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  1. Nice win Miami!! Thanks @KGR for coming through
  2. Available to ALL players 50% will net you 1 Uncapped tpe. 75% will net you 2 Uncapped tpe. 100% will net you 3 Uncapped tpe. Week 5 Mambas @ Predators Wolfpack @ Herd Kraken @ Brigade Reign @ Neptune Week 6 Predators @ Brigade Herd @ Mambas Neptune @ Kraken Reign @ Wolfpack Week 7 Predators @ Herd Brigade @ Neptune Mambas @ Reign Wolfpack @ Kraken
  3. Highest guess was 8 by: @Jetsqb101 @MMFLEX @oilmandan @jmoney @J.G.10 @Enorama @chemicalfire @Wally Lowest was 3 by ANTISIMPLE CLAIM 1 TPE: @HuddleHussy @Jetsqb101 @MMFLEX @Sharkstrong @oilmandan @jmoney @J.G.10 @Symmetrik @PigSnout @Enorama @Patdatass @chemicalfire @Wally @Alecbama @Acydburn Please PM me if I made any mistakes!
  4. Domination good win Miami
  5. Highlights of the Miami vs USC game: Final score: Miami 9 - USC 5 Due note, I love Miami and will always love Miami. I embrace our losing ways and always will. Being a Rams fan my whole life made me realize, "Hey, we'll eventually get to the big game, don't sweat it." It may not be this season, or the next, or the one after that, or even the one after that. Hell we may all be dead, but we will get there one day, and I'll be the one saying, "Told ya." And if we do reach the title game, we may lose it. if so, cry a little, lose all hope, go through a tough spell, and maybe eventually you will make it back...just maybe.
  6. Oh sweet. I'd be happy to join in then!
  7. I wish I had a lot of free-time, I would love to go full time presenter. I would be happy to pick up a game during the week (maybe more later on). I presented in the WFL and USFL (see http://theusfl.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=3445 )
  8. NICE!!!!!!!!! LETS GOOOOO
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