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  5. Part 1 Easton West’s head was pounding, it was like he had downed a two six of Vodka the night before and had the worst hang over of his life. Furthermore his vision was blurry and as Easton tried to navigate his way to the kitchen he regularly bumped into the walls of the swaying hallway. Easton was still at Karen’s place, and had been a regular guest in her spare room since she had guided him to the comfortable queen bed tucked quietly against the far corner of the wall by the window. Even though Easton felt nauseous and downright terrible he knew he needed water and after calling out to Karen several times, he had finally made the decision to get up and get himself the much needed refreshment. A concussion is an injury to the brain that results in temporary loss of normal brain function but it can also affect memory, judgment, reflexes, speech, balance and muscle coordination. Easton couldn’t remember a time in his life he had felt this way, so he figured this must have been his first concussion, but maybe it wasn’t? He’d been knocked out before, and had issues in the past with strained muscles but what he was going through now was new, and it wasn’t too much fun. Easton found the open door in the hall that led to a wide kitchen, but his vision was so blurry he found it nearly impossible to make out where the fridge was. It should be white, Easton thought, of all the damn appliances that they had to change color- the damn fridge should have stayed white. But if Easton was honest with himself he’d admit that it wouldn’t matter if the fridge WAS white, he couldn’t make out what hardly anything was- let alone distinguish colors. “I should go back to bed,” he muttered under his breath as he walked further into the kitchen and immediately bumped into a center island, knocking his knee against the hard wood, “Fuck!” Easton yelled out as he recoiled and immediately slammed his shoulder against the doorway he just entered through, and as he hit the doorway his head was bombarded by a pain unlike he had ever experienced before- he vomited. Easton found himself kneeling on the ground, he was wet and aware of the fact that he likely had his own vomit all over him. He took a moment to collect himself before he attempted to stand, he was too dizzy and nearly fell over. “Easton?” It was Karen, “Are you okay?” He hadn’t heard her come in, “I’m sorry,” it was all he could say. “Don’t you worry about that,” she was sincere as she knelt beside him, he could sense her clean the floor around him and in a moment he felt a wet cloth against his hands. “I was trying to get some water,” he told her. “I’ll get you some, after I get you back to bed.” Karen was able to help him stand and only struggled with Easton once as she guided the large man back to bed. Mots of it was a blur and before Easton knew it, she had laid his head against a soft pillow and placed a glass of cold water in his hand, helping him to drink from it. “Thank you,” he was soft when he spoke to her, he felt helpless. Easton hadn’t expected to stay so long at Karen’s place nor had he expected her to care for him in such a… caring way. It was the first time in his life that he had been treated so well by a stranger, and before this time in his life, Easton didn’t believe such kindness was real. Karen had been in and out for most of the time Easton stayed there, she did what she needed to do and reported back to the team on Easton’s status. It was next season that Easton was needed for, and right now the team could afford to be patient. She was about to leave the room when she lingered for a moment and Easton could sense her staring at him, “I don’t want to pry,” she began and then stopped, “Never mind.” She was about to leave when Easton spoke up, “Say what you wanted to say.” Karen stopped and turned back to him, “Are you sure you want to do this?” “Do what?’ Easton asked, he was sure he knew what she was talking about but he wanted her to be specific. “Play this game,” she affirmed for him that it was about football, “Look at you right now,” she didn’t hold back, “You can’t even make it to the kitchen to get a glass of water, and you want to risk having this happen again for a game? Your health is priceless, and if there’s a part of your body you want to still work right, it’s your brain Easton. You can only take so many hits like this.” Easton thought about what she was saying and for the most part, he could understand her point. The last week had been practically a nightmare for him and the last thing he had wanted was for a person like Karen to see him like this. “You may find this hard to believe,” Easton told her with his eyes closed, or at least he thought they were closed, “But the game is all I got.” “That can’t be true,” she cut him off, “There’s a lot more to life than a game.” “You didn’t let me finish,” his teeth were gritted, but it wasn’t because of her questioning- it was the thumping hammer that was beating on his brain, hitting him with one thrust after the other in four four time. “When I’m out on that field, I become something else,” the intensity of his head ache pulled back ever so slightly, “I’m not Easton, I’m not even human,” his nausea began to lighten ever so slightly, “I’m everything and nothing all at once. There’s something about being on that field and being apart of the group that makes me feel electric, the game is all I got Karen, because when I play it- I am the game.” She’s quiet for what feels likes forever, and when she responds her voice is sprinkled with sarcasm, “Okay Easton, you are the game, but with an answer like that- I think you’ll be staying with me another night.” “I’m fine,” Easton tried to argue. “One more night,” Karen told him without allowing any further debate, “At least." As Karen closed the door, Easton closed his eyes, and instantly he fell into a deep sleep. 1116 words
