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  1. At the end of season 15 both Acyd Burn and Game Day announced their retirements from the EFL/NCAA. They felt as if they weren't cut out for the NCAA and could not contribute on a regular basis. The training was both physical and mental and was just too much. With this said the duo are debating a return, they feel they season off has helped them become stronger both on and off the field. Day has been hitting the gym and improving his strength for those hail marys. Burn has been focusing on his speed and focus, making sure that he can get the key tackles at the right times. With the new season approaching they may want to find a new team to call home. Not that there was anything wrong with Michigan “ Go Blue!”. A change of scenery may be beneficial to both players and can contribute to a team needing their services. They have also been contemplating a position change on both ends. Day possibly switching from a QB and Burn switching from a strong safety to another position. Depending on how this off season goes, they may be ready for the big time once again.
  2. Holy shit Michigan won!
  3. Bench Game Day.. guy sucks!
  4. Fuck my QB sucks
  5. mambas with the win!
  6. After sitting on the bench for his rookie NCAA season Game Day has become the starter for the Michigan Wolverines. While this is exciting for GD the results haven't been the best. Michigan is currently slipping down the rankings. According to the index, in two games Game Day has 30 completions, 4 attempts, for 283 yards at a pct of 46.9. He has 1 TD 3 interceptions and a shit rating of 45.2. The only QB rated lower than Game Day is a bot with a rating of 39.6, if I were Michigan I would be looking for a replacement QB. While Day has some more training he can do, the future does not looking promising for the young QB. Do we think he can pull it out? Does he take all of the blame or is there something his team can help him out with? Also on Michigan you have strong safety Acyd Burn. In two games Burn has 9 tackles (nothing impressive). While he isn’t in the spotlight that Game Day is in, Burn is working hard training to help the wolverines on defense. Remember, “offense wins games, defense wins championships”.
  7. Michigan not doing so hot.
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