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  1. Congrats to USC! Enjoy it, for now.
  2. The main reason I wanted to ensure both of my players were in separate drafts is because I wanted to spread out the excitement that each draft would bring. One of the most enjoyable aspects of a SIM league is the journey you take to getting drafted and it’s always something I wonder about when I first create my player and get started. Having been through several drafts now I am well accustomed of what goes down and am used to teams reaching out and inquiring if I would have interest in their team. Being that the EFL has ranking articles we can do each season I see no better idea for a ranking article than to let ALL the teams know where Easton West has them ranked a destination. So, pop that popcorn and pour those sodas because we’re about to blow your socks off: 8. Ah yes, here we are again San Antonio, and I have to ask why? I’m a part of a legendary group of Longhorns and if there is any Texas team at all looking for homegrown talent, it should be you. But you don’t want to go West do you? Just focused on sitting in the middle? Riding too many horses, or maybe what do you call them again? Oh yeah right, mules. 7. At this point I would have expected to have heard from Antisimple in LA but I’m not going to lie and tell you I have. In fact, I haven’t heard a God damn thing out of LA since the earthquake happened back in 1994. I could understand it when it came to Kip Silver because quite frankly, Silver, is a problem. Look no further than Seattle to see what kind of shit they have to deal with. But crickets on West? I can’t wait to tackle your QB and make him eat my cleats. 6. My man Wheaties will one day draft me, I know it. I just don’t know when that day will be? Maybe like, eight thousand seasons from now? I want to believe it will happen, it’s sort of like the poster that Mulder has on his wall in X-Files, “The truth is out there.” Well, one day the truth will come to be, and you’ll see me in Miami- I just don’t see it happening with my player Easton West. 5. I wanted to rank the Brigade higher because of my love for Nyko, he’s an absolute stud and the man when it comes to running a team. I think Nyko would have had a chance to pick me if he was picking higher, but I don’t see him coming out on top when it comes to the competition. There is interest in Easton West, and I don’t know if I’ll be available by the time Nyko gets to pick. 4. I’ve always been a one team guy and it would be fantastic for me to join the Predators. I see a scenario similar to the one I just laid out for Nyko, I don’t see myself falling to the Predators. Now, can Flex work miracles? Hell yes. But I’m not sure he’s about to move mountains for me when the team is stacked with dangerous LB’s, but we’ll see- I just don’t want to get my hopes up. 3. Here we are again New Orleans. There is something that intrigues me about the Kraken and I’m just kraken to find out. Would they be so bold as to take me with the second pick in the draft? I’m not so sure. I know that the feeling is mutual and that Easton West would love to suit up for them, but will it happen? It’s the biggest question mark of the draft from my perspective and I had them at a tie for number two with New York, but only changed it at the last second. 2. Powerhouse adding more power? Sounds like a good plan. Do I want to join a thunderous herd that can destroy in numbers? Yes, please. New York is a great city with a hell of a great franchise that needs to add Easton West and like yesterday. Out of all of the teams in the draft I feel it is almost destiny that I join the Herd but the question is whether or not I’ll still be available. If it wasn’t for the fact that Memphis held so many picks in the draft then surely I would have New York as first, but I think if I’m being realistic I can bank on the fact that I’ll be heading to one destination and one destination alone. 1. Hello music city and hellllllllooooooo to Easton West’s new home! Yes, the man who has the best musical tastes in all of the EFL will be drafting this player and bringing him to Memphis, y’all heard it here first. The reality is that the Mambas have gone through a massive rebuild and are loaded with picks, and plenty of time to play with them. I see the Mambas navigating their way through this draft with ease and leaving with Easton West on their team. The truth is that I would love to play for any team in the EFL, but being a part of Jetsqb team would be truly special. Let’s see if it happens come draft day. 913 words
  3. EFL East Championship - Combined Passing Yards from New York and Miami: 666 EFL West Championship - Combined Passing Attempts from San Antonio and Seattle: 77 NCAA Championship - Combined Rushing Yards from the Two Competing Teams: 333 EFL Championship - Combined Tackles plus Turnovers between the Two Competing Teams: 99 Total Points Scored Throughout the Playoffs: 333
