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  1. That’ll do! Thanks!
  2. @Jetsqb101 Sorry I sent you a PM on this before seeing this post. I committed to Miami last week. Player: Nick Nichols TE
  3. Damnnn da trifecta, I know you now lol!!
  4. Thanks fellas. Do I know you guys from WFL/USFL?? Sorry, I am weak with the names.
  5. Yea, I was under the username Nichols. I was the tight end for the Tampa Bay Bandits. Updater/Presenter over there. Loved the crap out of that league. This is my first league since then, excited to get going.
  6. I'd be happy to help out. I live in excel spreadsheets as a job, so I should be able to catch on quickly. Also worked in the WFL/USFL as an updater/presenter.
  7. Nick Nichols - Tyler Higbee
  8. __________________________________________ Nick Penney, now Nick Nichols, was born and raised in growing town of Corinth, TX. At the age of 11 his mom went missing and the evidence pointed to his father being the culprit. After years of searching, they found his mother buried under her brother's tool shed. Nick's father and uncle were found guilty of murder. Losing his only family members, Nick went to many foster homes around the Dallas area. At the age of 17, He was adopted by Michael and Susan Nichols. Nick struggled in school but found his love of football throughout these tough times. He played offensive lineman for most of his middle school and early high school years. When he moved to Ranchview high for his Senior year, he cut fat, bulked, and became Texas's Tight End of the Year. He holds the school records for most catches and touchdowns in a season. 5-15-2019 -- Nick instantly found a connection with the AD of Miami, CptMatt. He committed on the 15th and plans on "bringing Miami the 'Nattys that they rightfully deserve".
  9. Welcome to the EFL bemetsz! Let us know if you need any help getting started.



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