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  1. Amsterdam Times reporter Hailey Vandersack caught up with Netherlands native Speedy Van Dutch. Hailey - Congratulations on your scholarship with USC! Speedy - Thank you! It’s an exciting time for sure! Hailey - I know it hasn’t been long since you committed there but what is your first impression of the NCAA and USC? Speedy - yeah it’s been a busy few days sorting through a few different suites but everything went pretty smooth and here we are now at USC. Hailey - How has your experience with USC been so far? Speedy - USC is a pretty prestigious school and they were very cordial and welcoming to me. I’m still getting to know my way around there but all positives so far Hailey - Have any of your teammates reached out to you to welcome you in? Speedy - Actually it has been very quiet on that front. I haven’t really heard from anyone yet... seems like it’s a quiet group. Hailey - How is your training going as you prep for the upcoming season? Speedy - I’m a gym rat so training always goes well for me. *smiles* I’m still learning the football side of things with this school but no complaints here. Hailey - What are your early expectations for this season? Speedy - I hope to get solid playing time and earn an important role in my rookie season. Other than that I will take everything one day at a time and see how it all plays out. Hailey - Thank you for your time and good luck this season. We’ll catch up with you again! Speedy - Thanks for having me! Word count - 276
  2. It’s National Signing Day and scholarships have been handed out. USC looks to continue its run as a prestige school that attracts quality recruits and this year has been no different. USC has been a winner in the past and while they always field a quality team, it has now been a few years since it has won it all. Will the new recruits be the turning point for this team? Let’s take a closer look at two of these recruits in particular, Speedy Van Dutch, a wide receiver, and Biggs Backer, a linebacker. Speedy Van Dutch was a quick and effortless recruit for USC as he valued their honesty and early recruiting of him. Since Speedy chose the NCAA as his preference for development, USC immediately welcomed him to the league and began negotiations with him. The most attractive part of joining USC was the fact that there was playing time to be had, something some other schools wouldn’t guarantee. Speedy is ready to get to work, improve his talents and show USC and the NCAA that he a sure talent and one that hopes to light the NCAA on fire. Speedy is a bit of a common talent in the fact that he’s all hands and feet. Speedy can make all the guaranteed catches with some serious consistency but it’s his quick legs and dogged determination that allow him to get to places to make the impossible catches as well. Speedy is a highlight reel talent and a fan favourite personality that will create ripples through the USC fan base. Biggs Backer is a big bodied linebacker. Word is that USC originally thought they might have a $3,000,000 scholarship to offer him but after other schools approached him and more offers came in Biggs had a big decision to make. When USC upped their offer to a $5,000,000 scholarship, and offered him a prominent roll in the squad, Biggs had made his decision. Biggs was committing to USC and he was very comfortable with the decision. While the other schools would have been good options, USC showed a belief in him and offered a tantalizing path on his way to the pros that Biggs could not resist. USC is getting a motivated and potentially superstar quality recruit in a position that they really needed. Biggs will look to prove their trust with some high quality work ethic and a professionalism that belies his years. Biggs Backer can be counted on to be the first to practise and the last to leave every day. Biggs is a tireless worker who has only one goal in mind - to dominate every game he plays in. Opponents will quickly know who Biggs is and will always be aware when he is on the field as Biggs is a big presence out there and one who demands attention. Overall USC will be quite satisfied with these two of their recruits. Both Speedy and Biggs will look to make a big impact on the field with the hopes of helping propel USC back to the top with the ultimate goal of returning USC back to its former glory of winning the ultimate trophy.
  3. Biggs Backer - Accepts Speedy Van Dutch - Accepts
  4. https://vhlforum.com/topic/61953-start-of-a-new-life/ VHL +6
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