  4. There a few words in the English language that when put together they form the most beautiful sounds a human can make, “Media Week.” Ah yes, the time in which media is doubled and we can all collect more TPE. This is a beautiful time of year and I thank the TPE Gods for it. Another wonderful time of the season is draft day, and before the draft comes, we have MOCKS. So welcome to the Tatelight special and strap yourselves in because it’s going to be a hell of a bumpy ride. Whenever I begin to consider what a mock draft for a SIM league will look like I try to focus on what values I know to be true: Activity Level (site and discord), Overall TPE, Team Needs, Player Build. With those values in mind I present to you the first round of the upcoming draft: 1st Overall: Easton West – LB – Texas Longhorns | User: Tate Is it bold to choose myself for first overall? I’d say so, if it wasn’t the cold hard truth. Do you want not only the best player in the draft but also the best user for your team? I’d say you do. Easton West’s strengths are speed and strength, he’s a hard-hitting tackling for loss motherfucker who will fit wherever you want him to, literally, he’ll ram himself wherever you ask. 2nd Overall: Easton West – LB – Texas Longhorns | User: Tate Look, we all know that there ain’t no GM smart enough to take Easton West first overall. It just ain’t gonna happen. In truth he’s going to slide and if there is a better spot to slide other than second, I don’t know what it is. I like the number 2, and when I go number 2 I find it relieving. It would be very relieving to see Easton West selected second overall, even though I knew he belongs in his true spot – number one. 3rd Overall: Easton West – LB – Texas Longhorns | User: Tate I know, I expected Easton West to be selected by now, just like you- right? Right? I mean, who could honestly pass on a LB that does more on and off the field than anyone ever has done before. That’s right, Easton West is a miracle worker and once he even turned a bunch of water into whiskey. Wine was too out of reach and quite frankly only a pussy drinks wine at two in the afternoon on a Saturday. 4th Overall: Easton West – LB – Texas Longhorns | User: Tate Really funny, no I get it, it’s hilarious. So you passed on Easton West at three but now you want him at four? Well Easton says no, in fact, he says, “HEEELLLLLLL NO!” That’s right, he’s walking himself on out the door and getting his own uber. No, you don’t need to call it for him, thanks. 5th Overall: Easton West – LB – Texas Longhorns | User: Tate All right so maybe Easton overreacted a bit? Maybe he got a little bit upset when he started to slide and took it a little too personal. Everyone needs personal growth and quite honestly if you’re not able to forgive a person for getting a little upset from time to time then you really need to work on yourself. Yeah, that’s right, I said it. It’s you not me – er, I mean Easton. He’s not the problem all right? So maybe you just need to check yourself in the mirror once and a while and see that your shirts not straight. Yeah. 6th Overall: Easton West – LB – Texas Longhorns | User: Tate Okay, the truth is that I’m in love with you. Forget Easton, forget the draft, let’s just run away together. I’ve got a nice place on a lake with an elm tree and it’s quiet as fuck. We can make honey and apple cider and eat marshmallows over an open fire, how do you like yours? I kind of love to burn mine. Some people tell me they don’t see the sense in it but I kind of like a little bit of that burnt flavor. Anyway, I don’t want this to seem like it’s moving too fast so if you don’t want to get married right away will you at least accept this promise ring? 7th Overall: Easton West – LB – Texas Longhorns | User: Tate The thing about promise rings is that you don’t have to give them right away. I promise I’ll give you a ring at some point, and it’ll be really nice. I’m not a big fan of multiple diamonds so I’ll likely not even get a ring that has a diamond so as to not disappoint. Just expect something that has a little bit of color and depending on what my mood is as well as the month, date and year- it’ll be a choice dependant on all of those factors. The point is that the ring will be nice, and one day you’ll get it. 8th Overall: Easton West – LB – Texas Longhorns | User: Tate You know what? At this point I don’t even want to be drafted so just forget I said anything. I know there was that whole, “I love you,” thing and, “let’s get married,” thing but that was just pillow talk baby. Get over it. I’m out. 890 words
