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  1. Michigan 3-0.... Another TD for me.
  2. Oscar and Oliver have taken the podium. Ask Away.
  3. Basketball better BUT IM READY
  4. Oscar Jebaseelan (Michigan Wolverines) Brandin Cooks Please put the quote "Shout out to everyone doubting me" Oliver Jebaseelan (Michigan Wolverines) Marcus Peter Please put the quote "Shout out to everyone doubting me"
  5. Oliver and Oscar Jebaseelan bout to take the NCAA by storm.
  6. +9 WR (Oscar Jebaseelan) +13 CB (Oliver Jebaseelan)
  7. FIre away to the Jeba brothers.
  8. Well. Oscar has a pretty good game, so did Oliver...
  9. EFL Predictions Champion: Memphis East Finalist: Memphis West Finalist: Los Angeles MVP: Logan Crawford Offensive Player of the Year: Logan Crawford Defensive Player of the Year: Ian Kelley GMotY: Jetsqb101 QBotY: Logan Crawford RBotY: Reginald Sharkstrong FBotY: A.A. Goat WRotY: Mantis Toboggan TEotY: Joplo Crittenden LBoftY: Ian Kelley CBotY: Bo Clerk SotY: Matt Hunter KoftY: Adam Winesorcery Returner of the Year: Mantis Toboggan Offensive Rookie of the Year: Gavin Rose Defensive Rookie of the Year: Mike McBuckets NCAA Predictions Champion: Michigan East Finalist: Michigan West Finalist: Texas Heisman Trophy - Max Byrd Chuck Bednarik Award - Defensive Player OTY Lester McCorn Tim Tebow Award - Offensive Player OTY Max Byrd Lance Swift IV Award - Top Freshman Alex Adler Davey O'Brien Award -QB Max Byrd Doak Walker Award - RB Duke Starscream Biletnikoff Award - WR Mr. Cornholio John Mackey Award - TE Hassan Halafula Dick Butkus Award - LB Jackson Gser Jim Thorpe Award - DB Leser McCorn Groza Guy Award - K/P Johnny Greg Dante Pettis Award-K/P Returner: Boaty McBoatface Wuerffel Trophy - Community Service Sharkstrong Coach of the Year Award - AD JG10
  10. Twin recruits, Oscar and Oliver Jebaseelan from Melbourne, Australia officially announce their decision to join Michigan State. The twins play on opposite sides of the team, with Oscar Jebaseelan a deep threat WR who was scouted for his ability to catch the football at deep range, while being very quick. Oliver, his twin brother is known for the opposite..Oliver is known for covering large area of space while using his elite footwork and agility, while being very smart for knowing where to place himself. We spoke to Oliver and Oscar as they arrived to at the Michigan airport this morning and they had this to say; "We are happy to commit to Michigan, they are a well run school with @J.G.10 being a very good AD and we both hope to learn off of him, even if it's on the opposite sides of the teams. Oliver who is 6ft and 190 lbs, is quickly showing back home in Australia during some weak competition that he along with his 5'10 189 lbs brother Oscar can quickly become the best Australian EFL players of all time. They may of both been a pickup that no one knows, due to the fact they are coming for the other side of the world where american football isn't player their but both players want to be known very quickly and are looking to make a statement on the NCAA and one day hopefully at the EFL level. Oscar Jebaseelan the WR was asked about how the QB, Byrd can help him improve his game to another level, he had this to say; Max is one of the best QB in the NCAA and with his passing and vision ability, I can see him helping me improve and get as many touchdowns as possible but I can't let him do all the work. I have to improve my game, work on my footwork and speed and trying to get away from my opponent to leave Max, in the best place to pass to me. Oscar was a gun player in Australia playing EFL, scoring 25 touchdowns on the season but he knows the competition will be harder and he just needs to improve. For Oliver he was a gun on the defensive side putting up 10 interceptions with 2 of them being pick-6, so Michigan seem to have found them a gem but only time will tell if theses duo brothers will work at a much higher level. With the season kicking off very soon, both Jebaseelan brothers look to improve on their game right away and look to be mentor by some of the NCAA greats with both looking to have promising careers in the EFL. Both Jebaseelan are known to be very competitive and don't accept losing, even if it's against each other in the backyard, when asked about who wins the backyard 1v1 battles, they had this to stay "I mean we both don't like to lose and it's get pretty physical out there, once it got so bad, he [Oliver] broke his hand because of how physical it seems to get out their and a funny story is when, the coach asked what happened we both just said, the dog bit his hand and he was like, yeah right.
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