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  1. Gonna start writing.
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  7. Matt LeSeige - Andrew Luck Old Man John - Matt Bryant (Yes I know Bryant is a kicker)
  8. Matt LeSiege is from Portland, Oregon. He came from Riverdale High School where he had some good years. He ended his career with 96 TD's, 68 INTS thrown, around 11,200 Yards, and he averaged 59% Completion rate. His best LNG throw was 93 yards. This is how he got here. Matt was deciding what sport he was going to play. He was to big for hockey. He wasn’t consistent in basketball. He could only hit for power in baseball. So he tried football. He doesn’t regret this decision, and said it was probably his best decision he’s ever made. He definetely didn’t start well, he was a 3rd string player, and he was benched behind seniors. He looked and pretty much was that lanky kid who you have to give a chance or his parents would call the school district. He played 8 games out of 16, and he had 7TD's 796 Yards, and his longest throw was 39 Yards. He was mostly brought in for clutch short passes because he could barely throw medium bombs. The next season was his chance to be the 1st string. He successfully grabbed the spot with ease seeing that the other QB's weren’t that good. He learned how to play in the pocket, and his accuracy on the deep and medium was gradually growing. He was often pressured as his offensive line wasn’t the best , but usually seemed to get the ball away. He became a solid 3 Star recruit, who could become a 4 Star or even a 5 Star recruit potentially. He finished the season with 24 TD's, 2,647 Yards, 49% Completetion Rate, and his longest throw was for 69 Yards. To end his Sophomore season he almost brought a banner into Riverdale, and went strong in the championships falling short by 3 Points. The next season was arguably his best. He was a fan-favorite Junior who hadn’t blossomed completely. He almost mastered his deep accuracy and medium accuracy. He was a 4 star recruit, and he had a chance to win state championships. He was arguably the best HS QB in the state. He had a stellar season with 27 TD's, 3,450 Yards, only 7 INTS thrown, and his longest throw was 74 Yards. His arm was definitely getting better and better. He won the championships with a game winning overtime Touchdown. His last season was coming up. His final season he was captaining the team he had loved. LeSeige really bulked up this season. He knew he was going to college, and worked out frequently. He went from being 6'4 200 lbs to 6'7 237 lbs at the end of the season. He really proved himself. He had finished the season with a outstanding 38 TD's, he had multiple interceptions thrown, his completion rating was pretty high, and his longest throw was 93 Yards. By the end of his scholastic high school career he had won 2x Offensive Player of the year, 1x MVP, 2x QBOTY, and he won 2 Championships. He is looking for a school to commit to and his decision will be revealed soon.
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    Welfare - 5/5 - 5/11

    +6 https://vhlforum.com/topic/62099-thomas-kennedy-rp/
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