  5. How LSU expects the game to go: How it will actually go: See you in the finals Miami!
  6. Turns out the Trojans were modeled after the famous horse seen here: (Hint - It's the second one)
  7. Previously on the Chronicles of Easton West: Chapter 1 - Tough first practice for Easton West (Part 1) Chapter 2 - Tough first practice for Easton West (Part 2) Chapter 3 - Tough first practice for Easton West (Part 3) Chapter 4 - How's it Feel? Karen placed the last of her personal items in the box before she closed it and sealed it shut with tape. She was the former team doctor for the Texas Longhorns, and today was her last day of work. Karen had maintained a low profiled since her hire for the team, but it had been a run in with the Texas Longhorns linebacker, Easton West, that had changed the way she felt about her employment on the team. Nearly three years ago she had compromised her position and almost threw away her career when romantic feelings had developed for the college player, but the feelings had been pushed down and put away and almost forgotten about. Knowing that Easton West was about to be drafted had cemented Karen’s lost hope that anything would come out of their interactions from years past, as Easton had hardly even acknowledged in the time that had gone by. So it was that Karen knew it was time to move on, and she had been kicking herself for waiting as long as she did. “Hey,” she recognized his voice instantly and as Karen spun around, she saw Easton West standing in her doorway. He was dressed in casual attire and she could tell that he was still wet from the showers, they must have just finished practice and he had raced over. “Hi,” she said, her eyes sending a thousand different messages and all of them mixed. “I heard you were leaving,” he told her, and it was true, Easton had just heard. He had done his best to place her out of his mind while he played for Texas, he knew that if their relationship had progressed any further that the both of them would have been in a lot of trouble. Staff cannot date the players and had the Longhorns faculty caught wind of what had already happened, then she would have certainly been fired. That being said, it didn’t mean that their feelings for each other had disappeared, and in fact the opposite had happened- they only grew. The want and the need for each other increased almost daily and perhaps it was the stigma surrounding the prospect of a relationship that made the feelings grow so strongly. “Today’s my last day,” she said softly, not wanting her tone to come across in any other way than honest and innocent. Easton’s eyes squinted, “Why?” He asked her bluntly, “I won’t be here next year.” She hesitated for a moment, wanting to tell him the truth, and the fact that it was his leaving that had caused her to want to leave as well. She knew she wouldn’t be able to watch him anymore, to see him from a distance and wait for his smile. She needed a new focus, a new place to get back to what her passion had been all along and that was medicine. “It’s time,” she told him as she fought back from confessing her feelings, “Plus, I got a raise,” and with that she offered a kind smile. Easton returned her smile with one of his own and then inched his way further into the room, “That’s great news then,” he responded, “Where are you going?” “About two hours away,” she didn’t want to name the facility, “But not too far, I’m debating moving or keeping my place, but I kind of think moving will be best overall.” “I like your place,” Easton told her as he edged forward just a bit more, “You still planning to stick around for the postseason?” She shook her head, “You’ve got a new doctor for that, I think his name is Bill, but I haven’t met him.” “How about as a fan?” Easton asked as he inched forward once more and was now only a few feet from her. She wasn’t sure what to say as first and her eyes fell away from Easton and to the floor, “I’m not sure,” she told him truthfully, “I wasn’t planning on it.” “You should come,” Easton said as he stepped forward one more time and was now standing in front of her. “I want you to.” Her eyes lifted from the floor to Easton and held in contact with him, “Easton,” her tone was changing to something more personal, “I don’t think it’s a good idea.” His hand moved slowly as he touched her arm, and the moment the contact happened between them it was like a jolt of electricity, “Three years ago it wasn’t,” his hand slid up her arm before he rested his hand lightly under her jaw, lifting her head up slightly. “Easton,” was all she could say before he kissed her. She gave no resistance. As he pulled back, he stared into her eyes, “Come to the game,” he urged, “Be there with me.” “Easton,” she spoked his name again, and it sounded as though she was about to reject him. He kissed her again, “Come to the game,” he repeated, “We’ll go together.” She pulled back and shook her head, “Easton,” she said again as she looked away for a moment, and when she returned her gaze she was smiling, “What took you so long?” 868 words