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  8. The force that hits him is akin to being struck by a vehicle and as the two bodies collide, Easton West’s mouthguard is jettisoned from his lips and the wind is sucked out of him the moment his body is slammed to the ground. The whistle blows. “WEST!” Coach’s voice is loud and clear. Easton West is still awake and conscious following his embarrassing and brutal mistake, leading to both a defensive breakdown and the linebacker ending up flat on his back, and staring up at the blue sky. “YOU ALIVE WEST!?” Coach continues to scream and yell as he walks over and looks down at West’s open eyelids. The linebacker is not looking at his coach- he’s still staring up at the sky. The Coach turns and looks over briefly at the Longhorn teammates who have gathered around the fallen West and simply mutters, “Help him up,” before he walks away and instantly forgets about Easton West, both the player and his health. A hand appears in front of Easton’s face and he grabs it, and in a moment, he is standing. “You all right?” A teammate asks Easton, but Easton can’t quite make out the face of the person who is asking him with his vision being too blurry. “I’m all right,” Easton tells the teammate as tiny stars appear in front of him. Easton is not even looking in the right direction when he responds to his curious teammate, it is clear he’s dazed from the hit. “I think you better go get checked out man,” The unknown teammate tells him out of concern, “You don’t look so good.” “I just need some water,” Easton says as he meanders off, walking toward what he believes might be the bench but instead making his way over to the opposite side of the field. “Easton?” Easton turns to see what appears to be a young woman standing beside him, his vision is clearer than it was a few moments before but he’s still wobbly. Easton doesn’t recognize the woman, but she doesn’t look like a student, she’s looking at him with intent. She appears to be in her late twenties, maybe early thirties and she’s in good physical shape, a brunette with hair to her shoulders. Easton focuses in on her, trying to make out the finer details of her face but he’s temporarily blinded by a sun flare as she shifts and moves towards him. Easton looks down to see that she has a stethoscope wrapped around her neck, “You’re a doctor?” Easton asks her clumsily. “The team doctor,” she repeats as she nears him, “You can call me Karen.” “Hi Karen,” Easton says it as though he’s saying hi to her for the first time, and he relaxes naturally as she leans in and checks his vitals. “I want you to come with me,” Karen tells him and in a moment, she is guiding him off the field. *** Easton sits back on the hard bed and leans against the cool wall, he’s in the first aid room. “Have you ever had a concussion before?” Karen asks him, she sounds distant, even though Easton knows she’s standing only a foot away. “I’m not sure,” Easton says truthfully, he doesn’t really know what a concussion is. “I’m going to give you a baseline test, to see how you are and depending on how you respond we may take a trip to the hospital, deal?” “Okay,” Easton agrees, he’s feeling more trusting of her as every minute passes. She has a calming affect on him, or maybe that’s just a brain injury? “Do you know if you were unconscious at all after you were tackled?” “I don’t think so.” “Do you have a headache now?” “A little bit.” “Are you feeling nauseous? Any sick feelings in your stomach?” Easton shakes his head, “No,” he says before the room spins in front of him, almost as though he’s on a rollercoaster, “Whoa,” he says aloud. “Dizzy?” Karen asks. “Yes,” Easton stops himself, he’s about to throw up. Karen immediately senses the change in Easton’s demeanor and grabs the nearest garbage can, just in time for Easton to begin vomiting. “Okay, we’re going to head to the hospital.” Easton tries to shake his head no but continues to vomit, “It’s…,” he practically whispers, “… I’m fine,” he breathes out. “You’re not fine,” she tells him, “We’re going.” *** “You’ve got a concussion Easton,” Karen tells him as he sits him down in the passenger side of her personal vehicle. The two of them just spent the last six hours in the local hospital, and after all of that time it was determined that Easton could go home. He wouldn’t be back on the field until his symptoms went away and he was cleared for duty, but it was safe enough for him to sleep at home tonight. “You can’t be alone right now,” Karen tells him