $3 million (2.5 mil +500k) Cash you Have: $3 million Cash Left: $0
  2. Name: Alex Adler Team: Michigan Wolverines Workout Name: 2.5 mil + 500k mil training (6 TPE+1 TPE) Cost of Workout $3 million (2.5 mil +500k) Cash you Have: $3 million Cash Left: $0
  3. A new dawn is upon us. The cryptic Mr. Pancake has used some of his vast family fortune in order to start his very own Player Agency by the name of Extra Maple. The first two players that he signed was the Adler Twins. After a standout high school career, they decided to sign for the Michigan Wolverines. There they also did not waste any time and established themselves as fantastic players who played a significant part in Michigans playoff run. The two brothers both had very successful rookie seasons in the NCAA. The Wolverines managed to earn the best record in the Eastern Conference before they, unfortunately, got kicked out of the playoffs sooner than expected. Nevertheless, this season was no bust, seeing as the Linebacker Aaron Adler managed to win the Defensive Rookie of the Year Award, for his 100 tackles, 4 sacks, and 1 fumble recovery. His brother Alex, although excited for his teams and brothers success, was not quite happy with the way that he personally played this season. "I have to improve my game by next season. There is no way around it. You better believe that I will work tirelessly to come into next season stronger, faster, and with quicker hands." Overall, this past season has been very exciting for the two and Mr. Pancake and his team can't wait to see just how much better the twins will be next season. Words: 236
  4. That sim sucked for Michigan...
  5. I guess we got 2 L's offline cuz our record was 8-3 according to last sim...
  6. I literally have nothing good to say about this sim...
  7. So I like pancakes, obviously, only a monster wouldn't. But the cryptic part really has nothing to do with pancakes being mysterious. Back in the day, me and my school friends had an 'amateur' CSGO team. (We were all like 13-14 so we were average at best. Don't even think we got to the eagle stage) One of my mate's gamer tag was aDepressedCookie and we just thought it would be cool if we had matching names and themes (Theme being a at the start, followed by an adjective and then a breakfast/dessert). Another friend was called aHyperactiveWaffle etc. I went with Pancakes because they are fucking amazing. Originally I went with aSuicidalPancake but after a while, I thought that might give off the wrong impression so I decided to change it. I got to cryptic either because I googled "cool words" or something creative like that (bear in mind I was still young) or we did a creative writing thing in school and the teacher told me I should use that word over mysterious. I really have just been using it ever since for all of my internet nicknames. Ps, I will definitely start using the: "something mysterious about pancakes" line in the future...
  8. My LB is popping off. Also Michigan is on a tear. Everyone else better watch their back
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