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  1. Calle Colt is projected as a top five draft choice in this seasons EFL draft. Imagine that for just a second. Athletes strive for this from day one. Their parents, siblings, extended family, friends, all standing by in support of seeing them succeed and make a name for them self. It's a special time to say the least. Calle has become a household name since making his way from his high school team, the Grand Rapids Thunderhawks. Just five years have passed since he stepped onto the scene as an athlete hoping to one day represent his roots and play in at the professional level. We had the chance to sit down with Calle and collect his narrative on the whole experience; "These three years have undeniably been the most beneficial of my career. From high school to excelling at the college level, not enough can be said about the athletic programs that have taken me in and moulded me into the player I am today and the player I strive to be in the future. Thinking about displaying my skills at the EFL level is nothing short of a dream come true. To think a young kid from Grand Rapids Michigan can make it this far and hopefully be an inspiration to several hopeful's out there is incredible. Just a few more days and I will find out which respectful franchise wishes to add me to their program... I simply cannot wait. I am lucky if I get four hours of sleep a night leading to then. This is always what I wanted to do, what a worked for, what I spent countless hours practicing for. It is all coming true and it feels surreal." From his facial expressions to his choice of words we can tell Colt is ecstatic about this opportunity. He is the type of guy that will count down the hours and minutes until his draft class is advanced to the final level. You can feel his energy, his passion and his willingness to do whatever it takes to taste the success of his hard work and perseverance. We wish Calle all the success in the world.
  2. Nine seconds were all that stood between the Miami Hurricanes from heading into overtime against the Texas Longhorns. Lionel Bands kicked a field goal from 46 yards out ending the season and college career for Calle Colt. They went in as the under-dogs and almost completed an unforgettable Cinderella story. Calle Colts NCAA career with the Hurricanes had its ups and downs but the team continued to improve as the seasons went by. Calle played three seasons with Miami amassing some impressive stats that improved each season; Calle's first season with Miami saw the team finish last in their conference with a 5-9-0 record, but with a positive points spread at 351-319. Miami finished 4th in the league in receiving yards at 3383. Colt played in just 11 games his first season completing 34 receptions for 334 yards. An average of 9.8 with 3 TD's. Not bad for the freshman. Colt's second season with Miami saw the team move up into second place in their conference with a 7-7-0 record. Their offensive numbers went down a tad but their defensive game improved by 51 points. Miami was second from the bottom in receiving yards as they focused more on the defensive side of the game. Colt played a much more important role playing all 14 games amassing 61 receptions for 892 yards, an average of 14.6 with 8 TD's. Colts final season with Miami was the programs best during Calle's time with them. Miami finished second again with a record of 8-6-0 giving up under 200 points against. They were once again second from the bottom in receiving yards. Calle had a strong season with 51 receptions totaling a career high 1087 yards. An average of 21.3 yards (league leading) with 3 TD's. While Calle fell short of an NCAA championship, a lot was learned and refined over his three seasons with the Canes. He is projected as a top five draft choice and will fill any teams need for the current and future at the WR position. We expect Colt to continue to improve as his young career continues and receives a fresh slate in the EFL.
  3. Hoping to follow in his brothers footsteps, Deiondre Colt is looking to take on the next chapter of his football career in the NCAA. Calle Colt was an absolute unit for the Miami Hurricanes and passed along his experiences to his younger brother. Deiondre, like Calle, joined the Grand Rapids Thunderhawks in his freshman year as one of the biggest players in their recent history. At a whopping 76 inches tall and weighing in at 232 points at the time of joining high school, Deiondre was built for the line-backer role. He carried a GPA of 3.5, just a tad under his brothers yet still incredibly impressive for an athlete that may have split interests. Grand Rapids requires a 2.8 GPA or higher, so Deiondre was a role model in the locker room for his team mates. Deiondre joined the Grand Rapids program at the perfect time as they were in desperate need of rebuilding their defensive program. Colt from week one was the programs go to line backer. He persevered through some early season injuries and did not miss a single game during that freshman year. Grand Rapids missed the state championships that season but improved drastically the following year after bringing on a stronger offensive unit. Grand Rapids finished 2nd in the state and competed their hearts out at the state championship falling just three points shy of making the final. Deiondre's high school experiences built him into an intelligent athlete who possesses an undeniable strength for reading the field and being in the right position to defend. Deiondre gained a reputation and was sought after by several top NCAA institutions. He immediately accepted invite to a prestigious college which will be made public as the off-season gets underway. That's right folks, Deiondre is off the market and will be representing an NCAA team come the new season. Time till tell if Colt can take his high school success and translate that to the next level. We are betting that will not be much of a concern. His team mates to be should be extremely excited to add his talents to their field and locker room.
  4. Interested in this. How soon is the draft completed prior to the public draft thread? PM me if preferred. Thank you.
  5. Congrats to the Mambas. Quite the decisive victory.
  6. Congrats to both clubs on their strong seasons. Good luck the rest of the way L.A.
  7. Claiming for week of Oct 7 - 13 Media week special
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