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  1. The conclusion of another season is upon us as we await the Championship games in both the NCAA and the EFL. In the NCAA we will see the Oregon Ducks take on the LSU Tigers, and in the EFL we are looking at a championship matchup between the Miami Neptune’s and the Seattle Predators. All teams are deserving of their spots in the championship final, but what does each team need to do to push them over the edge and secure their championship win? NCAA Oregon Ducks The Ducks finished the season atop the Western Conference standings with a win-loss record of 11-3 and a winning percentage of .786. In the first round of the playoffs they faced off against division rival Texas Longhorns and pulled off a win by dismantling the Longhorns defensive game and taking advantage of opportune moments to move the ball up the field. If the Ducks are to have success against LSU they must continue this trend by stymying the Tigers offense and taking advantage of their weaker defensive core. LSU Tigers The Tigers also finished the season first in their conference with a win-loss record of 10-4 and a winning percentage of .714. Although the season statistics for the Tigers is slightly under the Ducks in terms of win-loss and winning percentage they hold an edge over the Ducks when it comes to Points For, as the Tigers finished the season with 360 PF compared to 337 for the Ducks. The Tigers however were worse off when it came to defense as they allowed a 260 Points Against compared to the 212 PA that the Ducks gave up and we can see by the numbers that the Ducks have an advantage on the defensive side of the game. If the Tigers are going to come out of this with a win, they must try to outscore the Ducks just like they have done all season long. EFL Miami Neptune The Neptune had a respectable season as they finished second in their conference with a win-loss record of 9-5 and a winning percentage of .643. While they were able to secure a playoff position, they did well in the post season and have now found themselves in the championship final. The Neptune have better offensive numbers than the Predators with a 494 Points For however they are weaker on the defensive side of the game with 357 Points Against. For the Neptune to have success they must focus on confusing the Predators defensive game, doing their best to overcome the wall that the Predators regularly dress on the field and being unpredictable so that they can move the ball up the field to score. They will have to rely on their strength, which is their offensive line and allow them to do what they’ve been doing all year, make magic happen. Seattle Predators Much like the Neptune, the Predators also finished the season second in their conference with a win-loss record of 10-4 and a winning percentage of .714. The Predators are more efficient on the defensive side of the game as the sport a health 323 Points Against. However, it is clear by the numbers that they do not quite have the same skill on the offensive line as the Neptune do, as the Predators finished the season with 442 Points For. If the Predators are going to win the championship they will rely on their defensive game to shut down the opposing Neptune players to secure themselves a ring. If the Predators have their way come game day, we should see a low scoring game. Good luck to all teams playing in the finals and I look forward to seeing the stat line after the games have concluded. 625 words (Bonus for Media Week)
  2. Moments after the Texas Longhorns elimination from the NCAA Western Conference Championship against Oregon, Tight-End Kip Silver, is pulled aside. Kip is visibly upset and is taking the loss hard. “Kip, how did you feel about your performance in the game today?” Kip takes a moment to answer, “I’m was seeing the ball well today, it was good enough conditions out there and I was able to bring in a touchdown, but it wasn’t enough.” “What do you think went wrong for the Longhorns?” Kip is exacerbated, “Bad luck, can I say that? Look at the stats of the game, I haven’t seen them all, but I bet it was close- real close. Up until the end of the fourth quarter I thought we had a real chance to win this ball game, but you have to tip your hat to Oregon, they were a hell of an opponent and they won fair and square. The football Gods weren’t on our side today.”
  3. Nice try Texas and all around fantastic season, proud of the group and looking forward to next year already!
  4. Part 1 The fifteen-ounce sphere of cowhide sailed through the air, and after finding it’s chosen target the football landed softly against the callused hands of tight-end, Kip Silver, only for it to fall from his grasp and bounce off the green grass below. “SILVER!” High school Coach, Tucker Palsey, screamed out as he watched the ball fall from his player’s hands, and as he stormed across the field toward Kip, he never stopped shouting, “YOU EVER CAUGHT A GOD DAMNED THING IN YOUR LIFE!? I THOUGHT YOU HAD HANDS!? DIDN’T YOU SAY YOU HAD HANDS!? I WAS TOLD YOU HAD HANDS!” Kip stared blankly at the small pudgy man as he sped toward him, and he wondered silently what he should do? Kip’s first thought was to bend down and pick up the football, but he was afraid that should he make any movement at all Coach Palsey would physically attack him. Kip had come from a life of abuse and it wasn’t uncommon for him to take a licking for even the smallest of transgressions, and so it was in this very moment that Kip believed he was about to receive the same treatment he had been given for most of his life – punishment. “Are you deaf Silver!?” Coach Palsey demanded as he finally came within inches of Kip’s face. Kip shook his head. “So, what then!?” Coach Palsey asked as he got as close to Kip as he possibly could, “You’re just some kind of mute!? Can’t speak!?” “I ca-ca-can,” Silver forced out, “S-s-speak.” “Pick up that ball! Why’re you just staring at me if you can understand what I’m saying!?” Kip immediately bent down and