  8. The opened bottle of water had gone warm sitting idly by and waiting for its owner to drink from it. The Texas Longhorns were on the cusp of another playoff run, one in which they expected to win. It was business as usual for the Texas Longhorns linebacker, Easton West, who had been involved with the recent championship runs by Texas and had also played a major role in helping the team succeed. However, this would be his last year at Texas as he had declared for the draft and would be moving onto to the EFL next season. Today was media day and Easton West was front and center, sitting at a table in front of a sea of microphones. Easton never minded having to do media, he was happy to talk to anyone with an interest in a game, especially if they had an interest in Easton’s own brand of football. “Easton, how do you feel about your performance this season?” A reporter asked him from the crowd. A large smiled beamed across Easton’s face, “Great man, great. I’ve been seeing the field like never before, I got what? One hundred and six tackles this year? Yeah, I think it was one hundred and six… but man, I’m so happy about what we doing here in Texas and I can’t wait to get back on the field. I have a need to do some damage and I ain’t done filling that need if you know what I’m sayin’.” “Easton, this is your last playoff series with Texas before you’re drafted into the EFL, take us through your career as a Longhorn.” Easton paused and reflected, “Wow,” he said softly for a moment as he collected himself, “That’s a hell of a question,” Easton told the reporter before he continued, “First season I signed on as a redshirt. I did that because I wanted to get a sense of how the team operated and at first I was kinda upset you know? I mean, not playing is hard, and Texas went on to win that year so you gotta understand how it feels to watch that sort of thing. I mean, at the time I’m happy for the team, but I don’t feel a part of the team you know? Plus I ended up getting a concussion and I thought that was gonna sink me with the team, and it was hard to work back from it but I did you know?” Easton finally took a moment to drink from the room temperature bottle of water and nearly sucked down all of the contents before he cleared his throat. “First season in with Texas I got the chance to play and it was good, I had seventy two tackles on the year and I was starting to feel a part of the team. The next year on I got seventy six tackles and I was really believing I was on the up and up. I thought I was bound to win some awards you know?” Easton laughed before he shook his head, “But that ain’t the first time I was a fool and let me tell you, it won’t be the last. But man, that third year in, last season, I only ended up with sixty seven tackles and I nearly died from embarrassment. I mean, I thought I would make such a leap, like I did this year, and if it wasn’t for the fact that Texas won the championship I would have taken myself off the team,” Easton smiled sheepishly, “Well maybe I wouldn’t have gone that far.” Easton finished the bottle of water and placed it back down on the table. He looked the reporter who had asked him the question in the eye and Easton’s demeanor became more serious, “This was the year for me, sir. This was the year that I finally proved what I could do, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve never been this good, but I know I’m good, and I have to stay humble. I got to keep my eye on the prize and focus on my last run with Texas, because I know we can do it, I know that. We just got to go out there and prove it one more time.” 718 words
  9. Tate

    EFL S17 Week 14

    It’s the mini Kraken that we just had for week 14 dinner. DA-licious.
  10. Miami Hurricanes: Hi Texas, nice to see you again (extends hand for handshake) Texas Longhorns:
  11. Tate

    EFL S17 Week 14

    Nice thing about Kraken is that they like to dance when you marinate them before a meal. Dance little Kraken, dance. #LetsGetAKraken
  12. Tate

    EFL S17 Week 13

    Woohoo!!! Great work everybody! Let’s take this ride to the postseason!
  13. This is how Notre Dame's gonna look after Texas is done with them.
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