bluntly as she reaches across his chest and buckles in his seatbelt, “Do you have someone you’re staying with? A roommate?” She asks him, but before he can answer she closes the passenger door and walks around her vehicle to the driver’s side. “I’ll be all right,” Easton tells her as Karen gets in and buckles her own belt, “You don’t gotta worry about me.” “I always worry,” she tells him with a half smile, “But seriously, where are you staying?” “Honest,” he says with his own version of a half smile, “I’m good, you’ve done a lot for me today, thank you.” She laughs as she starts up the car, “It’s my job.” She begins to drive, “So, are you living in the dorms?” “I’m near the school.” “Your parents here?” “Hell no,” Easton says, “Do I sound like I’m from Texas?” Karen shakes her head, “No, but I don’t like to assume things about people.” “I’m from Manhattan,” Easton states with pride. “Well at least your memory works,” she looks over at him for a moment, contemplative and hesitant she asks, “So you have a roommate?” Easton finally confesses, “I live alone.” He hasn’t been in Texas long and he doesn’t want to tell her where he’s really staying, it’s a motel on the outskirts of the city and most nights he sleeps on top of the sheets. “You can’t be alone right now Easton, you got a teammate you can call? A friend that you can stay with?” She’s persistent with her questions. “I just met the guys,” Easton is embarrassed by what happened and the last thing he wants to do is ask a teammate to watch over him, “Shitty way to start my first practice.” “You’ll bounce back,” she is quick to reassure him, which is something she normally doesn’t do, as a doctor it is important to set real expectation, but she wants him to feel better. It’s a strange feeling for her to feel compassion for a player, at least to this degree. “But you can’t be alone Easton, at least not tonight. Because of your injury, it’s too risky for you to be left unmonitored.” Easton looks over at her, fighting a dizzy spell the entire time and doing his best to stay focused. He wants her to believe that he’s all right, that he’ll be fine, “Just drop me off as we hit town and I promise you’ll see me at school tomorrow.” He fails to convince her, “I can’t do that,” she admits, “You’ll have to stay with me.” He’s speechless. “It’s the only way I’ll know you’ll be okay.” He stares at her in disbelief and she laughs again, realizing what he thinks she’s implying, “I have a spare room Easton, and trust me, you’re not the first player to need it.” His heart sinks at her comment but he tries not show it, “I appreciate it,” he says, “how many pillows you got?” She looks at him with an eyebrow raised and they both laugh for a moment. She turns at the first road and changes direction, heading toward her place. The inside of the car feels stuffy all of sudden, so she rolls down the window to get some air. 1368 words
  9. Welcome to the San Antonio Fair, I’m Chris Wells, a reporter for the Sports News and fortunate to be covering the different venues featured at the San Antonio Fair this weekend. I’ve come across recent signee Easton West, a linebacker for the Texas Longhorns who is a red shirt for the remainder of the season. Easton is standing at the Old Spice booth, attending his first promotional gig for the company. Easton is a sponsored athlete of Old Spice and a fan of the product’s strength and smell, or so he tells me. Easton is dressed in head to toe Old Spice colored clothing with a Texas Longhorn logo on the shoulder of his shirt, it is the only other distinguishable color on him. Today is a hot day, even for Texas standards, and with the sun bearing down on us, Easton removes his sunglasses so he can look me in the eye, as I ask him a few questions. “What are your thoughts on the Texas Longhorns since you signed last week?” Easton is quick to answer, “Impressed,” he pauses for a moment, “It’s more than I expected, but I’m up for the challenge. I won’t let them down.” “Do you think you’ll see the field early next season, when do you see yourself starting?” “When the coach tells me,” Easton smiles, “Listen, I know I’m ready for anything. They want me to run, I’ll run. They want me to walk, I’ll still run.” Easton laughs, “I’ll speedwalk, that’s what I mean.” “You’re here representing Old Spice, how did you become sponsored by the company?” Easton smiles wide and is proud as he states, “I’ve always used them, my whole life. I was talking to the coach about how much I love the product, and how thankful the team should be that I use it,” Easton grins, “Old Spice has a rep that visits different sports teams, works in sports, and he caught wind of my love for the product and the rest was history. It’s the easiest thing for me to talk about man, you gotta stay clean and smell good- Old Spice will do that for you.” “Do you have any expectations for the remainder of the year?" Easton contemplates his answer, “Just to learn, I’ll be cheering them on the whole way, but now is my time to watch and wait. It’s time to be the student.” We thank Easton West for his time and gladly accept the free Old Spice sampler, after all, it is a very hot day. 424 words
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