picked the ball up and went to hand it to the Coach Palsey, “What’s that for!?” Coach asked him with a condescending tone, “Do I look like a football player to you!?” Kip shook his head, “No.” “You’re God damn right I’m not a player! I’m a coach! Do you know why they hired me to coach this team?” Kip shook his head again, “No.” “Big surprise! You don’t know much, do you Silver!?” “No.” “And that’s exactly why they hired me, to teach people like you about this God given game. Why!? Because like you said, you know nothing! You know what the only thing you know how to do is!?” Kip shrugged, “What?” “Run! That’s all I’ve seen from you Silver, you can run! But that’s about it, so we’re going to teach you to catch. Give me that ball!” Coach Palsey grabbed the football from Kip’s hand, “What are you doing still standing here!?” “I don’t know.” “Do what you do best Silver, and run! RUN!” Kip looked around at his teammates, all of them were watching, and with this realization Kip quickly became embarrassed, “Right now?” He asked his Coach with a tone of confusion. “Did I st-st-stutter!? When else stupid!? Right now!” Kip did as he was told and began to run away from the team, and as he did Coach Palsey turned back to the watchful eye of his players, “Grab a ball! Every one of you! Right now!” The team frantically followed the order with each player quickly finding a football, Coach Palsey turned back in the direction of Kip Silver, who was now about thirty yards away from the group, “SILVER!” Coach yelled at him, “PIVOT!” Coach Palsey’s voice was so loud and distinguishable the only way Kip wouldn’t have heard him was if he was purposely ignoring the man, and so when he heard the instruction from his Coach come loud and clear he did just as he was instructed and pivoted, changing his route and heading in a horizontal line in front of the group. The Coach turned back toward the high school players, all of them holding a football, “Hit him!” Coach Palsey yelled at the group and almost in unison more than thirty footballs were thrown into the sky, all headed in the direction of Kip Silver, “CATCH!” The Coach screamed in Kip’s direction and the entire group watched as Kip looked up and over at the footballs headed in his direction. The Coach turned back to the group of players, “If he can’t catch a single ball, he’s off the team, don’t think any one of you won’t escape the same treatment! We don’t accept anything less than exceptional around here, you got me!?” The entire group of players responded in unison, “WE GOT YOU SIR!” Coach Palsey whipped back around in Kip’s direction just in time to watch as several footballs landed on the green grass surrounding him. Thirty yards away Kip kept his cool as he watched the footballs fall from the sky as he kept focus on a single ball, letting the other drop all around him with no effort to reach for them at all. The single ball that Kip had been focused on nearly reached him before it was redirected by another thrown ball. Kip’s eyes bulged as he watched the football jut away from him and he leaped in the air to catch it, his hands clasped over the ball and gripped onto it tightly, keeping it in his hands as he smacked against the ground and rolled to a stop. Kip held the ball up in the air as he laid on the ground, catching his breath and hearing nothing from the group other than silence. What did he expect, applause? Sure enough, he got just that. CLAP CLAP CLAP The slow clap came from a single set of hands, Coach Palsey’s, “Well, well, well,” he could hear Palsey say as he goaded him from a distance, “I guess you can catch!” Coach Palsey turned away from Kip’s direction to face the team once again, “See all those balls on the ground out there? Silver’s going to catch every single of them, you hear me!?” “YES SIR!” The group yelled back “Who’s going to throw them for him?!” “WE ARE SIR!” “Every single ball! He catches every single of them before one of you leaves this field, you got me!?” “WE GOT YOU SIR!” “I’ll be watching, and if I see any one of you behave like Silver did five minutes ago, you’re all off this team! NOW MOVE!” Coach Palsey stormed off the field before he turned back to watch the group of players police themselves, and one by one they lined up, waiting for their turn to throw a ball at Kip Silver. Coach Palsey paid little attention to his group, it was Silver he was focused on and he was pleased at the fact that Silver had gone ahead with the drill without complaint. Coach Palsey had been told a lot of things about Silver, and one of them wasn’t the fact that he was a good listener. However, it was in this moment that Coach Palsey saw true potential in Kip, and the fact that Kip had listened without much complaint told Coach Palsey that the kid was coachable, “You’ll be a player,” Coach Palsey muttered to himself as he watched Kip from a distance, “Even if I have to force you.” 1195 words
  5. There is also nothing better than your Username (it's my fav). I'm just jelly I didn't think of it first! Thanks for the good luck wishes for both sides (but really it's all about Texas here)
  6. Not the best first half but not the worst, let's go grab us a Gatorade and finish this thing. Go Longhorns go!
  7. Let's goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. NCAA East Championship - Miami @ LSU NCAA West Championship - Texas @ Oregon EFL East Championship - Miami @ Memphis EFL West Championship - Seattle @ Los Angeles
  9. NCAA East Championship - Combined Points Scored from LSU and Miami: 55 NCAA West Championship - Danton Howlson Rushing Attempts plus Noah Jacobs Tackles: 42 EFL East Championship - Combined Receiving Yards from Kowalski and Sabathia: 235 EFL West Championship - Combined Passing Attempts from Seattle and Los Angeles: 78 NCAA & EFL Conference Championship Round - Total Points Scored: 170
  10. Oof, brutal loss for the Longhorns but they have to happen once and a while. We won't let this get in the way of glory, go Texas!
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